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  1. Haha, a year later...happy B-day, dude.

  2. what did wee todd do?

  3. Happy birthday man, I hope you get a new dress this year!

  4. I voted for marlin, its just beautiful. Wez I like yours alot too the one think I think slightly spoils it is the bridge plate. All the superstrat guys they look nice but they are just so far away from anything I would want to play, sorry but personal taste is personal taste. All the rest very well done, something for everyone, good haul this month
  5. I voted for dayvo on the principal of 'which one would i take'
  6. Hey man, you dropped out of the face of the Earth?

  7. me too! Project guitar UK pissup?
  8. while we are on the subject of melvyn what happened to his website?
  9. I already voted boggs. AndyT got my vote just for the finish. Kenny I liked yours alot and would have voted but n the end I tossed a coin Boggs read above. Low end fuzz. sorry but its far to all over the place but specifically I don't like the tacked on bits on the control cavity cover (if ever there was a case for black plastic!) I have no doubt it plays better than anything I've yet to produce! swedish luthier. same issue as I think wez had about the the shoulder looking slightly odd. but it is very classy KPcrash Ugly?! I think not, thats my kinda bass plain and simple with huge pickups
  10. I'll admit I don't really like the guitar when its on a stand boggs but when its being played it looks alot better and quite cool. Although I definately subscribe to the change the headstock crowd that would make a huge difference. 3+3 would look much better in my humble opinion or even something violin like like an old burns scroll thing
  11. heres one for you pete! How about iinstead of mounting the driver on the guitar giving it a lead and being able to remove it and use it as an ebow. if you see what I mean ?
  12. Orgmorg re read my post please I didn't say that When I put myine up on the gotm I'll be putting it up to get crit rather than winning (I know which is more likely)
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