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  1. I've been building acoustic guitars for some years and recently I'm wanting to build something like an es-175. I'd like to you laminated plates. It seems most of the sound with be coming for the electronic and there is no need to go to the trouble and expense of carving solid wood. I could probably make my own laminates, but would need to build forms...does anybody know of anywhere I could buy arched laminated top and back/side sets?
  2. The top is solid sitka spruce. The back and side are curly figured bubinga. It has maple wood bindings, they have a slight bit of curly figure to them. It has a paua abalone soundhole rossette. Ebony bridge and fingerboard, the PHV is also ebony. Lacquer finish buffed to very high gloss. The sound is great, it has really good volume (the first thing I look for in a good acoustic), nice bottom end, with crisp, but not overpowering trebles. This is a great acoustic guitar.
  3. I built my guitar completely from scratch, and made all the parts myself. It has a wonderful sound. It looks even better in real life than in the pictures, but it is the best my camera could do. I have no problems with it. Here are the links: http://img46.exs.cx/img46/3591/Digitalcamerapictures156.jpg http://img39.exs.cx/img39/5254/Digitalcamerapictures117.jpg http://img46.exs.cx/img46/1059/Digitalcamerapictures152.jpg http://img46.exs.cx/img46/7171/Digitalcamerapictures079.jpg
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