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  1. Jester... absolutely beautiful guitar... it just looks flawless... How did u do the stain? Matt
  2. Well Ive heard that other people have entered in twice before so I hope this is OK and there aren't many entery's so... pics aren't pro Im afraid (we have a rubbish camera) Sapele body and neck all stained black. Chambered body 4A quilt maple top with black/dark blue/light blue/ turquoise stain process....pics really don't do it justice EMG 81/85 ZW combo. extra chunky bridge HUGE frets zero nut incorporated Fretboard Rustins Plastic Coating
  3. Warning to rhoads56 Id watch out before G. Bush invades you for your guitar.... It looks sooooo cool
  4. I just had to vote for Toddler68 not only does it look really cool, but its also quite similar to mine- thats why im voting for it :D Matt
  5. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    No Its all good, I understand what you mean and how strings/waves/fundamentals etc work, I was just curious about how the DPDT worked. But thanks for a very informative post!!
  6. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    OK well sorry i havn't put in any input to the thread for a while but ive been busy, since I sort of put this idea to the forum in the first place a few pages back, I was wondering if someone could give me a quick low-down as Im about to attempt it for myself. By the way GREAT idea using a stacked singe coil!!!! How well is it working? Does that little gem thing work well enough? How close can you have the driver to the bridge PU? -(im thinking to try it in the middle PU place) Sorry I have skim read the last few pages but im slightly confused. How do you make it do the harmonic thing, (using a DPDT switch am i right?) Anyway this is a great thread and very constructive. Thanks Matt
  7. Wow im like second!! Thanks for all the great comments. I think I would have voted for setch as well but It was such a hard choice that i couldn't vote. matt
  8. Well I might as well post some pics of my 2nd Guitar and see what happens. Many thanks to all who have helped me, in particular to Maiden69. This is for my A level D&T project. It has... -24.75" Scale length -Neck-thru mahogany body and neck -3A quilted maple top -Black, turquoise, blue staining finished with rustins plastic coating which was burnished then polished. -WDUK guitar tuners -Jumbo fret wire -Zero-nut with fretboard integrated nut/string-guides -Craftsupplies deluxe 2-Way trussrod -EMG 85/81 combo -String thru. + alot of hard work Thanks matt
  9. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    yea i understand what your saying, i have some 5mmx10mm rod RE mags and i can tell you strong is an understament! but what i foound was if they are connected to a screw or something, the magnetism from that screw (polepiece) seems to be alot weaker than that of the mags themselves. Here is what im thinking. =========== strings ----0---- ----0---- top of boobin .....0...........0..... ----0---- ----0---- bottom of bobbin .....0(====)0 cylinder magnets horizontal like a bar magnet where we are looking at a cross section of a humbucker, --- are the top and bottoms of the bobbins 0 is the polepieces or screws (====) is the magnets .... are there to get everything central the reason i ask, is because i want to make a sort of 'super evolution' type PU for a Jem. I like the original Evos but i also what an alnico type tone for stuff like satch. im just wondering what RE might sound like? Any ideas?
  10. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    hey im gonna try this but when i have the money, BUT what would a RE magnet PU sound like? Im thinking of putting sone rod like RE magnets in a humbucker (Evolution type) and using the magnetic permiability of the screws to dampen the force so it doesn't rip off my strings would this work and what might one sound like compared to alnico or ceramic? cheers matt
  11. no i think cars are finished with celulose based paints A.K.A. hamerite etc
  12. Now way it has to be wix's guitar for the sheer creativity of it! not only is it totally original, but hes made all the PU's, sustainer and the bridge! Good on you Wix for not going with the massses and just copying another guitar, it might not be the most beautiful guitar, but it IS the most creative which in my opinion at least counts for half the workmanship. Dont get me wrong its a very hard choice and they are all very beautifull but i find these days there isn't enough scope in the designs people use. Matt
  13. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    Hey we havn't herd much of late, hows it going, plus I thought it would be a good idea to put a post so its still in peoples minds Matt
  14. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    Dude, not being sour or anything, but psw is obviously very busy, Im not sure if he has alot of time on his hands and cant give you too much advice. Ive been researching pickups and pickup winding for about 5 mounths solid, and i still have alot to learn. my advice is to really look into this stuff by reading other peoples threads first, and then re-read them once you understand something a bit more. It will all fall into place eventually . heres the thread that i started and heres a reply i got on how to build a sustainer. "I just had to reply... I'm sure fernandez's is much cooler, but I have a home made jobby in my guitar. It took one day to build. First I ripped the wire off a junker ceramic magnet single coil. R.G. pointed out that if you used alnico, the strong magnetic field will unmagnetize it. I bought some magnet wire from radio shack, pretty heavy guage...28 guage maybe? I measured the spool and total it had 20 ohms, so I wound about half onto my bobbin making a 9 ohm coil. About what a speakers ohm's are! The coil has to run alot of current to get the strings to move! The driver I built using a lm386 headphone IC. You can get that at radio shack too, But the radio shack book's circuit oscillates because it doesn't have compensation.... So go to : runoffgroove.com and start by building a "little gem" with that lm386!(he has the needed compensation!). In order to get the octave effect that fernandez has, just instal a dpdt "invert" switch between the headphone amp and the coil. Think of it like a positive and negative feedback switch... The harmonics effect is gotten by negating the fundamental.... And getting really SICK with the magnetic field. the coil will have alot of power and the wires will want to vibrate, so try to wind it tight... and maybe glue it. I had to pot mine twice because I could hear the wires vibrating. And my anger almost shattered my molars.... And another thing...The new load is highly inductave, so the compensation thing is key... in the little gems amp thing, it is a resistor and a cap across the output. You might have to play with it. maybe if you added a small series resistor with the coil... just to chill the load a bit, that might help. It is fun and pretty easy. there are like 30 turns on the coil, and building a headphone amp is a real good beginning soldering project.( except do watch out for that bastard inductive load!) Good luck! -eth OHHHH! By the way build it outside of the guitar first... solder a temporary jack to it and use the coil with your right hand while you fret with your left hand. And you will want to use the invert switch no matter what, because the phase will be any bodies guess! PS. sorry psw if this is a bit off the subject of your hex driver. Matt
  15. Matt

    Sustainer Ideas

    Plus the amp thing in the circuit is supposed to have compensation for this!
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