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Entry for August 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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  1. All great guitars for February! The spalt top on Skelf's bass is suh weet! Also, Marcovis' LP is executed perfectly, what a nice guitar. I can't forget to mention the beautiful snakewood fretboard on Ron Steigers acoustic. Chris
  2. [quote name='Rick500' post='305260' date='Dec 18 2006, 10:19 AM'] Oops... don't click on that Taylor factory tour link from work. It goes to an adult site. [/quote] Well there's a pleasant suprise at 3 in the morning. Chris
  3. I'd be happy to do a simple white plastic binding tutorial using the LP i've been logging here.
  4. Typical 'sanding sealer' is just lacquer with a little more solids, and soap added to it to make it easier to sand. My choice of sealer is either McFaddens Vinyl Sealer, or shellac like mentioned by Mattia (I make my own from the flakes).
  5. Dye black/sand back/dye purple It looks good man, very clean work!
  6. Yeah i've been exploring his site for quite sometime now. He used to have a ton more on THIS: http://www.guitaristjeffmiller.com/guitars.htm page, but he re-did the site. His tele that he built from scratch was amazing!
  7. Hasa, I use Solid Works 2004... ...It's not free, nor cheap. You could probaly find it on the internet somewhere though . It's got a little learning curve to it, but it's fun, easy, 3D and overall a cool tool. I love it!
  8. I don't know if somebody posted this in here, but here's the court transcipt of the Gibson vs. PRS case: http://www.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/05a0387p-06.pdf
  9. Hardest...GOTM...I....have ever seen. I don't know who to vote for. They all look so good, and probaly play even nicer. Godd job everyone on nice instruments
  10. good idea GF. I will be there everyday know! BTW, whats was with your board yesterday? Did i crash or something
  11. I believe you can drill them our with a brad point drill bit. Use them as a center punch then start drilling.
  12. How about, NO. I saw them, pretty good. Was the last guy Scott Ian from Anthrax? Oh yeah, great job Toddler, you got my vote. The Impaler was second on my list, good job Matt. Good job to all the entries this month too!
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