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  1. it's a french curve..or at the very least a tadpole..i never thought about it looking like anything else til all you pervs started hinting around..
  2. well, i have to admit that i voted for eric's bass as well. what an incredible piece of work! i'm not really a bass player but you don't have to be to appreciate the thought, creativity and attention to detail that you put into it. absolutely beautiful. but watch out in february or march. i'm gonna put one up that'll knock your doo-lolly in the dirt.
  3. this is my first semi-hollow body guitar and since the feedback on it has been so encouraging i thought i'd submit it for the gotm contest. the body is walnut with a four inch solid strip left in the center and chambers on both sides of the strip. the top is zebrawood. the pickup surrounds and the control plate are walnut as well. control knobs are rosewood with zebrawood caps. the neck is from allparts and is maple with rosewood fretboard. the headstock features zebrawood veneer with a walnut scallop. i wanted a bluesy/jazzy sounding guitar so i installed a 1980 gibson t-bucker in the neck position and an old overwound dimarzio single coil in the bridge. my last project was a little over the top control wise..each of the three pups had an on/off/on mini-toggle giving it 27 different settings so i decided to keep this one simple..volume/tone pots with three way switching. i made this a string through design and added a little zebrawood inlay to place the ferrules in. the tapered heel gives great access to the upper frets. thanks for your consideration and i hope you like it. unclej
  4. kinda like a keyboard only different..moog used to make one.
  5. hey, thanks for the link..very informative. i don't make enough guitars in a year to justify the expense of one but after reading ron thorn's reply i can see why they'd be great to have.
  6. i've been trying for weeks now and i cannot find a source for 125v amplifier fuses. well, i take that back. i thought i'd found some but when they arrived they were about 1/2" long. anyway, where are those little puppies hidin? and while i'm on the subject of sources so far i've used digi-key, triode electronics, circuit specialists, mouser, hoffman amps, the shack and i'm sure a couple of others. yet none of them seem to have everything you need for any given job. which of your suppliers seem to have the most complete line of parts for tube amps? and do any of them offer wholesale accounts?
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