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  1. Setch, I don't even like Les Pauls - I am almost always more drawn to the bright 80's paint jobs on superstrats, but that Les Paul really is one of the most beautiful instruments that I have ever seen. It seems very understated, not really standing out but the way it reflects and looks soooo smooth and clean really makes me love it.
  2. I Love Your Guitar, Maiden! Got My Vote - the only thing that I "didn't" like was the lack of binding around the headstock, there is something about it not being there that I don't like seeing, but the rest of the guitar more than makes up for it.
  3. buckethead, it sounds like you'll have to make your own. I'll give you a hint - in Photoshop 5.0 at least, the font called "Kunstler Script" is exactly the same and the JEM script. Other than that, I think this thread is done because theres no real use in arguing about a topic that no one will ever change their opinions on.
  4. I think that there's plenty of difference. Why do some people like eating Limburger cheese? It smells nasty to most but somepeople must like it. Why do other people like to buy new cars when their value is sure to decrease dramatically once they drive it off out of the dealer's lot? Why does Drak throw seemingly beautiful guitars into the Wall of Death? There's no question that all people are different from eachother, you really can't tell what makes them tick or why they do the things they do. Ever watch the movie Matchstick Men? Even though he was messed up, was there any reason for Nicholas Cage to open and close every door 3 times before leaving it open to go through? Yea the JEM logo might add value to this guitar or increase the chance of a scam when it's sold, but the reason buckethead777 is making a guitar is so he can have something that he can't get otherwise, making it how he wants it. If he wants the logo, I think it's up to him. I doubt that he's going to put a serial number on it.
  5. It says the pieces are 20x24 and and you get 2 pieces, that should probably be enough for 2 guitars - look at the picture, there is only one piece under that RG body.
  6. im sure that it has been discussed before, try searching for it
  7. same here; i told you i'd give it to ya, and i still love that guitar! It wasn't easy by any means, the bass was amazing and it was really cool to follow the progress of the Strat build, and the end product was great too.
  8. well, lgm, if we did last month second place, your hot acoustic would be up there
  9. i say put up the second place from last month's pro division
  10. didnt he and vai do that thing where they played on eachothers necks during a song? I heard about that and i saw a pic of it, it was amazing
  11. alright here are those powertab files... well actually i think they cleaned up the site a bit and the ones i was thinking of aren't there, but there are some 'more' difficult ones - they aren't hard but they aren't the 3- or 4-stringers i was thinking here is one http://www.powertabs.net/pta.php?page=lesson,59 and there are a bunch of other lessons at http://www.powertabs.net/pta.php?page=lessoncat,1
  12. theres some good 3 and 4 string exercises on powertabs.net, i will post them tomorrow its too late for me right now.
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