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    guitar, paintball, warhammer, mild electronics, woodworking, building models. european martial arts specifically german swordsmanship
  1. my vote went to big d, for some reason i looked at it at loved it, looks awesome! oddboy was a close second, i like the kinda of kooky weird look it's got.
  2. that is exactly what I was trying to say and it's also you allways expect more from the pro's. so a decent guitar by an amateur can be more inpressive then a status quo awesome guitar by a pro. in the end it doesn't really matter how peopl vote because it's their vote. and the buisiness of no comments until after it's over, I know I never read them before I vote but I can understand why people would want their to be no comments until after, I like reading the comments after I vote, It's nice to see why other people voted
  3. I agree. like rhoads56 said the pro's get "discounted" already. I know I'm always less likely to vote for a "pro" and frankly all this junk about complaining when ppl put down your guitar or your losing, well I just vote for the guitar I like the best. if the best constructed guitar in the world was up for GOTM but the one next to it just had a "vibe" that appealed to me the vibey one would get my vote. all in all I like things the way they are. wow that was kind of a rant. sorry
  4. If it's any consolation, for me voting for your guitar would be like voting for Fender or Gibson if they put one of theirs up for GOTM! ← I agree. its the whole go for the underdog ideaish. I voted for setch. great guitar!
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