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  1. Mr Natural

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    well my beloved Univ of Georgia Bulldogs dropped to #8 after that crappy ass performance last week. how embarrassing. on the bright side of life- the monarch butterflies have shown up in Georgia this week and last-I counted 18 on my 2 butterfly bushes the day I took this pic. Glad I can offer them a meal on their long journey down to Mexico. The bushes took a beating from the winds that Hurricane Michael produced but survived well enough to help these little guys through.
  2. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @komodo-its easy to get new brews under your belt when you cheat and get flights. Here I have a flight of brews that I have not tried yet (save the first) and I essentially can try 4 beers and drink only 20 oz-ie- less than 2 regular beers. Creature Comforts run- l to R Athena Paradiso (Berliner Weisse with passion fruit and guava. I normally dont like "fruited beers"- especially IPAs- but Creature Comforts does it right with their Berliner Weisse and also their Goses. This is the beer for a hot day after mowing the lawn. Kick ass refreshing. The Silent World Black Lager- I was not expecting much from this one- as matter of fact I had sort of convinced myself before trying it that I would not like it. It drinks more like a porter than a lager- I get no lager in it at all. So I bought a four pack of it. Cellermans Pils -Coffee Pilsner- another I did not expect to like- wrong. This was really good- and I am not really a fan of Pilsners much any more. I would have bought some but I was over my (by law) limit from the brewery. Hey There Denali-IPA with Denali and Simcoe hops. This stuff is pretty good. Limited release that just came out- I picked up my allotment and also some of their killer Pale Ale called Automatic. Mrs Natch likes that and this will be the last of it for the year. during my Georgia Bulldog Saturday I tried out this Stout inbetween IPAs whilst grilling some pig and cow. Hoppin Frog BORIS imperial stout (reserve)- pretty darn good stuff. Even More JCS Imperial Stout from Evil Twin. This one ranks high on BeerAdvocate- but the added lactose made it just a tad too sweet for me. Its good mind you- but I tend to like my stouts a bit less sweet than most. 12% abv and it was very noticeable.
  3. Mr Natural

    2.5itim’s 2018? Builds

    welcome back-look forward to your builds
  4. Mr Natural

    New Magnum build

    @Skyjerk 5a quilt and Brazilian rw . good Lord. nice wood man. as usual. looks like it will be, as usual-a beaut. @mistermikev- regarding feet in photos- there is a many years long running inside joke that photos with feet are awarded bonus points around here. bathrobes on the other hand...........
  5. Mr Natural

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    i just took a short walk thru my back yard with no shoes on. I forget how much I love the feel of grass on my toes. its the little things people...................
  6. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    that wine looks like something I would be into, not sure about the cider- actually- I am not sure I have ever had cider.
  7. Mr Natural

    6 string roya

    i bought into the badass bridges without really knowing how "great" they were/are- I saw that Geddy Lee had one on one of his Rickys- then I saw a pic of Steve Harris with one on a P-Bass (or maybe an Ibanez Roadster(?) cant remember) and that sealed the deal. The local guitar shops always had them hanging on the wall with all the strings and such- they were basically the only replacement bridges that were (locally) available (this is way back when before the internet took off). My only gripe about them is that often it was clear they didnt QC the product before sending out- you sometimes had to file or fine sandpaper some of the edges least you rip your hand open while failing around trying to play wrathchild and such. the old ones anyway- heavy as hell but really made a difference. Lets not mention Gold in case Rad is reading this.:-) I havent seen the Kick Ass bridge yet- will have to look it up. I still havent recovered from Bad Ass not being available anymore- to the point of considering fleabay purchases.
  8. Mr Natural

    Turner Model 1 replica

    I contacted @bokchoi77 to obtain permission to hack this thread. Hack in that I would post the measurements of the radius jig I used. I have had 3 people in the last couple months message me about the turner one model I did- and I have pointed the last couple folks in the past weeks to watch this thread as bokchoi77 was in progress of making one. I have gotten a lot of questions about this and that- the radius jig being one of them. Mine is simply an oversize fretboard radius jig of sorts- made completely out of whatever the hell I had laying around at the time (as the pictures tell- all offcuts of mdf I had laying around, I hardly bothered cleaning some of them up). All the mdf is 3/4" (1.9 cm) thick. it is glued and screwed with inch and a half screws and I pre-drilled the holes. The long sides (rails) are 3ft (91.5 cm) and the router base/one of the spacers are one foot (30.5cm) wide. The radius on the rails is 25 1/8 ". I cut/sanded both rails at the same time. The router base is centered at the 1.5 ft mark- ie- the center of the rail- the highest point in the arch. The bottom of the router base that faces the guitar body is 1/4" up from that arch-so- seeing that the mdf is 3/4" thick- that puts the base of the router at a full one inch above the radius. I would lower my router bit down so final cut the bottom of the router blade was like 1/8" or so below the rails- and it put a 25" radius on the front and back of the guitar body. - but I started with it much higher so only the outside of the guitar body were nipped first- slowly lowering it- typically 1/16" at a time (maybe 1/8"- its been so long I cant honestly remember if 1/8" was too much material to cut at once) The guitar body was mounted on the bottom side of my myka neck angle jig- which is 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood glued together- the measurement of that is 2ft (61cm) wide by 29.5 inch long (75cm). I screwed 3/4" pvc pipe along the length for the rails to ride against. A single screw (3 inch I think) held the body down- drilled in the center of the pickup hole and small pieces of wood that were screwed into the base to hold the body centered to the jig. That screw channel would later be fitted with the screw that went from the back of the guitar into the rotating pickup housing. I wont say this is the most effective/efficient way to do the radius- I have seen interviews with Rick Turner where he said he did the first few on a belt sander and winged it. (they do them now with a planer blade that has the 25" radius cut in it.) it took me a while to do this- lowering the router a little bit each pass- but this jig is hefty- and I felt very safe using it due to the weight and that I had my hands on the router thru the whole motion- and nothing was going to fling out at high rate of speed/etc. but it cleaned up in a matter of seconds with a sander and it sure was fun.
  9. nice job- thanks for sharing all the pics. I am curious though- with the small body and longer scale- any neck dive issues? how is the balance with a strap? I like smaller bodies but have found some basses and guitars I have played to be plagued by neck dive
  10. Mr Natural

    6 string roya

    Pros - I missed your question here previously. I agree about the finish- get anything metal near it and the finish will come off. The TOM style fits a need for sure- but honestly- I still love my bad ass bridges, sharp edges and all. big chunk of heavy metal and they just ring.
  11. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    'bout damn time from 4 noses brewing. really good brew oh, fantastic then pale ale from creature comforts- southern promise(south africa) azacca and mosiac hops. Love it. context and memory pale ale from Creature Comforts- mosaic, citra and galaxy hops-and a different taste for sure. leans toward the galaxy me thinks. Good stuff.
  12. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    good beer is a good thing. from my brother from another mother- Todd the Axe Man. Absolute juice bomb and I love it. Cirtra, mosaic and golden promise malt.This was one of my top 10 "trying to get" brews. and I got it. now to get more. Monday Night Spelt IPA. Mosaic, Motueka and Hallertau hops along with spelt, pilsner malt and torrified wheat make for a smooth ass beer. lots of pale ales on the market now and this one kicks butt Citra Pale Ale from Upslope. This one was cracked just as the first bands of Hurricane/Trop Storm Florence hit NE Georgia. 7 different hops make for a complex taste- Elevation Double IPA. good stuff
  13. Mr Natural

    Telecaster for a friend

    you never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity Goran. Well done bro- seriously- I love how you have a need, then tackle it head on and come up with a homemade solution.
  14. Mr Natural

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    beautiful guitar. well done man!