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  1. Mr Natural

    Classic Sakura

    i know its not what you wanted but its still beautiful. well done!
  2. Mr Natural

    wow- that was quick (taxes)

    anyone else start/look at/ do their taxes yet? I just got my w-2 (electronically) and downloaded all the irs and state forms, etc. Seriously- I am done with both state and federal- in one hour. Including double checking my numbers. The education credits/schedule 3 took more time than anything. It usually takes me at least a couple hours for federal alone. the 1040 is a total of 22 lines now. zip bang done. next.
  3. Mr Natural

    A Few New Ones for 2018

    all of them are beauts drak-but I really love the way you tied everything together on that Iommi Machine- the color on the body and headstock- the pickups and even the toggle switch plate. Well done man. Little details like that can really make a build. Love it!
  4. Mr Natural

    "Delta Cloud' - all done!

    congrats on GOTM
  5. Mr Natural

    Skinny builds

    i have never understood why this is but you are so right.
  6. Mr Natural

    Skinny builds

    i have noticed on carl thompson basses he "builds up" the depth of a control cavity by top mounting a control panel made of a thicker piece of wood- Ie- control panel made of 1/4" wood- controls are mounted on that- and that brings the back of them up enough so they dont hit the back of the control cavity on a thinner bass.
  7. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Trickster IPA from Greenman Brewery out of Asheville NC. 7%abv, simcoe, el dorado and mosaic hops. Very west coast style- nice bitter finish. My bro is in from Germany and brought some samples of his first ever brewing attempts- This one is a munich light (heles) style I guess you could call it. My bro was bitchin about the color being too dark - he used 50/50 munich type 1 malt and pilsner malt- apparently the munich malt was darker than he expected- I dont know- I expected it to taste like ass- it was actually really really good. hallertau tradition and hersbrucker hops in the boil, perle hops for bittering Irish buh bye Wake and bake imperial oatmeal stout from terrapin. 9.4% a twist on their excellent wake and bake stout with irish cream. good stuff. reminiscence lager from creature comforts- 6.1% abv. made with lots of wheat, bee pollen, white tea and lemon peel. this is a small batch they did at the brewery- its ok- sorta get a Belgian yeast flavor from it- which I dont necessarily dig. YMMV God tier New England style IPA-Old Nation Boss Tweed double IPA. 9.3%, magnum, simcoe, citra, mosaic in the boil, dry hopped with simcoe, citra, mosaic and azzaca- Like Old nation's m-43 this is a serious juice bomb- but this one has more hop balls to it- in fact- the sediment carries some serious hop burn- so-in my opinion leave the sediment in behind in the can. Old Nation has started showing up in Georgia now and then and I cant be happier- I like the m-43 better- but this stuff is pretty excellent too and lastly a joke my bro brought over from Europe- apparently this company was started by two guys in college- and they started a business- having a contract brewer handle the scale they needed. Tits Triple Blond ale- this stuff isnt bad- my wife actually likes it- but- I cant get past the belgian yeast. 7.5% abv
  8. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Christmas Break brought fun trips to the breweries- left to right- Creature Comforts: 1-Needful things- Double IPA- 8%-Comet, Citra and El Dorado hops. a very solid hazy double IPA 2 - Double Koko Buni. An imperial version of their excellent Koko Buni Porter- but at 8.7%- a tad sweet for my taste- but excellent all the same 3- Athena Tiki (Mai Tai)- Berliner Weisse with pinapple, almonds, vanilla, orange and lime. 4.7%abv- this is seriously refreshing and probably one of my favorite non-IPA beers ever. Love this stuff 4- tritonia Gose with pinapple and lemon. 4.5%. seriously good stuff. innoculous IPA- 6.8% vic secret, Azzacca and chinook hops. I am not a big fan of most beers with vic secret hops- but this was pretty good. g-13 420 strain IPA from Sweetwater Brewing. 6% abv and hopped with Simcoe and Columbus hops. This stuff actually smells like kind bud. Not bad tasting either. salted caramel imperial moo-hoo stout. This is a sweet stout which was ok- a bit too sweet for me though.8.5% decent flavor- just a tad too sweet ymmv
  9. Mr Natural

    Hi - Starting building #6

    diggin that combo of woods. nice
  10. Mr Natural

    Project - RAD Unfinished Business

    watching the voodoo as it happens.... Rad is back
  11. Mr Natural

    Not Quite A Tele...

    i read where this is what carl thompson does on his basses so that is where I got it from- with danish oil- the first coat is the most important- and you should flood the hell out of it- put more on that is needed- let it soak in- then as scottR says wipe it off after 15 min or so. if the wood soaks it up during that first 15 min- put more on- flood it- cause after the first coat- the second doesnt really matter-(it will be blotchy/leave spots on surface) if the first coat was done correctly- and basically the steel wool/wet sand with oil is to do nothing more that slick/shine that wood. its a wet sand/wipe off immediately type thing (you dont want any steel wool fibers sticking to the wood- that would defeat the purpose). follow that up with some wax on the body and that puppy will shine. watco is what carl thompson uses and I followed suit as well and have never used another brand. keep in mind-danish oil offers almost zero protection- but is better than bare wood as bare wood gets dirty quick and atleast you can semi-wash up/or worst case sand and apply more oil with danish oil aand have it look great again
  12. Mr Natural

    Not Quite A Tele...

    +1 on danish oil on necks- especially if you do the last coat with fine steel wool- it leaves the neck super slick and fast- even more so than if you say sand back lacquer to a 2000 grit dulled matte sheen-that smooths out the lacquer for sure and leaves it slicker than just polished lacquer- but not fast and smooth like danish oil. and is it me or does anyone else (actually) enjoy the scent of danish oil? i still wear a mask- but at least a garage full of danish oil gas off is a 1000x better than lacquer or poly gas off.
  13. Mr Natural

    "Delta Cloud' - all done!

    great job man. I must have missed it before- but I must say the part I like most about this guitar- is the headstock logo. Very nice design there. I cant tell from my crappy PC monitor- is that shell or light maple. looks to be shell but I cant tell from my pc. Your guitar building is on a very steep incline Mike- keep up the good work.
  14. Mr Natural

    New Magnum build

    congrats on GOTM- sweet axe.
  15. (spoiler) seeing this finished in another thread- has me wondering what a low B on a 31.5" scale is like in both sound and feel. that has to be nearing rubber band territory. nice surgery btw.