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  1. i like how you mirrored the headstock in the truss rod cover-small but very effective design element. you did a great job on this guitar.
  2. you didnt mean Joe Driskill out of Fort Worth did you? I almost forgot all about that guy.
  3. i think I had previously referred to your neck tenon as "deep set neck" -and had forgot that DTM guitars calls it a "set thru neck" no voodoo Scotty- incase you didnt know- you are avoiding the "tone trouble spot" zone according to this pro builder: http://mcnaughtcustomguitars.com/set-thru-necks/ plus you dont get a potentially ugly ass butt end where the neck/neck lams show thru. I dont always dig that look.
  4. excellent call on the pickguard.. You balanced the look with that-especially taking the shine down. nice work. i like the pickups too- are you going to add in any mini-switchs to go between humbucking/p90/blade?
  5. nice work Andy and great info share for everyone to learn from.
  6. as I close out the spring/summer 2019 STOUT season-(I struggle with stouts and porters during the hot months) a shout out to @ScottR for the recommendation- going out on a high note Evil Twin/Praire Artisian Ales collab- Bible Belt (even more) Imperial Stout. 13% but smooth as shit- nice- very nice stout.
  7. so- not to be a broken record here but jeezus- can you get any more of a perfect paint job. damn dude.
  8. while I am not a big fan of the body style- I do love your builds and looking forward to this. great work as always!!
  9. i am sweating bullets and I have nothing to do with this. I feel your anxiety bro-
  10. welcome! great job on the axes.
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