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  1. is he oiled in those last pics? Or what grit is that sanded to- he almost looks burnished.
  2. @Prostheta that is a bummer of a comment. I was hoping you were going to bust out some Brothers Johnson on this bad boy when its done. Seriously though- Love the sound of Ricky's- it will be interesting to see how this sounds with (if I read correctly) you are going with 35" scale? Good call as I imagine that low B might be a bit muddy with ricky scale. Digging the top on this- and with that binding- very well done.
  3. sorry to hack your thread Carl- @komodo - props for brewing your own. Very cool. So- @Prostheta I cant quite tell from the pic above but it looks like you are coming close to finishing this? what finish are you going with?
  4. I always start my saddle slots using the stew mac calculator measurements- "mark that" as a rough starting position- then move it and try to dial it in best I can. I always find that at least one string isnt perfectly intonated- usually the D on a four string. Not sure why that is- but noticed using my (soon to not be my neighbor's (they are moving) strobe tuner. One day I might venture into compensated saddles to try and dial it in but for now I get by I guess. looking good mr andy. looking good.
  5. that swirl is so cool I almost wish you had swirled the pickguard too.
  6. great work so far Matt- keep it up- I always enjoy your build threads.
  7. i have been swamped at work and havent been up on reading thru all the threads and somehow missed this. How awesome is that!! good for you man- the bass looks great- and lets face it- not many of us on here get to say one of our instruments was played on SUCH a major stage as that.
  8. with the exceptionof maybe the headstock face- is there a flat spot on that monster you could get a good shot of without it looking dali-esque? you know I had a hard time at first getting my head around the idea and design on this one- and seeing it put together- kudos to your execution and vision on this one. well done bro.
  9. cool how that worked out around his snout- the bands are wrapping around but then it looks like the grain bands change direction right there starting at the eyes- then on top of his head. also- the bands around his body are perpendicular to those on his snout- all in that log you started with- very cool.
  10. Stone's RuinTen- I think they change this up every year- I have had it before (I think)- this year- its got orange and vanilla bean in it. Think Ruination with a creamsicle dropped in it. not my cup of tea- maybe next year will be better Terrapin's Moo Hoo Stout. I have been wanting to try this but it seems places are always out of it. Good stuff. and of course- my sad taco mac story continues. taking up the mgmt ladder this week. Stone's Ruination (I needed to try some to remember what it was like- been a while)- sadly I knew something wasnt quite right upon first sip. yep- best by 3/15/17 freakin Taco Mac. i love the place- I really do, but this is seriously killing me. lets see what happens after I get a talking to with the district guy.,
  11. i think that thicknessing jig/variations of it- is one of the most used in this group than any other. I got one. and second the comment about time - lots of jigs are like that- spend 6 hours on something to make a 4 second cut. but its worth it. you are making great progress and I am enjoying all the pics along the way. and kudos for showing your boy how to do the "not so fun, takes too long" stuff. kids these days want instant gratification/results/answers/etc. he may not fully appreciate lessons like that now- but he will. then again- luthery is not for the impatient now is it.
  12. is that Carl's balls I hear being busted? Oh wait- who am I to talk- -I took 2 and a half years off. Looking forward to this Carl- I want/have been thinking of a Rick'y build one day, someday, too many unfinished projects started to finish first.
  13. Daaaaaammmmn Dude. That is absolutely one of the nicest tru-oil finishes I have ever seen- well done man--well done.
  14. Good God Luis- you have gotten over your finishing issues havent you. So auto 2k eh? I need to start reading up. I am about over laquer and especially grain fillers. These last few are seriously beautiful axes man. Bravo.