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  1. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    so far I have like the 2 Hop Concept beers I have tried- this one is their Mosaic and Eureka hopped IPA. Very nice. drinks less like an IPA and more like i dont know- but something not IPAish about it- despite 8% abv. me likes it
  2. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    I have never had a white wine from Mosel area of Germany I didnt like. All of them have been great. But I like the greasy/minerally kinda thing going on with those grapes. I love Piesporter Michelsberg. The Spatlese and Auslese pickings of Riesling grapes as well. Will be interested in hearing how that one tastes- but I must admit the petrol comment was less than desirable.
  3. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    she never gets the gecko. But some of the attempts have been hilarious. 2.5 years didnt count cause I took a vacation
  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Alesmith IPA from AleSmith Brewing out of San Diego California 7.25%abv- 73 IBUs This is definitely a west coast style IPA with bitter pine/resin flavor at the back end- but way smoother than say a Green Flash West Coast. I like this one- and I am not overly fond of the west coast style cascade and chinook hopped style "pine tar"/Resinous type IPAs any more. I used to like them- but with SO many good juicy citrusey IPAs out there- I think my taste buds are going thru a change of pace. Still though- for this style of IPA- this is excellent.
  5. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    so- this one has been sitting out in the garage for a bit- it was too hot out there to work, but I left this out there "bleeding" the oil from that heel. Then one day Pearl the wonder dog, was being let out by my wife to do her business on a leash, and said wonder dog spotted a lizard- or gecko- -whatever they are. The little 3-6 inch things. Now-Pearl's favorite activity in the world is hunting lizards. So- when she spotted this one on the garage floor- she went for it. long story short the bass took a nice tumble from workbench (it was on a flip up extension on one of my benches)- to the floor, and split the headstock along the grain in two places and a nice dent in the tip and side of the headstock. Luckily- it landed on the headstock- and the body ended up on a piece of patio furniture (we had to bring in all our deck and underdeck furniture due to IRMA into the garage (I am getting a new roof by the way- woot) So- it sat, and sat and I finally dealt with it. here is the result. Sorry about the lousy phone pic- my dslr is currently touring Canada with a relative who asked to borrow it. can you tell where the splits were? I sanded it reasonably back to "shape" its a bit off I know- but- considering it had two splits going towards that top tuner hole. I say I got lucky. This is a beater anyway made from homedepot wood- but still-- that sort of sucked, and at this point in my life- I would prefer to avoid guitar repair during guitar building (especially during guitar finishing. i just dont have a ton of free time to deal with repairs. Such is building I guess for a hack like me. So lets see- this has had a snapped truss rod repair, steamed out dents in the front, split the headstock, and repaired, and I still havent strung it up yet. Some things are cursed.
  6. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    hey @mattharris75- yeah- while the beer looks delicious and you say you dont have time- we all see you have time to use photoshop to remove half yourself. Nice try buddy. ps- that diet sucks- I cant get past the no beer part. I have cheated every weekend.
  7. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    you know when someone says "hold me back" they get pushed into the middle of whatever it was they didnt want to get into. I think that would look absolutely killer. I am not a big fan of carbon fiber on guitars- but your design, style and execution on this so far has been excellent. Well done man. Keep it up.
  8. Mithrandir!!!! looking good Scotty
  9. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    that is the magic of it all. You can take a recipe, all things equal- but if you use cascade hops in one recipe, and mosaic in the other- you have two IPAs- but completely different tastes. You could even have the same ingredients- including the hops- but if you add the hops at last min vs full wort you could have two completely different tasting IPAs despite having the exact same ingredients in both. that is what I found most interesting in that video I posted on the zombie dust clone recipe- that guy mentions his observations on citra hops being very bitter if added at the end only - but when added at the beginning of (and during) the boil it tempered them and smoothed it out. the fun part-for me anyway- is the hunt. There are some amazing brews out there. Unfortunately- as ScottR points out- there are alot of "mehs" out there. Kinda like guitars.
  10. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    +1 on that- (even though its big beer owned now)- I still enjoy that one from time to time. their split shot milk stout is pretty good too (sorta sweet though). and even though I am not a huge pumpkin ale fan- their great pumpkin ale isnt bad. better than most of the local stuff here in georgia thats for sure I foresee some earth shattering brews in your future. The Beer Gods have spoken to me.
  11. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    nice job on the cutters- and congrats on #3 grandbaby
  12. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    So after watching an EPIC game of AFL (Australian football league) game between Adelaide Power and West Coast Eagles (it started at 5am here in Georgia folks-- and yes- I got up) yesterday and then 12 hours or so later my beloved University of Georgia Bulldogs proceeded to (as usual) give me a slight heartattack as they squeaked out a win over Notre Dame, I consumed some of the other beautiful score from my favorite bottle shop. I have never seen this before here is Georgia- its seasonal and I got that next to last sixer. I should have grabbed them both. Guayabera Citra Pale Ale from Cigar City. 5.5% Abv. This stuff rocks. Love them citra hops. Their website says flavors of tangerine lime and berries- I dont get any of that- but what I do get is a citrusy blast of grapefruit followed by a nice smooth bitterness on the back end and mr natch says if you see this buy it all up and enjoy it. its a rotating release so it wont be around for long- and with the hurricane it may not be around at all after this week.
  13. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    i am not sure I could stomach that smoked saison- but the others look dern fine. So after a week -make that two- of hellish work, a couple little surprises showed up this week at my favorite bottle shop. They were kind enough to hold back a 4 pack for me as I have constantly asked them about this for a year now, they sold out on Thursday night (delivery day) and I was MIA due to work. Gang of Blades from Burial. Double IPA- 8.3% Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Simcoe hops and the first one was heaven. The second one- I dont know- it was really really malty. I was kinda bummed. I mean- the first one was delicious- fruity, creamy, smooth, and then - well- the honeymoon was over. I am going to have to send one to a fellow beer geek for trusted opinion on the matter. That leaves one left for me that I will consume next weekend and hopefully the honeymoon returns I included close ups of the can art for @ScottR
  14. SG Respin

    awesome- love the box ramp too