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  1. Mr Natural

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    that shade with gloss would look bad ass. agree with your comment-I would have kept it there too if it was mine. (btw-bonus point for feet in shot) there is something about a V. A wiseman once said, its the inner "schenker" in us all.... To which a fool replied, well some schenkers are smaller than others. bad da boom. (rim shot emoji)
  2. Mr Natural

    Osorio CS 2019 Builds

    good to see you around Osorio-looking forward to these builds
  3. great job man. looking forward to the blonde.
  4. Mr Natural

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

  5. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    even asgardians like Georgia's Creature Comforts beer
  6. count to 10, or 1000 or a million- whatever it takes- walk away and come back with a clear mind. Finishing is the most PIA part of building imho (and that includes sanding)- but- the results will be worth it. That blue in the pic above is deep and rich- if you can get back there- terrific. if you get 90% back there- just as good- but- alas- the builder knows the issues and never sees past them. keep the faith man- seriously- dont touch it for how ever long it takes to "get over it". you will be glad you did- TRUST ME. if you are still pissed about it- dont touch that guitar. i did a white les paul a decade or so ago and sanded back that mo fo at least 3 times. I mean 10-12 coats of mcfaddens that had hardened. F me man- that sucked. but I had to come to terms with the fact that I was spraying with a preval sprayer- putting clear over WHITE - spraying in a garage that had its doors up and down every day. I had to deal with the fact that the finish was going to have a couple specs no matter what I did. once I got there- mentally- I mean- really- mentally-well- you know.
  7. Mr Natural

    Single Cut Bass Body for a P bass neck

    +1- that is probably impossible. plus- getting the shade of purple correct the first time is darn near nuts as depending on when you sand/how long you let the purpleheart sit- the purple can fade enough (or after sanding) become more brilliant and matching it - well- good luck.
  8. so-my life gets in the way more often than I care for- but I finally managed to sneak some time in. first up- build the handle to the waist clamp screw-scraps of mahogany, pine dowel (or whatever wood), a left over bolt, nut and washers from a swing set I dismantled from our old house (15 years ago). handle done i bought this center finding ruler thingy years ago at a joanns fabrics whilst shopping with Mrs Natch. it was in the sewing/quilting whatever the hell its called area of that store. well worth the $5 it cost. drilled, chiseled out and then made sure the threaded rod coupler that sits in the upper part of the jig would allow the threaded rod to travel (mostly) perpendicular to the face of the plywood in which it sits. getting that "perpendicular" was pain in the arse. starting to finally look like a jig. and yes- the jig is a bit tall at the moment- by design. Once I have the waist caul complete I will know exactly how much to trim from the sides of the jig. If my "architectural" to scale design are off-and I cut too short- I would have to recut the sides- so-better to trim a few inches off each side vs wasting that much plywood
  9. christies link. there are some really nice axes in there https://www.christies.com/salelanding/index.aspx?intsaleid=28021&lid=1&saletitle=&pg=all&action=paging&sid=d2ca06dc-b312-4f7d-90ce-c308e401c398
  10. wow- even the fender "001" guitar is going. was surprised to see the "number" of black strats on the one wall. now- if he would auction his fuzz face from the meddle/live at pompeii era I would give me left- or right- nut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB1INkjBxwE
  11. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    hard liquors are way out side of my "field of expertise"- but wondering what you all thought of Patron silver. I only ask cause I have a bottle of it left over from the last summer time gathering at the Natch household where we made up some margaritas (and a couple long island iced teas by request). I really dont know jackshite about this stuff. mrs natch says the patron (in drinks at restaurants) appears to be smoother than other brands. I agree with that observation. But we only have margaritas every blue moon, and shots arent us so what do we know.
  12. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    i love stouts and porters when the weather is cold and the selection around this time of year kicks arse. Picked up these two the other day- Monday Night Brewing's Fistful of Cake. A slightly sweet full of flavor stout. just enough coffee to say so and an excellent vanilla presence without tasting artificial which can be an issue. totally diggin this stuff. 9% From Off Color Brewing out of Chicago we have Dino Smores which is more along the lines of a darker Russian Imperial Stout. Good stuff- nice dark choclate background with some sweetness added to the mix. Its a little bit thin/watery to me- but- maybe after having the fistful of cake and an IPA first- anything would have tasted thin after the flavo bomb fistful of cake is. YMMV 10.50% abv
  13. Mr Natural

    The Black Queen

  14. Mr Natural

    Heavy Metal quiz

    this was fun. the first 50 or so are wicked stupid easy- there were a few curve balls in the last half. https://triviaboss.com/metal/ I got a 94%. Not bad for a 52yr old. considering
  15. the bar sanders are still avail thru hobby stores. They are an excellent deal for the price compared to luthier shops- and I give them a shout out every time I use them. they have been in my garage for over 10 years now and have not strayed from true- still flat. i have the 11 and 21 inch bars. I will be using a silicon heat blanket. I am still shopping around for that and seeing if I can get a voltage controller (think router speed control unit) on the cheap as well.