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  1. Mr Natural

    The Black Queen

  2. Mr Natural

    Heavy Metal quiz

    this was fun. the first 50 or so are wicked stupid easy- there were a few curve balls in the last half. https://triviaboss.com/metal/ I got a 94%. Not bad for a 52yr old. considering
  3. the bar sanders are still avail thru hobby stores. They are an excellent deal for the price compared to luthier shops- and I give them a shout out every time I use them. they have been in my garage for over 10 years now and have not strayed from true- still flat. i have the 11 and 21 inch bars. I will be using a silicon heat blanket. I am still shopping around for that and seeing if I can get a voltage controller (think router speed control unit) on the cheap as well.
  4. Manny De Luna has found his way back home, overlooking the shop and bench#1 shout out to @ScottR for his mad carving skills. manny noticed a slight edge to one of the layers on the form. How this happened is beyond me- and Manny too. all the pieces were routed to the same template. The bottom is completely flat- the slides are aligned- and yet this tiny edge pops up - I am thinking maybe the glue squeeze out perhaps swelled the fiberboard here. No worries- a quick sanding with my Great planes bar sander and some 250 and all was well again.
  5. I had attempted to find some plans online for a side bender to save me some time. I found a company called Georgia Luthier Supply online. Some different luthiers on youtube have even given these folks a shout out. So- went to their site- they even have a packaged hardware dealio for the jig- how convenient. I click on the link for the hardware- and it takes me to some Uke construction book or some shit- so- I think- broken link. I email them,.. twice. No reply. hmm. So- perhaps i dont send money electronically to these folks. YMMV- their site (sister blog site) has some fantastic information. I hate to bash- but- maybe they are not in business anymore- or-maybe they are not good with email- who knows- but- like I said- you cant answer my email- you aint gettin my stash beotcheee. So- time to ghetto this mo fo up. I first drew up some detailed, fine architectural plans to scale. The handle/screw is really what this thing centers around. Most jigs I have seen use this veneer press screw https://www.grizzly.com/products/Shop-Fox-Veneer-Press-Clamp/D2893 I can make that for a fraction of the price. Enter home depot shopping trip: 2 nuts at 50 cents each, one threaded rod coupler $1.98 and 12" threaded rod- $2.38 so lets call that $6 with tax- running total now $50. I will fashion a handle out of scraps of hardwood. notch out a seat for one of the nuts- this one going in the handle. I will use epoxy to bond the nut to the wood- and the threaded rod end to the nut. Got a chance to use my cheap ass edge tools. I have a blister in the palm of my hand..
  6. Mr Natural

    The Black Queen

    thank you both @RestorationAD and @komodo for sharing these communications. Stuff like this is valued communications among us stringed nerds. I still think a lot of the mojo of the original red special comes from the scale length, in conjunction with of course the player- and the pickups, and the switching- etc- but I always thought that rubbery awesomeness that happened when a power cord was struck had to due with the string tension/scale length. kinda like a ricky 4001 scale length- 34 is close- but just not like a 33 and change. or for that matter a 36" scale. you can hear that piano like sound when picked due to the string tension- and you can get an almost cello like thing going on with a fretless 36" scale in the (>12th fret) upper positions of course- ears, like opinions may vary. YMMV.
  7. Mr Natural

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    great work @ADFinlayson between you and @mistermikev you two are cranking out the axes.
  8. great progress mike- you certainly have caught the build bug havent you.
  9. Mr Natural

    Project - RAD Unfinished Business

    RAD was contemplating gold hardware with that roasty toasty ash
  10. Mr Natural

    Not Quite A Tele...

    nice work as always Scotty. She's a beaut- - but alas- something is different ..........something is, maybe, missing from previous ScottR works of art...... 3rd dot at 12th fret maybe?
  11. Mr Natural

    New Magnum build

    congrats on GOTY!!!! two in a row dude. absolutely beautiful creation man- very well done Chris.
  12. congrats on GOTM! well deserved.
  13. been cold as hell here in georgia- this past week several hard freezes of 26 degrees or so- the trees are getting nipped after blooming earlier. too cold to work in the garage- but finally warmed up so I started glue up only to run out of glue. jeezus. i have to tell myself- slow and steady wins the race right? now to go buy some glue this weekend.
  14. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    way behind on posting updates...lets see- from one of my fav breweries- Creature comforts- a rainbow of beverages: l to r Anomalous-pilot batch pale ale made with persimmons, Sterling, Nelson Sauvin and Mandarina Bavaria hops- 6.1% and excellent stuff Athena Paradiso Berliner Weisse with tart cherry, raspberry and cranberry. 4.5% and refreshing as hell Everything Is..Dry hopped pilsner with mosaic hops- 4.9%- this stuff tastes like Desitin Diaper Ointment smells- complete fail. 2 nd miss for creature in the dry hopped pilsner department. somethings just arent meant to be- and I think dry hopped pilsners are one of them. Loopulus- Double IPA 8% abv with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. good stuff. my daughter came up after work to meet me- she is a fan of the fruited berliner weisse beers- she got a flightand I got to try this one- Athens to Athens, Grist to Grist- a Saison made in collaboration with Jackie O's brewery in Ohio and with locally sourced wheat. 6%. I am not a saison fan- but this was pretty dern good. so after our flights at the brewery my daughter and I headed over to Trapeze Pub for some dinner. Trapeze always has killer beer on tap- and these two caught our eyes- both nitro infused for creamy goodness- on the left we have Nitro Rubaeus fruit beer from Founders- 5.7% and a nice raspberry flavor. on the right- North Coast's Nitro Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout- 9%. Velvety smooth and delicious with my caesar salad. dorks of hazard double dry hopped ipa from Hoof Hearted Brewing out of Ohio. 7% this was brewed and canned by Great South Bay Brewery out of Bay Shore NY. Must be like what Cigar City used to due- contract brewing- regardless- good stuff Offbeat Double IPA from Bearded IRIS brewery out of Nashville Tennessee 7.5% simcoe and citra hops. Lovely stuff
  15. great job!. I didnt really like the look of the blank you purchased- but you have absolutely made it awesome. Well done.