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  1. so- reviving this thread- I decided to clean this shite hole up once and for all. Ever since my daughter moved back in I have had a lot of "stuff" that needed to find room- which meant my basement got filled quick- and all my misc shite got plopped into the garage. Well- I want my "shop" back- so- time to clean so I can build. its "getting there". . I am embarrassed when the garage doors are up- so- time to remedy the situation. i am on my fifth trash bag (3 lawn bags, two white kitchen bags- time to get rid of all the cut offs that arent worth a crud- and all the other CRAP I have accumulated etc-
  2. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    so batch 014 got me wanting to try batch 013 - Nowhere in particular brewery out of Ohio- double (imperial) ipa with lactose and lemon (sour milk anyone? ha!)- this isnt too bad-. a little creamy from the lactose- the lemon is all but absent- but not bad overall. 9% abv Cigar City's (tampa florida) Maduro Brown Ale. 5.5% abv- this stuff drinks like a stout more than a brown ale. Seriously. I have never had a brown ale like this before. If I was blindfolded I would swear this was a stout.
  3. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    sorry to hear about your friend Mike.
  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75- i stopped short of congratulating you in the post. But- after having to call and congratulate some good friends of ours on their win (they are alumni too -we avoid each other though when auburn plays georgia)- anyway- congrats- your boys showed up and kicked ass. I think it was a good thing though for Georgia to lose one- and lets face facts- you guys have been the only real competition we have faced all year.
  5. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    so cutting the time did work. they both tasted better- but the aroma was not much improved. my Bulldogs didnt show up today. urf. but the beer was flowing- first up- Shploing! from Omnipollo out of- Sweden. 7%ABV. I was going to pass on this but the youngins at the store when on and on about it. So- the description on the can- Mango Smores. Hmm- Mango usually means smells and tastes like sweaty armpit, and smores, in an IPA- well- that is just weird. Maybe in a stout- but an IPA- hmm. Well- its actually not bad. Would I buy it again-no- but glad I tried it- and its really isnt bad. better tasting that the description. next up- from Nowhere in Particular brewery out of Ohio- Batch 014 double dry hopped pale ale. 6% this stuff is not bad. nice lemony citrus blast- smooth- very drinkable. I have never seen this before so I took a shot. Glad I did. took a chance on this one- couldnt find it in Beer advocate but always willing to try locally brewed- Oconee Brewing Lion Lamm IPA. Well- glad I tried it, wont be buying it again. with the exception of Creature Comforts- I really havent found great beer in Georgia. I keep looking- but - well- just havent found it. .
  6. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    @westhemann +1 on do the trip. Have NO REGRETS I think things will "feel right" once some time has passed. Keep reminding yourself Wes- I quit like I wanted to, I bought and set up like I wanted to- now I have biz coming in like I hope would. ITS ALL GOOD. Pinch yourself and remember how good that is and repeat if needed. think of how unhappy you were before. Hopefully that does the trick.
  7. 6 string electric for me

    body routed- but a nice little chunk came out the back side on the butt end. Hoping the round over will take care of this- it should
  8. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    so parts of Georgia got hit pretty hard from Irma even though it was a tropical storm by the time it reached my area. All you have heard the last few weeks around here is roofs getting replaced. Mine got done yesterday, along with dry wall and painting in the inside (water got in- bummer). . The reason I bring this up- is I have State Farm insurance- and they have been a complete pleasure to work with. My next door neighbor, who has another insurance company, was told tough crap from their insurance company. Not naming names but "State" might be part of their company name. My roofer told them they would not inspect their roof with out the insurance company present as they might get accused of "causing" the damage to the roof- in my roofer's words- unless you have a PLANE sticking out of your roof- that other "state" insurance wont pay and they will blame any damage on the roofer stating the roofer is wanting to get business out of the situation by "causing damage". My sister in law went thru the same thing- she lives about 25 miles from us- but finally got the other "state" insurance to pay up but went thru hell getting them to agree. I havent heard the outcome yet but my neighbor is going to the state insurance commissioner on the matter. I have had nothing but a good experience, and just thought I would share that as you NEVER know when you may need your insurance company to come through for you.And if you dont already have it- make sure you have replacement cost coverage and not ACV (actual cash value) coverage- my roof was 13 years old- the ACV was just north of 50% of the replacement cost. If I had ACV- I would have been out not only my deductible- but also almost half the repair cost as well. THANK YOU STATE FARM INSURANCE new roof on front (I will replace tree/shrubs that were blown over in the spring) and the back (the house to the right is my bumming neighbor with the other insurance company)
  9. 6 string electric for me

    making thins of wood to cut for the inlay- ass end of the body after hitting the belt sander prior to trimming with router
  10. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    between the waves in the grain of the fingerboard, the multi-scale frets and the apposing points of the head stock and body- this ax has a very "Salvador Dali" quality to it. I like it.
  11. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    that is a bad ass little do dad. - whatever its called- I am not sure I have ever seen a tool like that. very cool Did you get that in Japan or stateside?
  12. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    so the beer geek in me decided to buy some citra hops from a brew store I recently visited, and dry hop a couple of beers just to see what happens. hoping to improve both aroma and more importantly taste citra hop pellets- the smell is like grapefruit and a bit of cat pee mixed in. cant describe it any other way. I added the amount shown in my hand to each beer, and put in an air tight container (steel water tumblers) and put in the frig for ~30 hours the test subjects the corona after 30 hrs and straining out the hops the Terrapin Recreational Session IPA after 30 hours verdict- the smell improved on both- especially with the corona. Taste? well- I think 30hours was too long. Both were extremely bitter- grapefruit rind bitter and not in a pleasant way. Both found their way to the sink as drain pours. I will try again- but only leave the hops in for about 6 hours next go round