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  1. To tell the truth, I went thru the trouble of making that template just so I could get the slope at the top right. I didn't use it for anything else because I was only modifying my existing Ibanez GAX neck. I could give you the measurement off of that's but that probably not what you're looking for.......
  2. Cool, thanks for the confirmation..... Glad to see they work.......
  3. Check the URL you got them from. The last part of the address for the correct album is "/PRSbody72dpi/". I changed all the links I've posted on this board to that album right after I posted the revised images so if you just downloaded them using one of the above links they should be correct. Damn, I sure worded that crappy Did that make sense?
  4. I think what's happening is that they are saved at 200dpi but non-image oriented programs probably change them to 72dpi by default and that screws everything up. I resized them all to 72dpi including the neck and cavity cover template. Here they are: http://photobucket.com/albums/v466/shadown...x/PRSbody72dpi/ If you guys print them out and they work please let me know so I can erase the other ones and keep these up......... Thanks, Fred
  5. Well I split it up into 4 sheets in photoshop. They should each be within an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. After I uploaded them I downloaded them and pieced them back together just to make sure photobucket didn't resize themand they checked out. If you don't have photoshop then I guess try paint as suggested. I will print them out with windows picture viewer and from explorer aswell to see what happens and see if I can figure something out. I'll probably also add the dimensions for each image on them incase someone needs to resize they can...
  6. Cool, whenever you post the links up I'll erase mine...... Edit: I added the headstock and cavity plate (boomerang looking one). Keep in mind these are close but approximated (not exact), unlike the body which I actually traced from the real thing. I made these by finding clear pics off ebay, tracing them in photoshop and then playing with the size to fit the needs of my project, so what I'm saying is they are not exact but usable and if you can use them, cool http://photobucket.com/albums/v466/shadowninja_x/PRS%20body/
  7. P.R.S. Body outline in 4 quarters.... Click me! Just print them out and piece them together.... After you piece them together it should be 17 3/4 tall and 13 inches at the fattest part. Edit: Added the headstock and cavity cover. They are not exact, see my next post below................... It'd be nice if a MOD (or someone) hosted these images so what little bandwidth I have doesn't get eaten up..... Hope this helps someone........... Fred
  8. I didn't bother reading thru all the posts but if no one has posted it yet here's a handy link to have if there might be local places around you: Woodfinders I usually look by zip code but you can look by species too I think........
  9. I know this is sort of old but did anyone ever find out the thickness measurements for a PRS body (McCarty solid style), i.e., maple starting thickness, "binding" edge thickness, and back thickness..... Anyone have any info on that? I've got my template all ready to go, just need to know what thickness of woods to buy...........
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