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  1. Another way to get sticker residue off is using peanut butter. I hate it when the stickers don't come off books I just purchased. Peel the sticker, put some peanut butter on the residue, wait a few hours, take a knife scrape off the majority of it, then a slightly damp cloth and rub away. Works every time.
  2. You're probably better off to looking in your yellow pages and finding a surplus store in electronics. There's one here in Toronto and it's almost like a junk yard with new parts lol. It may be even cheaper unless you want to build hundreds, otherwise I'd recommend you get the parts off ebay. Some seller was selling 40 000 red LEDs for 20 bucks a week ago. Check here http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...dumpster+diving Ansil may explain a few things you can find in dumpster diving and a few phone calls lol.
  3. Yes the fretboard radius should be the same as the bridge. Schaller Floyd Roses are 14 inch radius Floyd Rose bridges are 12, and I think there is one or two that's 10. (Check their site) If you're doing a compound radius fretboard, your nut should be the same as the first fret, and your bridge should be the same as the last. However, wait until some of the pros here can verify that. I haven't inquired in such a long time about it so some of this information may have slipped my brain.
  4. My friends band Cylidian. Metal band. They talk about influences and all that there. http://www.myspace.com/cylidian and no, I kid you not, the drummers name is really Dave Lombardo lol. Have a listen and eventually they will be selling their cd online and adding more tracks. -Jamie
  5. Perry took the cake, and if I could throw another vote out it would definitly be for Maiden's. -Jamie
  6. Very nice. "The sustain on this is amazing. WAHHH, i mean you could go and get a bite to eat and WAHHH you'd still be hearing that one" - Nigel -Jamie
  7. Psw, if you wanted something so you could take it off, and on, the only path I can think of taking is the way Graphtech did with the Ghost piezos. You can't take them in and out in a flash, but no soldering is required because the pots come soldered, and to connect it to the preamp, it uses some kind of quick connecting cable, kind of what you see with computers. You could make it so that people have them installed in their pickup cavity, but when they want to remove the sustainer, they can just unplug it. -Jamie
  8. No I do not own it. The local library may have a copy, and I am currently in the process for my first build, so I may pick it up. I do think the guitar in the cover is ugly though.
  9. Sorry for the repost, but the stupid thing didn't go through. Add any books that I may have missed. Building Building Electric Guitars: How to Make Solid-Body, Hollow-Body and Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars By Martin Koch ISBN: 3901314075 Make Your Own Electric Guitar By Melvyn Hiscock ISBN: 0953104907 Electric Guitar Construction By Tom Hirst ISBN: 1574241257 Guitar Player Repair Guide: How to Set-Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics By Dan Erlewine ISBN: 0879302917 Build Your Own Electric Guitar: Custom Guitar Assembly Made Easy By Bill Foley ISBN: 0961836105 D.I.Y Guitar Repair (Compact Reference Library) By Pieter J. Fillet ISBN: 0825623456 The Player's Guide to Guitar Maintenance By Dave Burrluck ISBN: 0879305495 Complete Guitar Repair (Guitar Reference) By Hideo Kamimoto ISBN: 0825601568 Inlaying A Guitarmaker's Canvas: The Inlay Art of Grit Laskin By Grit Laskin ISBN: 0879307560 The Art of Inlay: Design and Technique for Fine Woodworking By Larry Robinson ISBN: 0879308354 Other The Stratocaster Chronicles : Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat By Tom Wheeler ISBN: 0634056786 Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars: An Illustrated History & Guide By Eldon Whitford ISBN: 0879302976 Gibson Guitars 100 Years of an American Icon By Walter Carter ISBN: 0972751017 Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars : An Identification Guide for American Fretted Instruments (2nd Ed) By George Gruhn ISBN: 0879304227 The Story of the Fender Stratocaster: A Celebration of the World's Greatest Guitar By Ray Minhinnett, ISBN: 0879306653 Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years : An Illustrated History from the Mid-'30s to the Mid-'60s By A. R. Duchossoir ISBN: 0793592100 Electric Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia By Tony Bacon ISBN: 1571452818 Electric Guitars and Basses: A Photographic History By George Gurhn ISBN: 0879304928 The Ultimate Guitar Book By Tony Bacon ISBN: 0375700900 50 Years of Fender: Half a Century of the Greatest Electric Guitars By: Tony Bacon ISBN: 0879306211 50 Years of the Gibson Les Paul: Half a Century of the Greatest Electric Guitars By: Tony Bacon ISBN: 0879307110 The Gibson Super 400: Art of the Fine Guitar By: Thomas A. Van Hoose ISBN: 0879303441
  10. fretless V is really nice, looks like it's singed which really attracts me to it. The impaler is awesome. this was a hard vote. the neck through doesn't do it for me. the horns are too squared and that doesnt do it for me. don't let my opinion discourage you! lol the gargoyle is a nice piece, but the V takes it all, with the Impaler one step behind it. I hope matt doesn't chase me with that and then have the guitar live up to its name haha. -Jamie
  11. http://www.guitare-village.com/amplis_24.php this is the one i am talking about it's 50 watts but it's a damn nice amp.
  12. the XXX is really nice for distortion, except the clean was kinda crap imo. Every peavey I have tried does not hold its own when it comes to clean, including the classical series. If you want clean, go with a fender. If you want the thick sludgy distortion, go with the XXX If you want a good rocked out one, nothing beats a JCM 800 lead series just my opinion. holy crap lol. My Fender Deville 4x10 is only 60 watts tube and the loudest i could have it in my house was 2 (out of 12) before the walls would start rumbling. If you live in an apartment please consider other people, unless you're trying to get evicted, or piss someone off -Jamie
  13. don't tell me we're going to have another tie! haha -Jamie
  14. thanks a lot Greg P and Gorecki. I have to get a new computer of course, and i've read some of the previous threads and all. here's what im getting so far, and its possible that it could all change. This computer's basic useage is recording and surfing the internet. No games or downloading music or dvds.... MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® XP HOME Intel® Celeron™ Processor (2.40 GHz, 128KB L2 Cache, 400MHz FSB) 1 Gb DDR memory 250 Gb SATA hard drive 15" flat panel LCD monitor CD reader/burner 3D sound card Is this enough to handle everything? A retail clerk at a music store told me that Presonus Firepod is an external soundcard, so I don't need a really expensive soundcard installed on the computer, just basic internal for PC bleeps and stuff. Is this correct? I was thinking for headphones of getting the Zalman surround sound headphones http://www.quietpc.ca/headphones.html The only problem I am thinking that could occur is I would have to go into the control panel every time I'd want to use either the Roki monitors, or the Zalman. Is it possible to have them both going at the same time? Thanks. -Jamie
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