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  1. F-Style Mandolin project

    Yes, I saw the thread yesterday, very cool! Seems like the Mandolin building fever he started with the Sarah's Mandolin thread started spreading, and got back to him Kind of funny, in the building workshop I am attending, I was the first one ever with the idea of making f-style mandolin. I bought the plans, copied them to course leader. Now there are at least 2 mandolins on progress, and 2 mandolins done by people who work faster than me. So the fewer is spreading offline too
  2. F-Style Mandolin project

    Long time since the last post.. Sorry about that.. I've been insane busy, my wife is working far too much and I have to keep my eyes on our toddler, he's everywhere all the time The instrument building classes started some while ago. The course seems to be extremely popular. I saw the acceptance list on the course. The online course signup started at 11 o'clock, I signed up at 11:00:05, and I was on position 12, At 11:00:30, the course was filled up, in 30 seconds! I have made some progress on the mandolin, but haven't had really time to report about it. So I try to put out a few pictures and comments on this post. First session, I missed due a working trip to Berlin. Next week I started slowly. I didn't really have any idea what I should do, so I decided to start shaping the bottom of the instrument. I really enjoy working with the chisels, I just need better ones. Second session, I continued the work on the bottom. At the end of the session, rough shaping was now done Third session I don't have the photo but I sanded the bottom and started to work on the neck joint. Fourth session, Continued work with the neck joint. Now the neck is set, but the joint needs a bit fixing, as the neck is lining up incorrectly, This was actually also very satisfying part, although the result didn't end being 100% satisfying at once. I have realized that I enojoy far more working on chisels and sandpaper and other silent hand tools, rather than the noisy electric machines. Funny that is exactly opposite to my musical taste, I prefer loud amps and electric guitars, over the acoustic music. I Will try to be more active in the future
  3. F-Style Mandolin project

    Yeah, it was kinda shot in the dark. I guess Kokkola is not a place where people accidentally drop by during weekends...
  4. ProjectGuitarception

    Double trouble
  5. F-Style Mandolin project

    Lovely replies guys, I got a good laugh last Tuesday it was the last session for this season. I got the neck glued and roughly shaped. The bandsaw blade was extremely bad, and cutting the birch strips on sides became almost too thin, but at the end the neck width is just perfect on the tail, where the neck is the widest. I would assume, the neck is fairly strong as the scarf joint is located differently on every layer of the neck strips. Now I need to figure out where I could continue the mandolin during the summer, and hopefully next fall, I will get in to the course again. @Prostheta, next weekend, the weekend after the Easter, there will be a display of Kokkolan kansalaisopisto course products. If you happen to be around here, I suggest you should drop in to see a few nice instruments and more handcrafted products.
  6. F-Style Mandolin project

    Started with the neck. I suppose traditionally the mandolin necks are one piece, but I am not really after a traditional design. I made a sandwich construction, birch stripe in the middle, mahogany stripes and finally birch on the sides. The scraf joint I made separately on each part, and the joint is placed on different place every time. Yesterdat I run out of time, so currently the neck plank consists only of the center strip and mahogany strips. Today, if I have the time, I will go to the school and finish the neck blank, so that I can start shaping it next week. Will take off some thickness from the mahogany before glueing the birch sides, so the strips won't be as thick as seen in the photo. The head stock end in the photo is on the right, the longer part is the head stock.
  7. F-Style Mandolin project

    Today, on lunch break from work I decided to glue on the top to the frames. I think I counted 16 clamps.. Not sure though and a bit hard to verify from the photo I let the glue dry some 1½ hours and took of the clamps. Here you can see the result. All went fine, except on tip of the scroll area, the surface was not 100% flat, so there is a very small cap. Nothing serious, and will definietly not be visible after finishing.
  8. F-Style Mandolin project

    Not really.. I still have to do some shaping to do with the braces before glueing the top. I actually discussed about tuning the top with the course leader, and hes suggestion was just to skip the tuning and focus on having well shaped braces, that are well fit to the top shape. Is there a general guide on the tuning? Edit:looking on few videos, it seems that some builders tune tops after they attached the top to body.
  9. F-Style Mandolin project

    Mahogany braces it is. Glued and shaped the braces and started sanding the body so that next time I will glue the top to the body. Next week is break again from the course, but I try to get hold of a few more clamps, so I can do the glueing at home
  10. F-Style Mandolin project

    This week I cut the f-holes to the top and glued the kerfed lining on top side. I was planning to use the electric version of jig saw to do the f-holes, but the blade was so lousy, that I decided to do this by hand. The blade was lousy on that one too, but at least I had far more control on where it went than I would have had on the electric version. Kerfed lining elueing was pretty straight forward. Except on the scroll area, where I was not able to fit any clamps, and had to clamp the linging to the side by pushing wooden strips between the lining strips and the mahoganny scroll. If I ever do a second mandoline, I will deffinitiely use a bit more thick strips to do the linings. Next week, make the top braces. What should you suggest to use as the braces? i suppose spruce is good, but how about using mahogany or birch?
  11. F-Style Mandolin project

    @Prostheta, I see your Finnish language is very good. The Fingerpori jokes are often difficult also for us, native speakers
  12. F-Style Mandolin project

    Yes, Old spruce, or six The guitar where the braces are in, was completed last year, so little late for shaving the braces thinner
  13. F-Style Mandolin project

    I guess it is normal that equipment at schools are misused and get damaged. There's always one or a few airheads in a class, and when the teacher turns back, these guys do dumb things, often breaking things. I know, I've been one. Not a mean one, but young and dumb Funny story about breaking school machinery; a congregation in a village next to my hometown had decided to renew the wooden benches in the old wooden church. The instrument building class leader got hold of one of the old spruce planks, that people had been sitting on and praying for century and a bit more. They decided to cut the wood to smaller pieces. The wood was extremely tough, and they pushed the table saw pretty hard, to cut through. The saw run hot and finally caught fire! The fire department came in, and investigated the place. Luckily the engine just burned, and no further damage happened. Now part of that church bench is used as braces in my first self made acoustic guitar.
  14. F-Style Mandolin project

    Thanks for the kind words @Andyjr1515! I've been really enjoying this build, althought the progress has been slow. Reason mainly is that I can't work at home with this, and the course I am attending is once a week, during the school season. When I started this, I wanted to do a bit more challenging build. I had done previously a few electric guitars, and an acoustic guitar. Now I had two options in my mind: a violin, or a mandolin. I am not interested on playing violin at all and mandolin has at least something in common with a guitar, so mandolin was my pick here! The course leader, who built a lot of different acoustic instruments decided to give a go to F-style mandolin, He is Using the same set of drawings that I bought. He has the instrument now put together, but not ready yet, and last time I met him he stated that this has been the most challenging instrument he ever built. So I think I made a good choice for the project! Good luck with the semi-acoustic, just go for it! i have a hunch that I will be building a few more instruments later, and arch-top would be also in my list
  15. F-Style Mandolin project

    I think the sandpaper in the photo is just regular hand sanding paper, not sure where it came from, there was a roll of the 40 grit in my shelf. I used the 40 grit to even some bumps, but turned out that a scraper was also very good for the task. Abranet, is that some special kind of sandpaper?