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  1. Here is one of my Acoustic electrics. I'll call it "Abbey" Why Abbey, you may ask? Well, she just came back from Abbey road Studios. The owner fulfilled a lifelong dream of recording there and meeting George Martin. Anyway onto the instrument. Completely hollow Honduras Mahogany body, very thin braced quilted maple top. Honduras Mahogany Set neck, Ebony fingerboard. Dunlap 6230 fretwire, with Abalone dot markers. Bone nut and saddle. Body and neck are both bound in celluloid binding, finished in Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Electronics consist of a Loyd Baggs under the bridge transducer and preamp system. A TV Jones passive pickup is in the neck position. The Baggs preamp includes full EQ adjustable by trim pots inside the back cover. On the on the top you have a single volume and tone for each pickup controlled by a 3 way switch so you can choose the bridge neck or both. Thanks for looking. Roman
  2. Mine is called the WB. The nickname is simplistic without any fanfare, as it is named after it's new owner, WIll Boggs of WB pickups. This is a player, not a "case queen". Will plays it every day. Specs and Features: Koa neck with Indian Rswd fingerboard. Vintage 60s fender fretwire 12 inch radius on a 22 fret thick Rswd board A mixture of gold and chrome hardware at the request of Will. The body is a solid chunk of hard ash from a reclaimed 25 year old solid ash bookcase. with mahogany top and back. It is completely chambered almost like a 335. Double bound body with bound "F hole." Both Body and neck are finished in Nitro Lacquer, with the body finished as thin as possible. There is no sanding sealer, no pore filler, just straight lacquer. Here is where it gets fun. WB custom wound pickups are installed. All pickups are wound with vintage 60s enamel wire and alnico magnets The neck has staggered pole pieces, and the middle has flat poles so there is more picking clearance. The bridge however is a monster! It is wound so it will go from that "Tele Spank" to a P 90 growl! OK, enough Yacking lets post pictures. While I don't expect to win, ( there are so many beautiful guitars entered here) the guitar is still a winner! Will Loves it and that is all that matters! Here is a video sound clip, http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm247/w...nt=102_4459.flv and another, http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm247/w...nt=100_4421.flv Thanks for looking! Roman
  3. Here is another entry. Take a LP shape, turn it into a double cutaway, and make it a 12 string and this is what you get. Honduras mahogany body flame top, Maple and ebony neck. Unlike Gibby this has a 25.5 inch scale. Set neck with sculpted heel Nitro finish with natural binding. Duncan pickups Thanks for looking, Roman
  4. A double cut is a thing of beauty! PRS originally just took a Gibson DC shape and carved the top. the early handmade ones were all mahogany. The Santana model is still basically a double cut. Roman
  5. Thanks for the votes folks! Yes this month there are some fine instruments, I must say. it would be difficult for me to pick one. As to the red devil, I wish I had some picks of the back. All shots however were with the girls and the temporary owner. We did a buckcherry "crazy b**ch" photo shoot to follow the theme of the tour. Thanks all! Roman PS. That's Roman not Ed Roman
  6. This one is called the RED DEVIL. Here are the specs; One Piece chambered Honduras mahogany body / with bookmatched flame maple top. One piece Honudras mahogany neck. Macassar Ebony Fingerboard/ with MOP diamond inlays and Dunlap 6230 fretwire. TV Jones Hot Filtertron pups with custom made bezels Custom made stainless steel bridge and tail piece. Neck and body bound in cellulose binding. Finished in Nitrocellulose Lacquer. This instrument combines all the features I like from traditional instruments, while being a new design with traditional roots. This particular one was on the road with the band Buck Cherry for the first leg of their tour. Here is a picture with the girls...........sorry they are not included. ;-)
  7. I vote for the acoustic. I really admire someone who can build an acoustic. Everyone else's entries a nice too. Roman
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