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  1. My shop has a router. u no those things that if u input a graph it cuts it for u? i dont no how to input proper image to cut the fingerboard tho...
  2. but man its so hard to do isn't it? at least i can not do it lol. i do wood work but not that good
  3. hi!I am just wandering how do i take a fret board off without damaging the neck of the guitar. i have a rg 3120 very nice and sexy guitar. just want to change the fret board to a jem. it would be easy just to change the whole neck but my RG is a neck thru... so can anyone tell me how to change it?
  4. whats lions claw? i no i can get the out put jack to be like jem cause i just did it on my radius
  5. i want to Build a jem cause i was gotta get a 7d but insdead i got a custom radius540. anywayz is jem body just basicly an rg body with the grip? or is it thinner? cause if they are the same i am gotta buy a used body for like 50 buks and make it to be like a jem. thanks
  6. crappy but is there anyway to make a logo fairly easily? like can be done in a graphic class or something? cause my ibanez logo on the headstock is scrached. anyone got a good link cause i cant find one(i just want it to be readble..)
  7. plz help me to find how to do that finish
  8. i bought a ibanez 540r yesterday. it was used so the logo ibanez is kinda scrached i am just wandering how can i make a new logo without having plastic cover around it?or at least fix it? referr the plastic cover to http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/logo.htm
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