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  1. matts guitar. its reminicent of a parker i think, and it just ... LOOKS goooood this was a GREAT month though.. whoo.. that tele, the paul.. and matts, and the bass.. and lgm.. lol. a nice tough month indeed
  2. thank you very much! i can now make my touch decision... which is... maidens 7 stringer. i was kinda torn between all of them... theyre all so beautiful.. but his edged out hte others with that amazing finish
  3. could you upload the pics onto photobucket or somehting? i need to see them before i vote!! its too close this month!!
  4. well.. i love the three i CAN see, but since i cant see godins guitar.. im not going to vote yet. if someone would maybe be kind enough to save and then upload it using photobucket or something, then ill try to vote, but until then, i stay undecided
  5. i loved the bass, the double neck, and the rhoads v... but the v caught my eye more than the bass.. the double neck was cool.. but it just wasnt as apealing to my eye as the others.. this is a GREAT month though
  6. i had to do the bird.. i was drooling when i first saw it.... me->
  7. i ended up goin for the leviathan... i like the shape and the color.. it looks real nice
  8. if i had a way to record something and have it sound good, i totally would. maybe i can do a crappy recording and have someone else redo it?
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