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  1. What do you think should be my first purchase? I have the body idea on cardboard, ideas for the routing etc. Electronics is gunna be a bit dodgy for me, i reckon im gunna have to get some pro help on this. So, what should i buy first?
  2. The school has one, i think it would be a good idea, as the measurements would be spot on, and theres nothing wrong with cheating
  3. can anyone tell me a site with any CAD templates apart from this one? In the future i will donate to this site, i like giving when i receive And, could i use a CAD/CAM machine to do the routing for me?
  4. wow, thanks a lot those to replys were really comprehensive! Iv managed to rope in a friend with my trip, so that should half the cost and the production, he knows his guitar stuff. How had is it making the cavities? the neck cavities etc, because i want the guitar to be quite solid, even if its not my main guitar. Just want to say thanks again for those 2 replys, im really happy for you to take time to help a noob like me
  5. First, im new here so hello everyone. Im looking to build my first Custom guitar, probably something easy, like a strat. Because im realy inexperienced, im just looking to get the body, and hspae it myself, then send it off to a luthier for the routing cavities etc. Im just stuck where to start, i have only basic equipment, like hand held jigsaws, belt sanders, etc, the type of stuff your dad keeps but never uses. Problems 1. Im in the UK, not seen many UK links for templates 2. IM left handed, not seen many left handed links 3. Im young and impatient, but for this project, i shall be patient.
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