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  1. Bought the guitar on craigslist. The body definitely does not match the neck. Body appears to be maybe a squire or something like that. The weight on it is significantly less the my other usa strat, Either way, I don't think it was a bad deal. I got the guitar and a morley was for 200.
  2. Interesting. So do you think this was an error at the factory?
  3. I recently picked up this partscaster. The neck is a 2012 Fender USA. On the back of the neck, there is a route for some type of an emblem or something else. Does anyone know what this is? neck.pdf guitar.pdf
  4. Play/build the guitars for fun. I would assume it is an extremely difficult business to break into. In putting guitars together through out several years I have always ended up spending more money then going for a new one. Just my thoughts.
  5. I have a jackson dinky set up with an EMG 60 in the neck and EMG 85 in the bridge. When I switch to the neck pickup I have no sound. The bridge is working fine. I changed out the 9volt to see if it was related to that but nothing. Any ideas on where to start diagnosing the problem?
  6. Update: I got some fender locking tuners which were made in germany. Threw them on and strung up the guitar. The guy I bought it from said it wasn't wired up. I checked it out and worked perfectly! Score for me! I started playing her last night. Paint will be down the line but atlas she is fun to play for now.
  7. Does anyone have experience with reranch paint? I was checking them out. Looks like a pretty smooth process.
  8. Hey guys, I just picked up this 1997 USA Fender. I think the body is alder. Previous owner did a lot of damage that Im trying to reverse. I have scrapped the frets to remove a stain that the old owner put on. Next, I will polish the frets as stain also got on it. Im thinking of staining the body as I have never sprayed a guitar before. I do own a compressor but I don't have a spray gun. I was thinking about using a minwax water based stain. Either an black or maybe a white stain. What are the steps to take before staining? I know i need to do some more sanding. Im thinking 220, then finish with 300-400 grit. Also what kind of finish should go on after the stain? I don't think a regular polycyrlic would work well. Any suggestions?
  9. I did the scrapping with a utility knife blade. Worked real nicely. I'm going to hit it with a little sand next. Thanks! How about sanding the back of the neck? Neck has a light finish on it with some indents. I wanted to just pass over it a bit.
  10. Hello, Just got in a 1997 USA fender strat. Previous owner sanded the body and "stained" the neck. Basically just applied ebony wood stain on the fretboard. I cleaned the neck with alcohol and lemon oil. Some staining remains. What would be the best way to get this out? Thanks
  11. Sounds interesting. Any ideas of some sweet pickups that can handle a good rock tone.
  12. The cavity should be big enough to slip in the battery. What's the benefit of the pre amp?
  13. Hey guys, Been a while since I posted. Just scored this serious axe. I need some help on parts to put this together. Share some ideas! Only issue I have found it where the neck paint meets the fretboard it is a little ruff. Maybe some light sanding would fix that? Here is what I'm thinking: Grover clover tuners Tulsq nut Emg pa active set schaller bridge p bass bridge cover single volume knob schaller strap locks
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