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  1. nice tuners! where'd you get that dremel router add-on? I'm interested to get one as well. And what dremel router bits do you use if I may ask? good luck with the inlays
  2. I see they actually have their own design of inlays which I wanted to have custommade. That makes things easier!
  3. thanks @curtisa. Didn't know them. I'll check it out. Shipping to Europe shouldn't be too expensive given the size and weight of inlays. if anyone knows a supplier like this in europe, please let me know
  4. good adress for different qualities of wood. Generally has small pieces available that he saves for body / neck blanks. currently use this shop to source my woods. Will do online business by sending you photos. Also sends out a weekly email with special pieces for sale. very customer friendly and willing to think with you on what best suits your project from a woodperspective. ( he's not a guitarbuilder )
  5. hey guys the inlays I made for my zebracaster were done using a dremel tool. I'd like to get a consistent quality and design for the inlays going forward. Doing them all with my dremel will not get me the quality I'd like to see. anybody use a shop or supplier of custom inlays? or maybe a shop not focused on guitars but on cutting small pieces of MOP etc in general? thx Age
  6. http://www.masave.nl
  7. congrats on the GOTM win! very classy. 

    was too late for voting unfortunately, but totally agree with this outcome


  8. personally I like seeing the back of the headstock as part of the whole back of the neck, seeing the wood that it's made out of. also not sure on how the transition would need to be done from the back of the headstock to the neck, but that's a question of trying I guess. good luck deciding
  9. + 1 great finish on that one!
  10. not having stuff get's your creativity going! looking good man, having fun is what it's all about. When it's finished, it's on to the next one ! ;-)
  11. Very, very nice! I plan to do a build for my kid as well. He's currently 6yrs old. Would be nice for his 8th birthday or so. The theme will be difficult though. Today it's Minions, tomorrow it's Paw Patrol day after it's Cars ..... LOL looking forward to your finish!
  12. yeah, brilliant guitarist and very interesting guy. love his music and lyrics. Went to a concert jus to see him alive about 10yrs ago. Musically it wasn't great ( understatement ), but he was hilarious and it was worthwile just to see a legend like him alive onstage.
  13. great result, can't wait to see the final look of this build!
  14. congrats on winning the GOTM February! 

    1. ScottR


      Thank you kind sir!


  15. awesome result! Back of the body looks really great as well, lovely colours and materials! congrats. How does it play and sound?