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  1. Received word last friday that we have a daughter waiting for us in Nicaragua! her name is Isabel Maria Teresa, 16 months old. this build therefore is going on hold as we will be going to Nicaragua for 4 months!
  2. nice woods and great price! personally I favor natural 'freakish' looks of wood, so wouldn't mind the light wood. Also, if you're going to installl humbuckers and a trem, a lot of it will dissapear with the cavity routing, so you'll end up with just a few lighter spots which (IMO) makes the top more interesting
  3. update here: looks like we're heading off to Nicaragua in the next month! Awaiting final approval from local authorities at the moment, but that should be ok. a little 1,5yr old kid waiting to meet us and become part of our family! my next build will be somewhat delayed I think haha
  4. very neat, great quilt
  5. very nice combined with that binding. good luck waiting how many clearcoats did you put on?
  6. spent some time this weekend at my wood-supplier. Man, it's like a 6-year old walking in a candy store! I'll probably go for a walnut body with the limba top. My supplier is getting some new pieces of walnut next week and he'll make a few selections for me. Now I'll try to do some photoshopping to create my design.
  7. Awesome! thanks for the kind comments! Never would have thought to be a GOTM winner!
  8. very old topic and it seems some of these members have not visited anymore in the past few years. Would like to get a copy of a 540P template for my next project to use as a base for a new design. Going to mash it up with a mosrite template. anybody has one available?
  9. That body turned out really great. Nice walnut back and I'm always a lover of gold-tops, looking great. I tried doing a gold-finish once and failed. How did you get on with the finish? have fun putting everything together!
  10. awesome, you definitely know your way around a workshop! Metal or wood don't differ that much I suppose ;-)
  11. great looking body and neck on this one. Looking forward to the end result to give me some inspiration for my next build. carving the horn will solve the problem hopefully. Funny how sometimes your design get's influenced by practicalities like these. It might end up as a signature mark even maybe! ;-) good luck ps. Great radiusing jig.
  12. @2.5itimman that sucks! Good to know so I can be extra careful. very nice body you've made there with the padauk! following your thread now as well, Nice looking neck as well with the maple/walnut combination. I'll reply on your thread so we don't mix things up, but surely an interesting build you've got there.
  13. thanks @Mr Natural. Hadn't expected it to be so prone to splitting! Maybe a different sort of wood as the thick bodypiece will help avoiding that. Not sure yet on what to use though..
  14. Not much time on my hands at the moment to start my second build, but I need to make some design decisions maybe you guys can help me with. I've got a nice piece of Birdsey maple from which I used one piece for my first build. So going to make me another be-maple neck. Also I've got a nice piece of be-maple for a fretboard, so that's all set. Then I've got a black limba matched top which I'd like to use for my next project. Don't have wood for the body yet though, so definitely want to hear your recommendations! for a body design I'm thinking about a Mosrite-ish shape but with sharper horns. Maybe with a strong contour so you see 2 different woods on the top. anybody got some good experience with Black Limba?
  15. awesome work, nice pics of the routing process!