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  1. Just caught up with this thread, awesome read, build and axe! wish I had built it sounding great too. congrats!
  2. When I was in college, I spent a lot of time playing video games... I regret I didn't use that time to teach myself to properly play the guitar. All I did was noodle along with Pink Floyd cd's etc and learn some songs for my band at that time. I've set myself a goal to invest some time in learning scales and learning to improvise with them. Also I want to improve my technique. I've become a member of Paul Gilbert's Rock Guitar School at Artistworks as I've decided to focus on rock style guitar playing in stead of wanting to do it all from blues to rockabilly to metal. Also I'm using some stuff from Justin Guitar to learn and improvise with scales. Trying to do some practice each day nowadays.
  3. thing is you think you have a lot of time on your hands being at home all day, but I find I can't get much done. Trying to keep the family life working as well Ordered some fretwire and trussrods from germany and am preparing a few maple fretboards for my build in the mean time. Hope to do some more woodwork this week.
  4. Nice! @Andyjr1515 that's good advice! Somehow when it's strung up I feel I can not go at it with tools anymore, but hey, why not!
  5. I'l have to put on a different trussrod in that case. Was going for a wheel adjustable rod at the body. I have another rod somehwere, I can use that. We'll see.
  6. Welcome @Gogzs! Nice read and familiar story, I am sure your build will turn out great by the looks of it so far. Impressive first build!
  7. Ok, that's settled then. It will be added. Thx for the feedback guys
  8. Designing the headstock, trying hard not to copy an existing shape. Before I get a cease and desist order from someone
  9. nice work ! question: are Swifts the same as swallows? or is it a different type of bird?
  10. What time zone are you in? If we have people from over the pond it will probably have to be in the evening. Around 8pm CET? It will be around noon than on the west coast of the US?
  11. I still might do it, just didn't draw the fretboard in the second drawing Will try to draw a neck and headstock this week
  12. yup. Just received news as well that my students don't have to take a central exam this year. This will be a very strange year for everybody.. an idea: have you guys ever thought of setting up a webconference with video? Like with google Hangout? TOnight we'll be doing that with some friends to keep at least a bit of social contact. Maybe we could start a weekly ProjectGuitar Hangout as well? let me know if you find this interesting by replying. If there's 3+ I'll get something organized.
  13. trying to be in the first group. Here in Holland also further restrictions: 1.5meters distance. No more people than 3. Only go out if you need to for work / shop / medicin. people will be fined if they do not comply as well as companies, so things are really coming to a halt now. looks like it will be for a while as well.....
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