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  1. What is this guitar?

    hey Mike looks like another version of the Kramer as shown on this page: http://www.richiesamboraguitars.com/kramer/ 3rd one down on the left. maybe a self constructed model? you could ask the website-owner , he'll probably know. Looks like he's pretty big a fan ;-)
  2. First full build from scratch

    flying V made from pallet-wood, like it! once finished I definitely would like to hear some sound-clips! good luck. any idea what you'll use to make the neck?
  3. 24 Magnum

    stunning! great job
  4. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    thanks @MiKro , @Prostheta last job ended last year. in hindsight it was perfect timing with the adoption stuff coming, but it did put a dent in our savings... In the meantime I did get some wood together for the next build. Will post some pics in my thread. @Prostheta, very rarely i suffer headaches, but they really stop you from doing much. Hope it clears up soon
  5. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    so, been away for a week or so. Started a new job as a parttime math teacher to have some income next to my private business which needs time to build up. when we just got back from Nicaragua my father has been diagnosed with lymfia-cancer. Given his health & age (79) he can't be given treatment anymore, So now he's at home. Fortunately I live close by so I can visit him and my Mom regularly.
  6. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    car dealers, always ready to rip you off (except cardealers who are also part of the great guitar community ofcourse ) There's a garage on the other side of my road. No official car dealership, just smart car-techs who help fix stuff at decent cost. Good to have as a neighbour.
  7. good luck +1 and thanks for sharing the documents
  8. Electronics suppliers (non Guitar oriented)

    Thx, I'll check 'm out
  9. Trying to keep cost down in building I'm always looking for alternative suppliers for everything. One thing that always amazes me are the prices for guitar-related electronics. Caps at $10, pots at $12 etc., whereas if you source capacitors for other electronics they cost around $0.05 anybody here ever found an electronics supplier to get stuff at 'normal' prices?
  10. blast from the past- ticket stubs from early 80s

    read in Sammy Hagar's Red biography that Mighty Ed van Halen re-recorded all of the guitarwork on the Live: Right Here, Right Now album in his home studio. Still, great guitarwork ;-)
  11. blast from the past- ticket stubs from early 80s

    A bit later than early 80's, but here's some of mine..
  12. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    good call. Got stranded myself one time in a metre of snow outside of my carport. Stupid enough I even tried to get out that day thinking I was going to make it to Brussels ( 300km away ) people just don't expect to be overruled by nature anymore ps . that Bangles guitarist now looks to me like Steven Tyler's sister
  13. 24 Magnum

    very, very neat
  14. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    the one on the far right was my favourite. hmm, she holds a guitar, maybe that's where the fascination started. all the best to you guys in Texas. Even a big picture in the newspaper over here showing the damage done by the hurricane. that's a lot of water to swallow over there..
  15. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    love to hear about that as well @Andyjr1515 Just read she's coming to Holland in October. Man, I loved her picture on my wall in the 80s