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  1. awesome pictures! Nice to see the progress and the result is outstanding!
  2. sure thing Scott! thanks for asking. Time to get back to woodworking. I've got some long due projects, time to start building again!
  3. Great looking wood @ScottR! do you notice a difference in working with burl as opposed to 'normal' wood?
  4. good advice @Bizman62 , totally agree. The guitar is meant to be played!
  5. thanks guys! I have done dent repairs like that as well in the past, usually on fretboards. The damp cloth and soldering iron works good on those small dents. I'm afraid these are to big for that, but I'll give it a try anyway. Not much harm to be done, it will improve to some extent. @Bizman62 I'm not sure if it's a decal or not, but as the surrounding area is lighter then the rest it probably is. I haven't used decals on oiled finishes myself. Does that even work/hold? If so, I'll maybe create a new decall and apply that. Allthough the semi-faded one has something to it as well, given that it's a 31 year old guitar. I'll keep you guys posted using this thread. There's some more work to be done as the wiring is messed up and I found out the middle pickup had it's ground-wire broken right at the pickup-cover. Too bad those EMG's can't be opened. I did manage to measure a resistance between the hot wire en the place where it's been broken, so I'll try to solder on a new ground wire on the remaining threads. Overall however it's a great guitar. Nice woods, good quality build and top quality hardware: Kahler trem, Kahler Pro top lock, Schaller tuners, EMG pickups. thanks again and I'll try to keep in touch from now on. Still have plenty of projects lyin around! rock on
  6. hey guys! Hope everyone is doing allright! it's been a long, long, long, long time since I've last been here! sorry about that, I was very busy last year with work and building a new add-on to my house. I would like your advice on the following: I recently bought a 30 year old custom built guitar ( by a local luthier, who unfortunately is not alive anymore). This luthier (Heins) was a big influence for me to start customizing and fooling around with guitars ( and ultimately building) and I've always wanted to find a guitar built by him. Now I have, and it's in need of a lot of TLC! The wood ( mahogany as it seems) has been dented a lot below the pickups, probably through oils/sweat and stage-abuse. Also the builders name which has been inscribed in the body has faded a little. The challenge I'm facing is the following: I'd like to get the guitar in an 'as good as new' state and get rid of the dents. This will require sanding and refinishing with tung-oil. I don't want to lose the builders enscribed name however. How would you guys go about this? Happy to hear your thoughts and ideas! all the best, Age
  7. wishing everybody here at ProjectGuitar a great new year with tons of satisfying new builds! It's already been 3 months since I last visited. things have been busy. Nice thing is more people are coming to me for guitar maintenance & repair services. So i've been working on guitars a lot, just not my own ;-) This year will bring some interesting projects for me. I'm awaiting my shipment of acoustics out of Nicaragua which I'll complete and try to sell locally. Also I'm in contact with a local artist to see if I can build him an electric guitar, so that would be my first customer ordered build which is pretty exciting given that so far I've really just built one guitar In stead of posting in multiple threads I'll just combine my stuff in this thread for the year. Will try to get some regular updates. also: I'm preparing a tutorial/demo video of a guitar-staining finish with Keda Dye, which I'll be sharing here ofcourse. all the best! Age
  8. there's no goat material in the beer ;-) I think the name comes from the fact that it's a heavy beer. Have too many and you'll feel like you've been headbumped by a goat or something LOL
  9. October's the time of year in Holland for Bokbier (Goat beer) there are a lot of different types around. Dark, slightly bittersweet beers. real good, but just a couple of them will make your head spin!
  10. on another note: not been around much lately. Sadly my father passed away two weeks ago. Sad to see him go, but it was for the better in the end. he taught me a lot on doing things myself: plumbing, carpenting etc. Wouldn't have dreamed of building a guitar without his help and education. Let alone his tools, still using his router, sander and other equipment!
  11. Any news @Mr Natural? been there a couple times myself as well. Last year it happened. It still sucks, but the cliche is true, where one door closes, others will open. It might give you that needed push to look for a different type of career, maybe get some other education or start your own business. anyway, good luck and hope it turns out good for you.
  12. hope things turn out for the better @mikro being in the medical merry-go-round sucks
  13. hey Mike looks like another version of the Kramer as shown on this page: http://www.richiesamboraguitars.com/kramer/ 3rd one down on the left. maybe a self constructed model? you could ask the website-owner , he'll probably know. Looks like he's pretty big a fan ;-)
  14. flying V made from pallet-wood, like it! once finished I definitely would like to hear some sound-clips! good luck. any idea what you'll use to make the neck?
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