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  1. In the end I ordered some blank pickguard material from Thomann in Germany. Large piece for acceptable cost, allthough still on the expensive side given it's just some plastic... However, I've made the cavity covers and installed them, so now ready for fotoshooting. As my wife is a photographer and I gave her some nice backdrops to shoot against for mothers day it's a nice opportunity to try those out with my guitar! Hoping to get those done over the weekend. As I'll be building another model identical to this one, i've noted my lessons learned for the next one. There were a couple of first times for me in this build, so I did learn a lot! - pre-drill jack-output hole before cutting out the body. It will make it easier to get a recessed output hole that is not perpendicular to the body - use more primer to really smooth things out. In this guitar I fixed some holes with filler, but you can still see them in the end result if you look carefully - use an extra can of colour finish and smooth sand in between every couple of layers. - extra attention to finishing of pickup cavities - As basswood is very easy to dent, be more careful in general and add additional layers of clearcoat Next week I'll start on the next one. I'm preparing as much as possible and I'll take another approach to the routing of all the cavities. I'll do the routing on my body blank and then I'll cut it out and rasp/sand it into shape. I'll be timing all the steps I take to see how much time I actually need to build this one.
  2. they did play this song if I recollect correctly, but Amanda was not with him on that occasion. Still a great show though! He did play the same Duesenberg guitar the opener that night was John Moreland. Also a guy to check out. Amazing voice.
  3. Very nicely done! I'm trying to score myself a nice cherry top table for a build Looking great, will follow to see how it ends!
  4. Speechless, this is indeed art in guitarform. really creative!
  5. great album and songs! Went to see Jason Isbell after the previous album, Something more than Free, great artist. Nice craftmanship you're showing here @ScottR
  6. When I was young and living in a small town in Holland it never occured to me that I could actually even buy an electric guitar! After I found out I could, I bought one and regularly visited the guitar shop of Wim Heins in Holland who was also building guitars. I already started tinkering with my guitar early on, changing a SC to a humbucker in my strat, rewiring etc. The ultimate goal for me was to build a guitar from scratch which I wouldn't have thought possible if it weren't for Heins. and about 30 years later it happened: MAGIC!
  7. nice playing man! catchy groove!
  8. I'm glad I'm considering this build as a prototype, lots of imperfections I need to deal with on the next build of this model. Will take some time to write up my lessons learned and share that with you all. In the mean time, I'm finishing up. First time installing a Gotoh/Wilkinson floating trem. Had to route my neck pocket in an angle of about 1,5 degrees to make the bridge line up better to allow for decent action setup and correction. Also had to do some routing in my cavity to be able to tighten the output jack. After these corrections I was able to set it up and intonate correctly. Also installed the electronics and did a test-drive. Playing and sounding good, allthough I think I will have a final look at the neck thickness. next pics will be in the August GOTM submission thread! yay! Now I only need to find me some cheap white plastic to use as cavity cover and to make a trussrod cover......
  9. Trying to get this done for the July gotm entry but am faced with a small setback, apparently I used the wrong routing template for my neck pickup Will try to route without damaging the finish tomorrow
  10. Again all high quality builds this month! Well done everyone. Hard to choose, but in the end someone got my vote! If you know my favourite wood then you probably know which one I voted for These are such different instruments and builds, but all of them very impressive, hats off!
  11. Had some unexpected available time yesterday, nice to make some more progress. Last friday I clearcoated the body after wetsanding with 400grit. I'll let it cure for a week before I wetsand the clearcoat in stages starting with 400grt up to 8000. A while back I ordered some headstock decals from Rothko&Frost, real good quality stuff, the decal-edges are almost invisible. Yesterday installed the frets, beveled, flattened and crowned them, only fret-end-dressing left to do. All that work is much more enoyable playing a nice record on the turntable always love the look of a neck after installing the frets, really make the project come alive!
  12. didn't know that, but makes sense! will keep that in mind on the next finishing job!
  13. Finally got myself a dremel workstation for my Dremel. Had a go with it installing the fretmarkers. (advice: don't drop a 3mm abalone fretmarker on a not so recently vacuumed carpet ) also used some 400grit paper to wetsand the body. It's improved a lot. Still have some spots I'm not happy with, but don't want to sand through the coat, so it will have to do as I have no spare can of this colour. today clearcoating and then I'll let it rest for a week. Next week fret-installation and making a trussrod cover / cavity covers! Dremel fretboard markers sanded body
  14. nice build! love the back of the headstock, cool design. Looking good!
  15. Thanks guys, Got me some nice new sheets of sanding paper so will try to get it smooooooth
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