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  1. Im voting for Scott Frenches guitar, very clean looking with those not so usual features, and videos are always a crowd pleaser so I was won over. That bass grew on me also, very very original
  2. Wow this is was a tough month but that bass just kills me. Gorgeous spalt and just a flawless job. I also loved Setchs long awaited Les paul. Godins was awesome too. the tele had a color and clear on it and the leviathans colors were nice
  3. I say no doubt the doubleneck. I always loved double necks but this one just kills. That finish and just set up is perfect. Also the headstock is amazing. Great job erikbojerik. Also, great entries by all you guys. the bass is pretty sweet. The SG is nice but not orginal to grab me. Looks like a Gibson SG that just came from gibsons factory (which is a really good thing) cept that we've all seen them. Great job though
  4. I couldnt wait to see this thing done and luckily I checked at the right time. Link Great job myka, this tutorials gonna help me on the project im working on. Best of luck to you
  5. whoaaa. Small yet veryyy educational. Also it makes a great picture tutorial if you're not in the mood to read. Looks great. When you're done sanding and that things ready, itll be flawless. Love that style of les paul, would take it over gibsons anyday. Great job, just makes me wanna use my quilted maple to be able to take a shot at that
  6. Heres a link, it was off of the project guitar supply section Here the link Here ya go
  7. huh? lol it voted for me, i was trying to vote for rhoads' guitar but it said 'you already voted" these things are rigged like florida machines
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