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Entry for August 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!

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  1. Props to Hooglebug, who had a really classy guitar, and Jaden who had a sweet guitar. But my vote went to the chambered nylon string. The world needs more of these and this one looks pretty cool. The execution is not flawless, but I like the overall vibe. Oh and, Avengers, that scarf joint accent looks familiar huh?
  2. +1 I also despise bending wood binding around a tight cutaway. Never fun. Other than that it's a fun all the way.
  3. Dave got my vote. Very classy, and his first build at that!
  4. BigD for me. That mahogany back is amazing (not to mention the top). The only thing I would do different is swap out the cheesy knobs and put a logo on the headstock. It looks pretty bare with no logo.
  5. Alright alright I'll throw in my .02 But the last time I did everyone got mad and thought I was trying to make my builds look good by not commenting on them while critiquing other builds.... ScottyD: Very nice piece of maple. I really like the use of the wood pickup covers. I'm not too sold on the body shape and the fact that it's headless, but that's just my personal preference. Obviously great craftsmanship. Good job. Avengers63: I like how you did a unique carve making it very rounded like that. It looks comfortable to play, but I'm not so sure about the looks. It's almost too bubbly for my taste. Also the black grainfill over natural ash just doesn't work for me on this one. I think it should have been either a color, or strait up natural. SA Auditorium: Jaden: I like the multilam neck and the clean look of the pickups without rings. Overall it looks like something you would want to pickup and take to every gig. Nice indeed. Simo: Very nice piece of quilt (obviously). I really like the black hardware on the natural finish, very classy. The only thing I don't like is the limba back and maple neck look too plain compared to the front of it. I would have liked to see more exotic wood used for the back as well as the top. Obviously great craftsmanship all around. Low End Fuzz: Very unique. But I think there is just too much going on, especially on the back of the neck. It just looks jumbled where it could look really cool if maybe you did just a bit less. Metz Guitar Pain: Pretty cool looking body shape. It's got loads of character, but it's just not for me. The color is a turn off for me as well, but I guess some would like it. Nova Neck Through: RFR: Very rustic looking. I think if you had distressed hardware it would complete the look. A few years of playing from now I can see this guitar looking really cool after it has a few battle scars. Good job to all entrys, lots of nice guitars this month. It's great to see the skill level of everyone on the forum always going up. There was that nice enough?
  6. Nova neck through Mahogany/Maple neck through Mahogany wings flame maple binding on everything Ebony fingerboard/headstock overlay Seymour Duncan Vintage P-90 pickups (love them) Matching mahogany control cover Satin finish without grainfilling so you can still feel the grain Link to more pictures.
  7. SA Auditorium acoustic Crown of thorns rosette inlay Black limba back/sides Cedar top Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup system Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood binding with purfling (on headstock as well) "Broken glass" fingerboard inlay (Abalone material used) Semi gloss finish Click Here for in progress pictures.
  8. uhhhhh not really. Saying what I said has nothing to do with the build quality of the guitars entered, which as I said, is great. It just means that none of them were quite up my ally.
  9. This was the first month in a long time where I didn't really like any guitar. They were all great of course, as always, but none really tickled my fancy like they usually do. I voted for Kenny. His seems like one I'd like to play.
  10. Come on psw, your losing your reputation as having long posts. You obviously need to step it up a notch and include 50,000 characters or more. I want a 20 page essay on my desk in the morning explaining yourself. :D
  11. The quilt maple Nova Specs: back: wenge top: quilt maple neck: birdseye maple fingerboard: ebony pickups: EMG 81/60 strap locks: dunlop blue semi gloss finish Link to album with more photos.
  12. There will be one in next months GOTM that I've been keeping under wraps that will blow everyone away. Just wait and see.
  13. Thanks for all the votes guys! I sure do love that acoustic. It sounds so great in real life, I wish you all you play it. I know everyone might not like the finish on the nova, but hey if you never try something new you'll never improve right? It is a great playing guitar though, it's actually become my favorite gig guitar and I play it all the time.
  14. I call it the SA Auditorium. This ones my acoustic. Black limba back/sides Sitka spruce top rosewood fingerboard/binding/bridge schaller tuners fishman matrix electronics "player" sound hole on the upper bout nice and light at 4.4 pounds It already sounds amazing and I just put strings on it a few days ago. The extra sound hole on the upper bout not only makes it sound good for the player, but it gives it a very 3D sound in front of the guitar too. If I cover it up it sounds much more muffled and sterile, but when you uncover the hole it has a really great 3D sound, almost like there is a chorus on it. It also has really good bass response. I was expecting a much brighter sound, but it sounds really balanced and is extremely loud with good bass response. It's louder and has more bass than my brothers takemine dreadnought, and of course has better more clear highs and strong mids. Link to more pictures.
  15. Nova model double cut Swamp ash body Maple neck Schaller tuners Seymour Duncan full shred pickups blue high gloss clear reliced finish (our first relic job, it's very minor tasteful wear) 24 fret ebony board strap locks Link to the rest of the album.
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