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  1. I guess it's about time this finally entered the GOTM, but its finally completed, so here it goes: First off, though I designed this top to bottom I gotta give credit to luthier Vadim Pashin and the rest of the Shamray staff for the work that went into this. The binding was a real pain but hey, it got done. Name: "Sentinel V" on here and through the design process / officially "CS#1986 Babiak Custom" Construction Method: Neck-thru Neck: Maple (hard rock maple) Neck features: Standard 3-piece (with slightly angled headstock) Fretboard: Ebony, compound radius Frets: 24 – Sintoms "6100" (medium tall, AKA "Jumbo") Nut: Derlin – 43 mm Fret markers: Split parallelograms - half in white pearl, half in black pearl Fretboard binding: Single layer fretboard, 7 layer headstock Body wood: Mahogany Body binding: 7-layer Scale Length: 25.5 inches Strings: Ernie Ball Hybrid-Slinky Machine heads: Sperzel locking (black) Bridge: Kahler Pickup: Bill Lawrence L-500XL (zebra) Electronics: Switchcraft mono jack, 1 volume, thats it! http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/Mat_...home/?start=all
  2. ugh well, in the words of the kid "for $95 its still worth it for a practice amp"
  3. yeah....regardless, the guy bought it *counts cash*
  4. paperclick didnt work, tiny screwdriver didnt work....damn thing wont bend back....grrr and i think i got the hand of avoiding deathl stayed away from powersource w/ the screwdriver and didnt touch any caps or anything, its all screwed back together. the input jack is enclosed and i cant get it from the back...
  5. well opening it up gave me no access to the jack, it seems to be enclosed so i'm gonna try sticking a paperclip in there and bend it back and rhoads, hey, i gotta start somewhere
  6. Okay so I just agreed to sell my peavey bass combo to some kid for $100, but I have a problem, i'm getting a hiss from the thing unless i jiggle the input jack!! the back says its dangerous to open, is this true? i think i just need to get in there and make sure the thing is connecting to the patch cable when it plugs in. i can see the jack connector in the hole and when its in normally its just not touching it at all times and this is causing the hiss. is it safe to operate??
  7. i have a dimarzio PAF on my beater ibanez i never use neck pickups, but in this case, its 1000x better than the stock bridge pup on the ibanez
  8. anyone know where i can find one or if theres on on the pay part of this site?
  9. i voted for the WOMD, but mattia's is a close second. extremely close.
  10. i have a CAD template of a Dean Razorback i made how do i submit it to the site for everyone to use?
  11. doug's without a doubt seeing his new custom just gives me even more excitement before he starts on my V i am just overfilled with joy, the guitars this guy makes are pure gold
  12. exactly. its just retarded. why give a CAD file of a 25" neck if its not even scaled to 25"?? and thanks for the formula. ill try to use it to correct my current drawings (the bridge is kinda randomly set)
  13. nevermind, found the CAD file dude, are these measurements correct? im looking at the file and the fretboard is something 142" long! or maybe my settings are just off eitehr way, i hope they arent. cuz i had to rescale my entire guitar im designing to the measurements of the RRV file (cuz i thought i was wrong the whole time) and now im crossing my fingers i dont have to un-do it all edit: yeah, just checked, the RRV's neck is 471.5" long yikes then again, all the ones on the site are like this....what gives? edit: oh, i dont know whats going on....damn CAD edit: oh my god my guitars 7 feet tall.... edit: nvm, its 85 feet 5 inches tall...
  14. this is gonna be a lot of paper...lol
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