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  1. Before this thread is shut down, I wanted to take this opportunity to praise my fellow GOTM builders for creating some beautiful guitars, and to thank everyone for voting in this month’s GOTM. I really appreciate your kind words and constructive criticism with regard to my GOTM entry…regardless of the outcome. Building guitars is mostly just a hobby for me (albeit a very serious one), so my satisfaction is measured by the fun I have doing it, and the reactions I get from those who see and play my guitars. The praise I’ve received from my fellow members here means a great deal to me, and is what keeps me going and striving to better my craft. Thanks again! Frank Pine
  2. I did, but again we're confusing the 1/2 scale Less Tall with the Octave Guitar (which is the guitar in this GOTM competition). I built a replica 1/2 scale Lifton case for the Less Tall, and for the Octave Guitar, I used a modified tenor ukulele case, which turned out to be a perfect fit. Here's a link to that 1/2 scale Lifton case I believe you're referring to: http://images.lilypix.com/displayimage.php...&fullsize=1
  3. I'd like to thank everyone so much for their votes and their kind words. And considering the top notch guitars in the field, I'm honored to have received as many votes as I have. But I want to clarify something. It seems that some people are confusing my entry (the fully playable octave guitar), with my non-entry (my 1/2 scale Less Tall non-playable model). The octave guitar is a fully functional, playable guitar with a 14.7" scale length, very similar to that of a mandolin or tenor ukulele. Not only is it playable, but it will play a major role in the CD that Matte Henderson is currently working on. Here is a quick clip of Matte playing this octave guitar: http://www.mattemusic.com/smith8valester.aif I hope that helps clear up any confusion! Thanks again for everything! Frank
  4. I posted this over in the "In Progress and Finished Work" section as well, so please forgive me if this is old news to you. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a guitar collector (Les Pauls), an infrequent guitar player, and now a part-time guitar builder. Until late last year, I was building half scale replicas of Les Pauls (called "Less Talls"), primarily for art/display purposes. The latest chapter in the Less Tall saga began this past November. I was debating what project I wanted to take on next, and was thinking I'd like to make something bigger and fully functional/playable this time, but still not full-size. Then, out of the blue, I was contacted by Matte Henderson, an accomplished guitarist and session musician who, as luck would have it, lives just 20 minutes from me. He had heard of my work, and was looking for someone to build him a Les Paul style octave guitar, for use on-stage, and in the studio. The timing was perfect, and so was the project. Thus was born the Less Tall Octave guitar. In two months time, I went from concept, to (almost) playable guitar. I say almost, because I was still waiting for some (Pigtail) hardware, plus the pickup. Otherwise, the construction was completed on the prototype except for the MOP headstock logo, which I was still waiting to receive from my vendor. Several months have passed since I completed that first prototype, and I just recently completed two more octave guitars. These guitars all feature a Honduran mahogany back and neck (long tenon, of course), figured maple cap and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard (with vintage style inlays). And, for those of you who may not be familiar with what an octave guitar is, it's a smallish guitar with a short fret scale (in my case approx. 14.5 inches) and a normal width fingerboard, that's tuned one full octave higher than a normal guitar. Well, I finally delivered the guitar shown below to Matte last week, and since receiving the guitar, Matte has commented on this guitar in a couple of other forums. Here's one of his posts: "this guitar is unbelievable! nashville high string to true violin tone shred. frank pine is a genius! 14.5" scale length. astounding attention to the most minute detail. i've been after this guitar for nearly 28 years. frank nailed it. brazilian board, correct inlay materials, effortless playability." Below are some pics of the guitar I built for Matte, which I delivered to him last week (clips to follow soon). And, if you're interested in seeing and reading more about this guitar, check out my original thread here: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=37047 I hope you like the guitar! Frank For those interested, here's a clip of Matte Henderson playing the above octave guitar through a Smith Custom Amplifiers 25 Watt head: http://www.mattemusic.com/smith8valester.aif It's very cool to hear this little thing in the hands of a professional (please don't try this at home)! p.s. If you absolutely have to have a name for this little guy, I guess "Mini-Me" is as good as any.
  5. Hi, I loved your guitars. I´m an avid fan of the Les Paul, although what my first build will be is far from it. Well, at least if I ever start. I just wanted to compliment you and ask: do you find it harder dealing with what it entails making a samller guitar versus making a full size one? Thanks!

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