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  1. Do you think that just 2 pieces will do it, i only wanna cover the front? By the way, thanks a bunch you guys jsut made my Dream guitar come to life. I'll post some pics when get it done, it's gonna be sweet, jsut you wait, i'm thinking of putting a picture of Zakk on the back what do you think? By the way you guys freaking rock
  2. I'm doing my final project for my english class, i saw the holoflash finish that zakk wylde has on his buzzsaw les paul. I was wondering wear i could get the holoflash material to do it like they do on project guitar, brian calvert. Please help, i need it desperately any help would save my life, i love my lespaul that i've built so far, it's great but i think that flashy finish would make it my dream machine please help me
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