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  1. Everything is in excellent condition.
  2. Wow, five pages of replies and note one person mentions Steve Vai?! I'm not his biggest fan, but that guy has pretty much mastered the electric guitar and has technique for days compared to most of his peers. And for sheer ability, I'd say Guthrie Govan. He can sound like any famous guitarist to ever walk the earth, and do it well, as well as having his own unique compositions and style.
  3. If my prices are way off, I will consider any and all cash offers, as long as they're not insulting. All prices shipped in the US. Shipping to Canada/International will be more. Add 3% for Paypal or send money as gift option. Pickups All pickups are black unless otherwise noted. 1 x Bare Knuckles Nailbomb cream with box - $105 1 x Tone Zone 7 string - $50 1 x Seymour Duncan JB Jr, Duckbucker, and Lil 59 single coil-sized humbucker Everything Axe set - $125 1 x Seymour Duncan Custom Shop JB in pink - $50 1 x Seymour Duncan Invader - $45 1 x Seymour Duncan Jazz - $45 1 x DiMarzio Evolution bridge F spaced in black - $40 1 x DiMarzio Evolution bridge F spaced, dark purple - $40 1 x DiMarzio Super Distorotion - $45 1 x DiMarzio DSonic in zebra - $50 Active EMG's come with pickup and quick connect cable (unless noted as not Quick Connect). If you need a control set, I have a limited number of pre-wired pots for these featuring 1 volume and one tone, and will include them on a first come, first served basis if you ask. 1 x EMG 60 quick connect - $50 1 x EMG 81 quick connect - $50 each 2 x EMG 85 quick connect - $50 each 2 x EMG 58 (EMG's first pickup, and based on P90's) not quick connect - $75 for the set. 1 x EMG 81 quick connect in white - $55 1 x EMG SA quick connect in white, new with all control hardware sealed - $50 1 x EMG S set, pre-wired, installed on white 3-ply MIM Strat pickguard - $150 Pedals Boss GE-7. Missing 3-4 of the plastic caps from slider tips, but otherwise perfect - $45 Boss Metal Zone. You want this. You need this. It'll teach you about the Br00tz&theBeaz!!! Comes with box and papers - $40 BBE Boosta Grande. Old style graphics, white with blue. Includes box and I think papers. - $45 BBE Green Screamer. Old style graphics. White with green. Includes box with papers and low, low use (less than 2 hours) - $45 ISP Decimator ProRackG - Channel 2 isn't working properly. ISP said it'd be a small charge to fix, but I've sold all my rack gear and just want it gone. $175 obo. SKB cases - DFW local-only, as I'm not shipping these. One 10 space roto rack and three ATA racks, one 6 space, one 4 space, and one 2 space. 2 space has Guitar Center 32nd or 33rd Anniversary logo on front cover.
  4. Yeah! Something about it just makes me happy.
  5. Awesome! I thought the name Jaden sounded familiar, and I immediately recognized you from the Chappers video! Man, I should visit more often. I love the look of your builds and I appreciate the videos.
  6. So where in the hell have you been? I assume all is well with you and family? YOU need to stop in for a beer. Mike P.S. Your PM box is frigging Full. I'll get that fixed ASAP. 2010 tried to kill me, but I'm still here. I'll give you a call and fill you in on the details. GBT
  7. Looking dang good Mike! I see your workshop is moving up in the world.
  8. Sorry to hear about your back Doug. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  9. A fellow Stryper fan here. Man, I love what you've down with the body design, carve, and especially the distressed/glow-in-the-dark neck. Brilliant work.
  10. Mike is an amazingly awesome, five star guy!

  11. Erik's is beautiful in appearance and obviously well made, but I voted for Daniels acoustic. It just does something for me that I can't put into words, and I've never voted for an acoustic for GOTM before.
  12. Well, you do have to ground the battery circuit, otherwise they don't work. I always ground the shielding on the quick connect wires, but I bought an RG760 a while back that came with EMG's pre-installed, and they don't have anything grounded except the battery circuit, and it sounds fine. Needs a new 5-way though.
  13. OK, a week late, but here are the pics. Here's the tutorial, in Lovekraft's own words. NOTE: This tutorial assumes a familiarity with basic soldering practice, component identification and orientation, and electronics construction technique - furthermore, no warranty, explicit or implied, is given regarding the suitability of this project for any given purpose, nor does the poster accept any responsibility for any damages pursuant to the assembly or use of this circuit. Proceed at your own risk. OK, having gotten that out of the way, here's a relatively simple, inexpensive buffer circuit suitable for using to mix passive pickups with EMG active pickups, or buffering piezo pickups to mix with magnetics. Frequency response is pretty much flat, and noise is fairly comparable to passive pickups if built correctly. The circuit will easily drive a load of 10K or lower, so even long cable runs shouldn't be an issue. Here is the schematic: The following are also available for download: 1. A Vero board layout 2. A Bill of Materials (including Mouser part numbers) Part QTY Mouser # C1 1 581-BF014D0224J C2 1 581-BF074D0684J R1,R2 2 660-MF1/4DC1004F R3,R4 2 660-MF1/4DC1002F Q1 1 512-2N5457 Q2 1 512-2N5087TA misc vero board, solder, hookup wire, etc. 3. A construction diagram Finally, here's a photo of an earlier build of this circuit, thrown together hastily with "found" components a while back for "proof-of-concept" - the newer layout posted above is both smaller and cleaner, but at least this will give you a rough idea of the size (that's a US nickle in the pic, for scale).
  14. Here's the link to Lovekraft's buffer: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...mp;#entry257121 I just realized that his webpage is gone. I'll post the images to that thread tonight.
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