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  1. I had to decide between two Ormsbys, and I chose 6 string version. For the "other entries" section, that violin is outstanding! Ihaven't checked out the link from that post, but if it is built from schratch - excellent work! I don't know if it is your camera, but the pics are kinda blurry... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  2. Les Paul Custom gets my vote cause of the wood choice (especially neck wood - rosewood all the way), excellent finish and refined design. Perry's excellent (obviously) and well designed too and FLAWLESSLY executed. Great paintjob. Details are incredible... In fact, all entries are great, but I had to pick one. mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  3. This month's compettion is excellent. The bass is .... great. The JS6 looks really powerful. But, the FatBoy... like somebody said, it is the details of the guitar itself that reserved my vote. Simply BEAUTIFUL. I'm not a fan of the whole rockabilly thing going on, but this guitar astonishes me. I think that this is the most proffesionaly executed guitar that I have seen on this forum (exeptions are DaveQ, Myka, LGM and a couple of other members - I can't recollect usernames now, sorry. They did pretty awsome guitars in the previous competitions.). Anyway, this is it. My vote goes to Hitone's FatBoy. mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  4. Nice guitar, man. Body has beautiful texture. Can you squeeze your fingers past 24th fret? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  5. Myka's guitar is very beautiful. Scott's... well, it looks more playable, if you know what I mean + it is strat-shaped and it has Floyd Rose. Man, you've got my vote! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  6. Any pics or link, please? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  7. JFC's looks unique! Good job, man! BTW, Brian, whazzup with avatars w/chicks? It seems to be "in" now!!! I like Wes' badge! METAL MOD!!!!!!!!!! lol mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  8. What's that written stuff on the back of the headstock, man? What does it say? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  9. What's that written stuff on the back of the headstock, man? What does it say? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  10. Wicked strat, tsl!!!! Is it OFR, or Lo-TRS on it? The pic is kinda blurry!!!
  11. Nice neck wood! How much was it? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
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