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  1. Fabulous, I can't wait to try it! And thanks for the links to this tutorial and the sound clips. Do you have a link to whatever preamp circuit you're currently recommending? I think I saw you mention that the Felzer/Ruby preamp wasn't effective for the harmonic mode, what's working best? Or is it jsut any old preamp? thanks, Paul
  2. OK, what you have to realize is that on a push-pull pot, the switch and the pot are uncinnected. aside from the fact that the shaft controls both of them, it's otherwise like having a seperate switch and pot. ok, on your drawing you connected all the pup leads to the switch. so it's not connected to anything. here's a diagram of how to wire a switch for coil tap (and also phase reverse, good options for push-pulls). It's the same diagram for normal switches. jsut wire the switches as switches, and wire the pots like normal pots for the type of guitar you have. hope this helps make it clear. shout if you need more help.
  3. love the bound tele with a bigsby... but Godin gets extra bonus points for the original shape.
  4. i have to speak up for the bocaster. i think it's a truly original design, and a dang good one. twenty years from now it'll look just as modern-or timeless- as it does now. some very stiff competition, some really nice guitars, some really beautiful finish work. but for me the bocaster has to take it for sheer good design. Cheers, Paul
  5. And speaking of scrounging good wood, check your local Kubota tractor dealership. Amazingly, many pallets are made of very nice mahogany that is often yours for the asking, or for a six-pack.
  6. I'll drill anything, install anything. Any guitar this thing goes in is a total hotrod, no pretending to be a 57 tele or anything. I'd suggest looking at switched pots, you know, like a radio volume knob with an off switch. Not sure the value you need for gain, i think generic radio volumes are what, 10k? That would combine two of the most important controls together. In that case I'd suggest using pull-switch DPDT's for the harmonic mode and drive modes. I like having seperate switches rather than a rotary of combinations- who can remember them? On a three- knob strat a nice way to install it would be to convert to master volume and tone, and make the third knob the off/gain knob. Swap the other two pots for pull-switch pots and you have a completely stock-looking knob arrangement. So forgive me for being to the point, but do you have any idea when you might make these available? wild guess? (this year?) I'm really dying of suspense here. sorry if you're sick of hearing the question...
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