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  1. Martin, taylor and others are using sapele on some model... i'va also heard that Steinway & sons use sapele for their pianos...
  2. hare in Italy it was 3:15 AM
  3. i absolutely agree... I've said honduras but I mean swietenia... here in italy sapele (sapelli) is common called sapele mahogany or african mahogany... same thing appens with sipo and other "similar to mahogany" african woods... the known truth is that every african mahogany isn't real mahogany (the "holy" swietenia) but all (swietenia,sipo, sapelli, khaya etc) are from the big Meliaceae family... that said why the bigs can call mahogany the khaya but absolutely not mahogany the sapelli? that's discrimination! or fu**ing marketing... ok, just late night thougs
  4. if i'm right prs (of wich I'm big fan) always talk about honduras mahogany, never heard of african mahogany... isn't it a little obmission?
  5. It looks sapele to me, what do you think? http://www.prsguitars.com/dgtstandard/ this after reading some post on the "sapele vs maogany" debate on some forums...
  6. well, if it isn't copyrighted...
  7. great! I'd like to see that plan
  8. nice idea but il looks totally unreliable... and $40 is a steal! maybe rotary switch isn't too cool but they're 1000 times better IMHO
  9. well, let's go further (i wrote all this details in the gotm post but a pic worts 1000 worlds), other little details not posted on the gotm because of the limits in pics...
  10. You have to look at it upside down obviously not so much people knows the flag of my little island I friend of mine asked this particular work... ps. green flakes rules!
  11. the end results with good pads and compound is good, but still not perfect, the guitar is the one in the GOTM for feb... as soon as I can, i think i'll try to buid a buffing station from scratch.. i already have the motor and a friend who can do the needed metal working
  12. Here's my first at GOTM. Mission: take the flag of Sardinia(a little paradise in the middle of mediterranean sea), a nuraghe (an ancient sardinian stone building), a pintadera (ancient die for bread decoration) and the Sardinia itself, and buil a guitar with all this elements... Name: moro (one of those moor heads on the flag that becomes the body) sapelli mahogany body laminated maple and ovangkol neck and fretboard PRS Dragon II pu Gotoh Bridge Schaller tuners stylized pintaderas and nuraghes as inlays (laser engraved) MOP Sardinia as headstock inlay and the fretfoard right out of the laser engraver
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