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  1. Not a modelling amp (as such), but once I sell my Vox AD15VT, I'm going to be getting one of these: http://www.giggear.co.uk/p/Vox-AmPlug-Cabinet/ Cheap and small. I'm on a budget at the minute (bloddy kids), but the main issue for me is space. My house is just too goddamn small for a propper amp to fit in.
  2. I have a Vox Valvetronix and I really like it. Some of the models don't sound exactly like the real thing, but if you gave me Hendrix's guitar, map and pedalboard, I still wouldn't sound like him, so it's close enough for me. Never had an issue with it (no valve seating issues), other than the fact that my bro nicked my 30 Watt version and replaced it with his 15 Watt one. I've ran out of space in my house so I'm going to sell the 15 Watt one and buy a very small amp that can fit on my bookcase instead. I'll upgrade again once I get a bigger house. All in all, I'm very happy with the amp......... but take that with a pinch of salt as I really am terrible on a guitar.
  3. That's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
  4. It's the "Sod it, I'll do it myself gene"
  5. Looks good Mike. I've got the world ugliest firplace here, but the house is rented so there's not much I can do. Still waiting on a mortgage for the new house we've (sort of) bought, so I have to take up the laminate in that and lay a propper wooden floor. Going to have to cut an inch out of the concrete floor though so it can fit in and the door can open (it needs to be leveled anyway)...... then I need to redo the kitchen and turn the garage into a workshop/office/brewery. Mike/Jon - I can't wait to join the renovation club, although to be honest, my new place wont need that much work.
  6. You must live in a really rough area if even the coasters need to be bulletproof
  7. I'm on picture frame duty soon. Got to go to the wood yard with wifey so that she can have a look at the wood and choose. Bought a picture that's between A1 and A0 size.......... a word of advise, if you're ever looking at buying a picture that you can't really afford, don't go to the pub to give you a bit of thinking time, you'll end up buying it
  8. This has to be the longest thread in internet histroy
  9. In that case, find yourself a local cabinet maker and befriend him. There's a thread somewhere about how many doughnuts and biscuits you should take If you go and see the cabinet maker with your project and get them enthusiastic about it, they'll help you out.
  10. Leave the guitars and catch up on the school work
  11. My name is Kaj (although it's pronounced Ki - Kai - Kye however you choose really). I'm a hobbiest and have hundreds of half finished projects. I'm married to Caroline, who shares/makes my happy little life along with our cat, Dweezil. We live in the countryside in the Midlands, UK (just far enough from Leicester) where there are plenty of things for the cat to hunt. I used to have time for guitar fiddling, but of late it's all been a bit hectic so haven't really done anything for a while. I have a half built Les Paul Double Cut which I was working on until some hidden dodgy wood stopped the progress on that. I have a half finished SG with a reshaped neck that is currently waiting for me to get the resin for the carbon fibre which I will be covering the neck and front of the body with. I have a hollowed out strat copy which I did when drunk and some other bits and pieces. I have a Ibanez lawsuit firebird which needs me to make mini HB's and spend £120 on some banjo tuners. I also have a Patrick Eggle which has needed polishing and the hardware added for about a year too long now........nobody gets me the bits that I ask for for my birthday I'm a Mechanical Engineer so I normally stick my 2 cents worth (2 pence actually - being from England) in conversations which are about the technical aspects rather than in threads about finishing and the such like (there are much better people to do that). You'll normally hear me sayng "That's a spring/mass/damper model that is" and other over complicated crap like that to make myself sound more intelligent that I am I've decided that the way forward is definately for me to get steel templates laser cut using AutoCAD drawings which I can generate, rip off or alter accordingly. I've definately grown out of jumping in feet first and will plan it all accordingly next time I make something. I'm going to be building a new LP Double Cut and a tele when I get my act together. I have built a pickup winder, but as yet, no pickups. I promise to be less bone idle, not to play with power tools drunk and plan work properly before getting drunk and breaking out the power tools (err, no, I wasn't going to do that was I). Future projects that need to be done soon include the highly ambitious: Project Shelves and Project Desk as I'm having to convert the spare bedroom previously used as my shed to my office - bugger. You will soon find me in the garden shed with the spiders or getting cold in the back garden with a can of Stella and a router.......bugger, I said I wouldn't do that.
  12. Well, I'm waiting for a new contract from a new employer and then I'll be rich Well certainly not rich, but will have more money. So maybe after Christmas, it's time to get started again. I've been giving serious thought to building a tele and as I have a couple of bobbins at home, it would probably be foolish not to build some. Need to build some mini HB's too for my firebird. Then all I need is something with P90's and I'll be all set (except that I still can't play the sodding things)
  13. Yup - Got the winder, got the magnets but never picked up the wire. I think there are more there than I could use anyway.
  14. I've got a load of fender style pole pieces at home (exact match as far as I know) - got WAY too many than I could possibly use, so make me an offer/trade.
  15. I glued some wood in some pup cavities last night and I used epoxy. Wished I hadn't when I was putting stuff away and found a big tube of wood glue
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