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  1. i will this month add to contest Jazzmaster replica buit by my father. All plastic and hardware from universaljems.com, homemade alder body, ice blue metallic finish (as my father said ...actually in person it is more bright ), sounds great IMO. Rest of pics HERE (edited link)
  2. i accidentally pressed Null vote or something . Rhoads56 is my personal favorite Also my father was like when he saw it (he is more vintage guy and he already finished his Jazzmaster project...pics soon)
  3. No. 1 Specs: 2 piece Slovenian walnut body :-) with 4 piece flamed maple top...all oiled, binding is natural Body shape inspired by PRS™ Kinda "flamed" maple neck with beatifull bright rosewod fretboard (22 frets, jumbo medium frets), MOP dot inlays (a little bigger than usual) Unique shape of headstock (my design :-) ) gold hardware, Bridge-SD Jeff Beck humbucker, Neck-DiMarzio PAF Ebony acoustic bridge (strings through body)...inspired by Carvin AE185 (I'm frequently on Carvin BBS...Brian you know why =0) ) Standard wiring (like PRS) without one exception...tone knob is not tone knob but kinda humbucker splitter and everything in between (i dont use tone knob at all and I feel more confortable without push-puls Gotoh tuners No.2: body:3piece honduras mahogany with 2piece flamed maple top, natural binding one piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 21frets Floyd Rose original (from old US Hamer) Pickups: Bridge: SDuncan JB, middle: alnico II, neck: from LesPaul from 68' Unfortunately both sold
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