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  1. This month was terrible. So many beautifull entries I love the doubleneck strat but I went for the bass of Phil. I just think it's beautifull and I really like the fact that even the pickup is handmade Gerard
  2. I just had to vote for the V I love that laminated neck, actually I love the whole guitar! Greetz Gerard
  3. I hope TSL will enter his great "Strat" again. It has everything to be on the front page of Project Guitar. Natural colour Don't need a case Doesn't detune Nice 'bark-binding' on body and neck
  4. The idea of TSL's 'Strat' on the homepage is nice Love to see it!
  5. Voted for 'The Vee' by Westheman Also like the guitar by Jehle It's hard to make a choice
  6. By the way, The little dark wood just in the middle between the pickup's is that where the wire's run? I've made me a special tool to make such a channel. I've bended an old screwdriver wich was made from normal steel (in other words: a cheap, very cheap, screwdriver) in an angle of 90 degrees. Grinded a kind of drill head on it and made the hole. It took one hour and a half but I think it was worth it. You just push the head in, turn a little and pull it back out. That way you can make a small hole.
  7. Yes, that's what I mean. Love that guitar Too bad my explorer got only 3 vote's though Greets
  8. Hey Wes, Just enter your V. You have my vote cause I love it. besides there's nothing in the rules that say's you can't enter if it has been on the forum Greets Gerard
  9. Hi LGM, Very much appreciated, a lot to read, I like that. Greets
  10. Hi, In Holland (The Netherlands) we have: http://www.voxhumana.nl They suplly: Guitar kits Hardware Paint Pickguards Specialties Tools Woods On there home page you can choose the language They ship worldwide It is a firm that looks like stew mac Hope this scores some points Gerard
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