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  1. sounds as if you have them wired wrong! make sure the wiring is right in terms of pickup lead colours. looks like it could be easy to mix them up. but be aware that with the outer coil wiring not all positions (only the middle position if wired right!) will be humcancelling. so with the outer coil selected and the blend pot to one side you will get hum, this is totally normal. its only when the switch is set to humbucking you shouldn't. S
  2. Evil person... evil... making a WHOLE guitar out of my favourite wood? Damn you. (in a nice way... oh and the wood is cocobolo...) S
  3. Martin Koch's building electric guitar book. S
  4. Google images is all you need. And the EBMM webshite has the dimensions on it. Voila. There is also a schematic in the donated members section.
  5. The LP wins here for me. Might not be the most original but hey. Rosewood necked LP is a wicked idea. All very good this month! Just out of interest, is it my monitor weird or does perry's neck look a bit wonky on thetop picture (look at it sideways!) hummm nay mind.
  6. Toddler's through neck totally! Although it could do with a neck pickup, the build looks excellent. All the guitars are excellent, but this one has a bit more about it. Plus the top is amazing
  7. Well done on all the guitars this month everyone. I think matt's machine is the winner for me his month. Just a big more original than the rest of the entries. And its a bloody A-level project (don't know if people from america understand what are usually done for these!). Well done matt, keep up the good work (oh and post some sound clips, wanna hear those EMG's roar).
  8. Fair enough! So do i just use a damp cloth on the top of the wood or am i actually soaking it before using the steamy iron?
  9. Just a quick question here, Just wondered, what do people mean by 'wetting' the top before applying steam? are we talking dipping here? or wet rag? and how much water should we be using?! You'll all probably call me thick! but hey. nevermind. Edit: Also looking at tom anderson guitars, everyone has said to stay away from the bookmatched join with the iron, but the anderson guitars bend starts before the join, so how would you achieve this?
  10. That paint tip works a beaut my friend. Thanks for putting them up! (tried them against a CU24 in shop and they are perfect
  11. Sorry, You'll probably call me thick for this question. But how do you print them out? i tried doing the body shapes printing from the windows picture viewer, but they dont seem to match up however i do it. Ta.
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