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  1. Here is the current band im in, together for 3 or 4 years now, gigging regulary http://www.myspace.com/banduntilfurthernotice ~~ TS ~~
  2. With a rig that size, he would only be playing through it for about 5 mins before the pressure causes his lungs to collapse ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  3. CudBucket has got my vote The finish on that im in love with ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  4. I Second that, This guitar is really looking great ! Great work so far dude ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  5. Just for those who are curious, The quote jason was looking for was... ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  6. Congrats LGM on another Pinned thread This thread is so important for any guitar builder since even when stripping down a pre-exsisting guitar, you will be getting the wood dust around and we dont want no PG related deaths do we now ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  7. PTCL Safety Glossary: Sensitizer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Sensitizer is a chemical which may lead to the development of allergic reactions after repeated exposure. ---- Nothing like a bit of google for ya ---- ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  8. LGM This thread IMO should be Pinned Immedietly! Newbies and pros alike should always remember how dangerous it is to work with some woods... Im yet to do any real work with wood but ive already printed that table... Its going to be a valuable resource... Once again GREAT find LGM ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  9. Rhoad's guitar... the Green un'... Its the finish that done it for me! ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  10. That was unfair... ALL the guitars this month are great In the end though im sorry but the Green won my vote... im a sucker for dark green guitars... Dark purple too! ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  11. Hmm ive applied for a username/password the usual... From what ive seen in the screenshots... this software looks very good... i also found another bit of software but cant remeber what it was.... I always found looking at the open source software often brings up some intresting software... ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  12. Showed a friend of mine those pictures... he is truly amazed... also sent him towards your website LGM so dont be suprised if you get an order for custom inlay soon! Truly great work LGM ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  13. I had to vote for the impaler... Not sure what it is but it just looks so good... (could also be the odd death threat coming from the guitar...) Great work Matt... and thats not saying the rest were bad... i think all the guitars this month have been great...hard work deciding but Matts guitar does it for me this time ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  14. PSW... im currently about to go through my GCSE exams (final compulsory school exams) starting tuesday and ending 21st June... as soon as they are out of the way.. ive got till september to do what i want... So that will give me plenty of time to experiment... also give me a chance to finish of a new project for my guitar ive started Good luck PSW great thread here ~~ Slain Angel ~~
  15. I know this post isnt paticually helpful to the topic BUT i really do think this should be pinned Reading through this there is SO much to learn and with so many people contributing there is no reason why this shouldnt be pinned and become usefull for many others... anyone else agree? ~~ Slain Angel ~~ P.s Great topic everyone truly informative... might give it a go soon
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