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  1. Some really magnificent guitars in the lineup, but for me Shad Peters
  2. Its been a long time coming to enter in GOTM Another Les Paul The DWR LP1 Specs: Brazilian Mahogany body and laminated neck Ebony fretboard Lacewood caps Paua trapezoid inlays Bone nut (handmade) Black binding on body, neck and head Finish, gloss nitrocellulose lacquer D'Addario strings Hardware, Gold Gotoh tuneomatic bridge and tailpiece, and tuners Gold pickup surrounds, toggle switch, strap holders and various screws Stewmac jumbo frets Pickups: Neck 8.5k, Bridge 14k. They were made by Mick Brierley here in Oz Electronics: I have the Jimmy Page Mod using 4 push-push pots and a 3 way toggle switch to allow for coil, series/parallel and reverse phase switching Here is the link on this site to various stages of the build dayvo
  3. I have never done a tiger eye stain, but I've always thought you first stain the wood dark brown, then sand back the stain so it's only in the deep spots of the figure, then stain over that with whatever shade of amber you want. This could be way off, but that is how I would try it. Thanks Marcovis This is not the one I remember, but it is of help dayvo
  4. Hey guys Ive searched all over for a thread about tiger eye staining that i was sure was here a while back Can anyone point me in the right direction? Regards dayvo
  5. My vote went to oz tradie Not only a fantastic first build, but also highlights some of our beautiful native timbers By the way Ledz, I not only work for but am a big fan of Holdens (part of the General Motors stable here in Oz) So for me F.O.R.D. stands for - Found On Rubbish Dump
  6. The Rapidshare link dosn't work, try this one
  7. I had what you are looking for, but due to my computer crashing late last year I not only lost that but also a lot of other valuable guitar related information I have bought a lot of the parts required to make it, but i hadn't started it so Im looking for this info also dayvo
  8. Check this out: http://corvette-summer.com/images/58gibsonv.TIF -Seppo- Thanks Seppo Another one to add to the collection dayvo
  9. Hey farlee Try this site clicky Its very informative on amp and cabinet building You'll have to join up (its free) dayvo
  10. Batfink you got my vote An excellent looking guitar and I love the colour dayvo
  11. I love the Tele, but I've had to go for the local lad PTT and his Classical
  12. OK The most likely cause of this effect is that you are holding the spraycan too far away from the spraying surface. Give it another lite sand and remove the chalky appearance, clean up, then try wetting it up a bit more by holding it closer to the spraying surface, but dont be too heavy handed or you will get runs and/or sags. Between coats allow plenty of time for the laquer to tack off ((touch dry) - gently use the back of your fingers to check for this, no unsitely fingerprints ) Practice on a bit of scrap first dayvo
  13. Need more info Does the clearcoat have a cloudy appearance within it or does it have a sandpapery feel and some rubs off when touched? A little more info needed on how the topcoat was applied, by spraycan or gun If by gun what air pressure and thinning ratio? I'm not familiar with the products you mentioned but heres a bit of advice anyway If you live in an area of high humidity, or you painted on a day of extreme high humidity, it could cause a cloudy effect in your finish (moisture trapped within the paint) To relieve this try either heating up the spray area (room) PRIOR to painting or buy some retarder thinners to add to your paint mix prior to coating If its the sandpaper effect try lowering your air pressure and and adjusting your fan width (slightly narrower) and recheck the solvent to clearcoat mix ratio (maybe add a little more solvent, but watch for runs and sags) If done by spraycan warm up spraying area and experiment with your technique a little more Get back to me if you have anything to add dayvo
  14. They are all fantastic, but my vote goes to mattia A very fine looking guitar, mate
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