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  1. Chalk up another vote for Phil... Excellent line-up this month as always, only more so I see no reason to come up with a comment of my own when Skibum has said it all and said it so well (in Phil's thread):
  2. I really like all four entries !!! The fretless V has a wonderful cello vibe going... Shame about the dodgy pic quality that doesn't really let one make an informed decision. Matt's Impaler is a true original, which is no small feat, and the purpleheart is an inspired choice for such an aggressive design... Toddler's neck-through is very well thought out and put together - very attractive, just a bit too glossy for my taste (might have been even more beautiful with matching veneer on headstock). As for the Ormsby... well I'm a sucker for headless guitars, there isn't a classier shape around than the Tele's... and it's pretty much flawless in execution (and it's the only one I've heard, too, which defo counts for something)... So the Gargoyle it is for me this time, with the Impaler a very, very close second... but again... (please go back to top...)
  3. I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Show me where anyone has made a bocaster? Sure it's sorta like bodidly but not really. It's deffintly a unique design. ← Hey GodinSD - sure, maiming a Tele so has to win one *some* points No offense, Idch, your axe looks great (and it IS a Bo Diddley knockoff, not that theres anything wrong with it) and yer next one will be miles better... I love the doubleneck Strat too, not to mention all the other ones - but one only gets 1 vote
  4. Hey guys - 'nother noob here I voted for Phil's bass because as someone else put it, it's the only truly original design in the running (but each and every single contender's oeuvre is mighty impressive and I'll be happy if I ever manage to do half as well ). Looking forward to a long and happy stay on this forum - been lurking for a while and I gotta say - it's one of the best around
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