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  1. I just press them in with a jig I made for my drill press I see no reason to change it since it works perfectly. Hammering in the frets left a lot to be desired.
  2. I've got some thinline plans in pdf I could email you if you could use them. My email is guitarfrazier@ne.rr.com.
  3. I had similar problems when I used to hammer them in now I press them in with a homemade fret press using one of stewart mcdonalds fret pressing cauls. If you have a drill press that is the best and easiest way to go you should be able to make one easily for just the cost of the fret press caul and an old spade bit.
  4. Just pre-ordered a copy this morning should help with my acoustic build.
  5. If this is anything like his electric book it'll be great. I'm going to build an acoustic this summer and already have Cumpiano's and Irving sloane's book but I'll be buying this when it comes out.
  6. Make sure the neck template is in the right place not just that the truss rod is in the center, the adjustment nut now sticks a 1/2" out of the heal. Only about an hour worth of work ruined but so is the wood, I always seem to mess up a neck on every guitar I make.
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