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  1. Wow this a really close vote, I think there should be two winners then, theres no sense in letting someone "lose" by such a small margin.
  2. Just incase anybody is "inspired" by this thread to mod/build an amp.. How to drain Filter Capshttp://studentweb.eku.edu/justin_holton/caps.html Please read that, your life depends on it. That link explains the danger in building amps pretty much, well, one of the hazards anyways.
  3. ahaha, that brings back memories
  4. If you follow the techniques in the book you should do fine, thats the good part of the book. However the book does not cover scarf joints, semi-hollow bodies, guitars with tremelos, inlay and things like this. Also there are some typos throughout the book. It's not ALL terrible but there are better books out there, try and find one thats a more complete resource.
  5. Do you own that book sepultura? I'm curious about what you think of it, I own it and have mixed feelings about it.
  6. Marquetry & Inlay Handbook Zachary Taylor ISBN: 0806926872 (PS, I own Guitarmaking Tradition & Technology, that is by far my favorite book on this subject) EDIT: Here's another one: Manual of Guitar Technology: The History and Technology of Plucked String Instruments Franz Jahnel ISBN: 0933224990
  7. for that guitar i'd reccomend sanding
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