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  1. Didnt you say in thye original post that the pickups were dimarzio air norton and tone zone?I already voted and don't really care but I'm curious as to what you actually used
  2. Doesnt it depend what lace sensor you're considering since theres a bunch of different colours. I think you can host it on www.yousendit.com or something with a similar web url.
  3. I doubt hes playing arenas
  4. Draw it out in full, plan ahead,research how to prepare for a floyd if you are doign a carved top, will it be recessed or not? Planning is key.
  5. I wouldn't trust it considering he says that eddie van halens guitar had maple frets
  6. I like that shape its original but not over the top, like.. a wolfgang mixed with a tele and a les paul. Now it just needs a few little changes scrap the tele bridge assembly and throw a nice gold floyd on there. Thats what I'd call a guitar
  7. Oh man, what a month we've had here, I truly liked every single guitar this month. Normally I like a couple and the others are just meh but this month I would've had to really think about my vote(except I had already decided which one I liked most). It was so hot I had to take a swim this month . to everyone else, nice job,to neocon, don't worry about it man thats nice work, I haven't finished my first custom-y thingy but yours looks nice, I'm gonna have to aim higher now . I think tyhat tele is really nice and if I didn't dislike teles the way I do it would've had my vote. Perrys is really sweet especially after the refinish but I don't really dig the headstock or the zebra pickups. Stew, I love the boat its truly very creative and wow...It left me speechless. I didnt like the finish on malmsteens but it looked like a nice guitar. I didn't like the inlays on the les paul but it was a sweet looking guitar otherwise and jabis just didnt really grab me but there was nothing wrong with it.
  8. Gotta give it to matt on this one,all the guitars are excellently crafted,the v has a wicked finish on it, toddlers is minimalist but very effective and the ormsby is...unique,sorry but I'm not really feeling the design but ormsby does nice work. Congrats to all entries.
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