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  1. No I wouldnt sell them as strats or anything, I run a home-based custom electronics company called X-Fire and I would like to start building my own guitars. The only problem is I suck when it comes to wood etc. I guess what I'm asking is if its ok to build guitars MODELED after strats, teles etc, but not actually CALL them strats, plus theres the companies I buy parts from, I havent been able to find any info on where they stand when it comes reselling etc etc. If this makes no sense just ignore me, im up way too early .
  2. This may seem a stupid question, but after reading a few pages of the thread (dont have time to read them all unfortuneatly as im heading out soon), am I to understand that if I also order parts from a site such as Warmoth or something, assemble them as a full guitar, and sell them on with my own brand name, I could be legally shot down?
  3. So does anyone know the legality of throwing together replacement parts that have been licensed by fender or other companies then selling them on? I imagine since their already licensed that'd be ok right? I ask because I'm not good with wood so can't manufacture my own bodies, but I just did a music electronics course and I'm itching to get torn into making guitars this way.
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