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  1. Hey Rob G. I'm new to this too so this may not be the best way but I do have my template made. I just copied this from my build thread. Just curious are you building a bolt, set or neck through? Mine's a neck through with both wings the same shape so I think I'm getting off easy as far as my template goes. I just quoted my self how cool is that
  2. When cutting out a piece make sure you secure both pieces, luckily I was just taking a 1/4" template and making a 1/2" template with it and didn't realize I was fixing to cut all the way through. It fell and busted the end http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Reave...ga/100_0234.jpg no big deal but it was slightly irritating.
  3. We don't have a CD yet but were working on it. Here's a link to some of our songs our name is "Balin' Twine" http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/447/ We are doing all the recording our selves and you can tell but you can still hear what we're about. It's a Little deferent but thats what we want.
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