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  1. Voted for Jehle. I like the idea behind it and the attitude... I was astonished by Doug's, but after a few minutes of drooling I thought that it was just a bit "too much"... And the Zipper Cherry did not really "speak" to me either... BigD's tele is nice... for a tele. But I dislike Teles anyway so it was no option for me....
  2. I must have stared for at least half an hour at the GOTM thread... My favourites are Perry's, cudbucket's and thegarehanman's. But in the end Phil's bass made it for me. Original, extremely classy, beautiful wood, perfect shaping, custom pickups with wood tops, that special fretboard... A really great instrument. I would have never thought I could/would vote for a bass, but this one made me do it. Stunningly beautiful!
  3. I think you SHOULD I always get a better impression out of guitars where there is accurate information about the parts it was built with... And especially if the information is accurate, you are on the safer side, or am I wrong?
  4. What are the specifications for a decent router? Like wattage, rotations/min, possible depth and so on? Anyone could tell me please?
  5. Mattia is completely right... I am right now checking some addresses here in Germany, because I am finally putting enough money together to start my project, but many things are cheaper when from the USA. One question, supposing I had a lot of time on my hands and were willing to do crazy stuff like handsawing and handsanding AND wanted to build a guitar completely from scratch (I mean: do body and neck with fretjob etc.)... What would be the minimum tool requirements? And where could I get those things cheap? My personal problem is I don't know what those tools are called in German - I suppose for example that a router like most of you use is called Oberfräse, but am not sure. I was thinking of getting: two good (jig?)saws a Dremel a cheap router (or could I do like the pickup and tremolo routs with the dremel? I couldn't, right? Or is it just incomfortable?) StewMac's basic fretting tools kit (although it seems a bit overpriced to me) a cheap drill (for tuner holes and stuff) perhaps some slotting file... a rasp What did I forget (a planer?)? And could I cut something from the list? What do you guys consider the minimal tool requirements to build a guitar from scratch?
  6. Hmmm... Now, really... Isn't that also a bit contradictory? I mean, for me someone who can build a guitar completely from scratch and make it a halfway decent guitar is already sort of a pro for me... Certainly no complete amateur... And what about the pickups? Shouldn't they be handwired? No? And the electronics? What about pre-wired pickguards? And the preinlaid fretboards? Preslotted ones? And the nuts? Should I make those also by myself? And if I use an Earvana? Or bodies with routings, but no shapings? And if I get some help from a friend for the finishing? Well you see what I am at... By the way, I think "pros" are already de facto handicapped. Look at Jeremy last month, for example. Awesome guitar, as always, but almost no votes, because he is a "pro". I also think that people weigh factors like premade necks and stuff when voting. Just look at the replies in the last months. There is not always need for over-regulations. Most things are already of the self-regulating kind.
  7. I am having quite a difficult time trying to come up with a hint of idea how to put a guitar solo on it... It's the kind of song where a guitar solo isn't what first comes up to my mind... Perhaps I'll try something with synthesizer first....
  8. Because so there are less unwanted volume dynamics...
  9. Tough. Okay, before I start, I must admit - my main guitar is a B.C.Rich Warlock. But with those big sharp nasty pointy designs it is all a thing of balance... And normally I prefer metal guitars to be black. Not wood... When voting for these guitars, I mainly think of "If I had no guitar at all right now, and were given the choice of getting one of those for free, which one would I choose?" and obviously other things come also up. I do not like Vs at all at present. Could change, but that prevents me from giving Ragas my vote. And I am not good enough to play a fretless, too... Metal Matts... Hmm... I didn't like the shape - a guy could kill himself on those sharp horns... And the headstock sucks. I like toddler's very much, but there's something wrong with the colour for me. That yellowed guitar looks as if it was sick to me. Although - seems like a good work to me... The top is really interesting. I also don't like Teles. But this one is really great for what it was conceived for. But I don't like what it was conceived for. So, this month no guitar really got me. And if someone votes for himself, he should at least not tell everybody. I think that lost you quite some votes, Matt. All in all, referring to the beginning question, I probably should choose toddler's. But I just cannot get over my dislike of that sick yellowy colour. After all this ranting... I vote for Matt's, because he did a beautiful job especially considering his age (ok he's older than me... But I haven't built a guitar yet, so...)
  10. I think this *really* qualifies for a pinned topic...
  11. Very tough choice! Man... I guess if I had to pick one of those as my only guitar, I'd probably pick the Leviathan. But that Les Paul is simply too gentleman-like beautiful, I just had to vote it... Although I usually prefer new designs! And I see that there are many others that think the same! Setch, good luck... By the way, I have really seen many better looking Leviathans on your site, LGM... (I was drooling to be exact)
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