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  1. May sound strange, but my go to tool for scraping bubinga is a cheap steel ruler, you flex it to match the contours of a carved top. I could never make "real" scrapers work, but between a ruler and a knife, I'm set.
  2. you mean a carved top, archtops are precisely carved, inside and out, acoustic instruments. and there already is a tutorial: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=16098
  3. I must apoligise, my advice was slighty incorrect, if you want it to use a compression rod like in an original fender, use the info at the bottom of URL=http://www.stewmac.com/tradesecrets/tooltips/ts29lee/ts29lee.html]this page Alternatively, rout a straight channel and place a hardwood strip in the centre of channel around the 7th or 8th fret(this makes a makeshift convex channel, pushing the rod out in the centre. then when you tighten it, the rod tries to straighten out, pushing up in the middle, correcting the bow.) really sorry for not saying that earlier, I dont use the convex rout method, so forgot to mention it.(I dont even rout) I just use a block under the rod. The way that is much simpler is the regular top rout channel with a maple fretboard. sorry bout that alex
  4. you haven't really put this in the right section, but anyway, two way make it like a normal neck, and use a maple fretboard instead of rosewood or whatever. or the way they do it a fender(well at least originally did, not to sure bout these days though): use stock that is thick enough to include fretboard thickness, rout a channel down back of stock till just in front of the 1st fret, flip it over and drill a blind hole from below nut down to the channel, now you have a truss rod cavity. insert truss rod, fill with matching or contrasting filler strip(skunk stripe). carve back profile and headstock, flip over, radius top of neck (*read* fretboard) then just do the frets and other regular neck stuff. note bien: work is not necesarily performed in that order. you will find better info on the stewmac trade secrets page(how to make the jig for the truss rod cavity etc. www.stewmac.com/tradesecrets/ next time put stuff like this in solidbody chat, you didn't make a tutorial. I just made a half assed one though oh yeah, did you try search?
  5. If you want an explorer that is a perfect copy, go to a shop, give manager a 6 pack, and trace it on to a big piece of paper. I gave the owner of my local shop a 6 pack once when he helped me with an expired warranty repair , and I got a 15% discount next time I was there!
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