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  1. Favorite parts must be shaping & sanding. It might take days and days, especially if you're just working half an hour or one per day, but I think it's cool when you start out with a piece of wood and every minute it looks just a little bit more like your "final shape" or it looks better every minute you work on it. Sometimes I'm a bit impatient and get mad because it takes forever, but still those are my favorite parts ... there are no parts I really hate, just some that I still not understand at all (wiring) or am scared of (fret positions). I'm not sure about finishing the instrument... on the one hand it is great to see the progress, on the other hand I just hate all the "wait until it's dry" periods...
  2. And again, another hard decision to make... I will vote for davee5 or SJE or dickie, but I'm really not sure yet. They're all great. - jvillavicencio: great work. I don't like the P-Bass shape too much, but that conversion from old to "new" is amazing - southpa: nice guitar, the holly laminates look very interesting. - feral_smurf: if I can't decide between my three favourites, I will chose this one. VERY cool! - andyt: WOW! another very cool guitar, I love the colors... - avangers63: good work, but honestly, to me it just looks ugly...
  3. I voted for dayvo guitar, with Jadens being close second.
  4. Looks like this will be a much closer decision than last month "The skull" - I like it. The top looks great but the skull knobs... no, I don't like those. "Toneflow" - Wow! Only two reasons why it didn't get my vote: e-cavity cover & there is a bass in the competition which I like at least as much, so as a bassist... "The Pablo-Saurus Rex" - reantel called it an "awesome 80's guitar" and that's exactly why I don't like it... "80's", the colors. Cool project, but not for me... "Finkelstein" - Good work, but honestly, the swamp ash & the pickguard just don't look good at all to me "Zebra from hell" - Yeah! The cocobolo accent is a bit much for me, but the rest seems very cool "Uli's" - Got my vote. Beautiful shape and what a great top... the neck-body connection looks a bit weird (that piece of wood doesn't seem to "belong" there) and I'm not sure if I really like the gold hardware, but OMG, the shape and that top... can't stop looking at it. Oh, and I'm not a fan of the red side markers, but who cares "Mtawarira" - I agree with most of the others, maybe a bit too much, but still a great instrument. Definitly among my Top5 this month... so many wonderful instruments "Natty LP" - Another reason why it was such a hard decision for me this month...
  5. carousel: Nice work, great looking top. I would be proud if my instruments would look that good KingsX: That is one weird headstock you got there, but the neck looks beautiful. As does the back of the guitar (including the cavity cover... could have been better, but I still prefer that from any white or black cover). But I never liked flat tops... ihocky: obviously a nice piece of work, I just don't like the shape at all... low end fuzz: I would have used a headstock veneer (the woods look really good but they just don't match with the body front & fretboard), otherwise I LOVE the body & headstock shape and the woods avenger: Great body shape, cool woods on top... I just don't like the look of the backside. Marcovis: Nice work and the neck seems to look great. SJE-Guitars: This one would have gotten my vote. If it wasn't for the headstock... unlike some others, I prefer woods AND shape (including horns & cutaways) to those of any other instrument in this vote. RFR: OMG... that top looks incredible Swedish Luthier: The cavity cover looks kinda out of place, but all together a close second to SJE-guitars baritone. I just can't stand the headstock of that one, so this one got my vote (I could look at the back of the neck forever...). Hydrogeoman: Telecaster shape... and as soon as I see this shape, I don't like what I see. Beautiful neck. foil1more: Is that gold hardware on the last pick? If so, I'd say it looks much better with what is shown on the first picture. I just don't like the pickguard. Otherwise, nice work!
  6. great looking instruments! I love the look of the Mahogany/Padauk/Mahogany neck and that Wenge-top... just beautiful woods and great body shape.
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