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  1. does the string tree on the low end string help create a nice tension? Looking to maybe use one for 7 strings
  2. Thanks Prostheta! I knew I had it right. For some reason part of me kept saying "Are you sure its not supposed to be flat somehow?? haha Man I feel dumb. Anyway, im waiting for parts to come in then its off to building some more
  3. Hey guys so my question is after using the jig and making the scarf. This slightly angles the face of the head stock right?
  4. I like it! Looks just like the headstock I (thought) I designed lol Mine was reversed though. Anyway looking forward to how this looks on this body type!
  5. That looks Killer! So the darker silver was just a stencil? Or are they decal-ed in?
  6. NMVDI003 - "Brietta" Woods: Curly Maple top Chambered Alder body Mahogany Neck Ebony fretboard I found this wood combination to be the perfect blend of the Warm/lows, mids, and high. This beauty has a green stained carved top to pop the figure and an all black painted back and neck. The binding is a natural maple binding from the top. Has a compound radius 14.5" to 10" at a 25.5 scale length. The Frets are scalloped from the 12th fret and up. At the 12th fret there is a small slight scallop that gradually increases the higher you go up on the neck. It increases until it reaches the last 4 frets where is has a Ibanez Jem style full scallops. -Bone nut. -Planet Waves Lock/Trim Tuners. -Gold Hardware -Abalone knobs -Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups (will try to edit and add two outside Pictures by tomorrow or thread closing.) Thanks for looking!
  7. whoa, I'm confused. whats the fret next to the nut for?
  8. wow! I have to do a top like this now. DAMN another must build guitar on the list haha
  9. Its pretty rad how organic this piece looks.
  10. Hmm, that's an awesome method for carving! I use the same router bit then carve it all with either a chisel or sander. I'm going to have to try that Spoke shave to cut some time out of the equation
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