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  1. Rick, thanks for the quick reply! just wanna confirm 'breaking edge' I'm assuming means from the edge of the nut is where the fretboard and nut meet as opposed to where the nut and the headstock meet? RestorationAD, Sure thing I'll letcha know once I get it off!
  2. Hey guys noob here, first post ever! I currently got a beater hondo V rhoads copy with a kahler flyer on it. I'm not too fond of the kahler and have decided to get'er outta there. I don't want to route and install a floyd rose (the OFR will cost more than the guitar!!!). So I'm thinking of simply filling the cavity and installing a string thru/tune-0-matic setup. My only concern is, how do I know where to drill the holes for the string thru fin tailpiece and where to drill the holes for the tune-0-matic? I've been searching for a while to find exact methods and measurements but haven't been able to so far! Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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