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  1. CainMD

    My First Build

    i going to keep my eye on this one, i really like what you have mocked up. the top reminds me of a build a while back, different wood but similar figure. Keep up the good work http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=42532&hl=warwick&st=90
  2. i would love to see this beast in action, a video would be appreciated. Your web site it pretty damn cool as well, that don ross cover is top notch
  3. that is some awesome looking figure! i love this guitar, would love it even more if it were a 7 string
  4. i thought i saw a video of this guitar but i'm pretty sure it's not as nice as yours. i'd love to hear how it sounds and plays, here's the video i thought was you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On-wEH9lopU...ure=grec_browse <pretty solid guitar playing too
  5. CainMD

    Guitar Of The Month For December

    i found this as i was curious as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9Ve0hmjfhc
  6. CainMD

    Linny - Third Build

    i really like this build and i love the killswitch
  7. CainMD


    That headstock is bad ass. really great build!
  8. CainMD

    Banana Wood Explorer

    god damn that is an awesome color. good work!
  9. CainMD

    Les Paul Style Build

    i like the progress on this build and the grain on that top is awesome. to me it looks like a monkey, maybe i'm crazy
  10. damn those pickups look almost like the double buckers that come on warwicks. i think this guitar is badass, great work
  11. CainMD

    Add Your Own Solo!!!

    you got some good chops. I think number 1 is the best, some cool chromatic runs
  12. CainMD

    Sweep Picking...

    some dimished arp's that are real easy to get the feel of sweeping down. you can play it anywhere, just move up or down by 4 frets. e -----9-12-9----------12-15-12----------15-18-15----- b --11--------11-----14---------14------17---------17---- g 12------------12-15-------------15--18-------------18--- d ------------------------------------------------------------ a ----------------------------------------------------------- E -----------------------------------------------------------
  13. CainMD

    New Build: Alder And Maple Tele

    jesus, that neck is sexy looking. Really liking this build