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  1. I like Smuttynose Old Brown Dog. I did get my first bottle because I have an old Brown dog.
  2. Founders Double Troll is good, and strong he he.
  3. Years ago, back when I brewed, I made a Barley Wine for my wife to celebrate her getting accepted into law school. Barley wines have high alcohol (this one was around 11%) and can age. I brewed it in 94 and bottled it in 95 (they take a while to ferment). The other night we drank the next to last bottle. Damn it was good. Why did I stop brewing? How often do you get to drink a 19 year old beer and have it be good?
  4. Do you find any issues with fretting before the neck carve is done?
  5. I had a Sixpoint Sweet Action Ale after work yesterday. Nice session beer.
  6. The new beer store by me has opened. I think I will walk by at lunch time and see what they have. They claim that they have around 150 different beers and will be increasing that to over 300.
  7. Hmm back when I brewed scores were given on the spot. I took first prize with the second beer I ever brewed, a honey wheat with Belgium yeast. This is making me think about brewing again.
  8. Hmm 1) Uniroue (just about anything) Fin Du Monde is a nice one 2)Ommegang Rare Vos 3) McNiels Old Ringworm 4) Founders Porter 5) Riverhorse Hop Hazzard 6)Anchor Old Foghorn.
  9. Scott, where in New Hampshire will you be? If you are in the SW nip across to Brattleboro VT and go to McNiels brewpub. Have anything cask conditioned and if they have Old Ringworm don't miss it. Smuttynose makes some nice beers. Their Old Brown Dog is my standard BBQ beer when I am in Vermont.
  10. There is a six pack of Smuttynose Bouncy House IPA in the fridge that is just calling to me.
  11. Back when I brewed I won a local compitition with the second beer I had ever made. I think it still was one of the best. I keep on being tempted to start brewing again but having downsized from a four bedroom house with a garage to a one bedroom apartment kind of complicates things.
  12. I had the Green Flash at our local rib joint last week. Nice beer. The red in most red beers comes from crystal malt which leaves some residual sugar. Otherwise they tend to be brewed like IPA's.
  13. There is a store oppening up a few blocks from me that will specialize in craft brews. This will get interesting.
  14. I do find when you are making somehting for someone you love it brings out the best of your abilities.
  15. If we could figure out a way to do that it would be awesome! What's an ESB? SR An ESB is an extra special bitters. Back in the day IPA's were only bottled as they were inteded for trade to India.. The draught versions of pale ales were bitters. A brewer would have an ordinary bitters, a special bitters and sometimes an extra special bitters. They went up in alcohol content and sometimes maltyness as you went along. An ESB was essentialy an IPA on tap. Now people put IPA's on tap, ESB's in bottles and it is almost ipossible to find an ordinary bitters. Back in the 80's I was lucky enough to taste the full range of cask conditioned Fullers in England.
  16. Just about anything from Stone is going to be good. In my fridge I just have some Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. They have been in the craft brew game since the 80's. There is a very small craft brewer a few blocks from me but they are closed today or else I would be drinking Rockaway Brewing Company ESB. Tomorrow we are heading to Vermont where my friend Ray McNeil makes some awesome brews. Maybe aftert the summer we could set up a Project Guitar Beer Exchange.
  17. Wow, most of my working life was as a geologist (before that stopped paying). That top reminds me of hot lava. You have surpassed yourself on this one. If you had asked me before I would have laughed at that idea. Wow! If I win the lottery I am commisioning a bass. Have you done a bass?
  18. Not usualy a big fan of quilt but this one looks fantastic already. I figure that when it is at full gloss it will just get up and dance.
  19. Dud needs to take a long walk off a short pier.
  20. Coming along nicely. How is the Balsast Point brew? I almoat got some Saturday but was seduced away by some Founders IPA.
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