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  1. I guess that's another place my wife has you beat mexi. She's building a cigar box guitar. Taking her forever but still building something. Maybe if you built something your boyfriend would take interest in what you do. What do you do? Besides have a constant hard on for me. Don't get upset wish me because I had to contact Brian to fix my posting. It's not my fault you can't count fagget. Oh know I guess I'll get band now. Whoopdee doo.
  2. Wow someone other then me thats stirring the pot. 2 thumbs up John. How about looking at how a guitar is built, as a way of voting too. Is it built with care and carved by hand, or did the builder just but it on a CNC and push a button. Because anyone can do that. AutoCad Mach 3 and a 4 axis CNC and you can do just about anything. Like make an intricate puzzle piece top on your guitar like this the Gotm winner Jaden. Not taking away from the guitar, it was a very nice guitar. Thats why I entered mine into the contest against it. I want to beat the best. But thats not possible now is it. I don't get votes because I'm an a$$ for stating the truth about the voting in Gotm. I came in 4th out of 5 entries, and I'll state it there was only 1 other guitar in the contest against mine last month and it won. I got hosed and the PM's I got about it state it. I was like Avenger before last month I wanted my peers recognition but I now don't care as I realize that the peers on this forum are for the most part blind and jaded. I will say it again Popularity contest. I don't know Scott French or his past work. His entry this month is nice but doesn't deserve the 20 votes he currently has. Thats my judgement of course, So as pointed out it most be from past work. Thats why I will never enter again. the UK guys all vote for UK builders thats how it goes. Giver John.
  3. hold on a second - dont i remember someone pointing out that D E S was in fact you, or at least the same IP address? ... Same ip address different user. and wasnt your point in that thread that a new members first post should not be in GOTM? Yes I meant to type shouldn't I'm so sorry WezV. I find myself coming over all confused lately
  4. Great build. Nice to see progress pics. Please re-post it in GOTM.
  5. It defeats the purpose of GOTM if you enter something you haven't built. I'll go buy a PRS Dragon guitar and then enter that. It's built buy the custom shop part of Paul Reed Smith people have bought guitars built by people from the forums then entered them into gotm, seen this before and its never been frowned upon. Thats fine as long as the credit goes to the builder not the poster. Like in the case of ScottR when Someone entered a guitar he built for them.
  6. This is going to be interesting. I say a 1/4" carve.
  7. It defeats the purpose of GOTM if you enter something you haven't built. I'll go buy a PRS Dragon guitar and then enter that. It's built buy the custom shop part of Paul Reed Smith
  8. Great Rant I agree 100%. If you don't have a build thread for your entry then it should be removed. Also as pointed out by D E S Your first post should be in the GOTM. My vote went to OLA best guitar and he had a build thread and contributes to the forum. Hell he gave us his Bread and Butter. Kudos to you Ola. Peace
  9. Wow. The Tortoise wasn't my best effort. What a joke. This is the other problem, tards being aloud to vote. I don't know who you are or what you've build but your clueless. End of story. PG will be better off without me. I won't be missed. And the time I'll save posting pics and updates can be spent wacking off. Peace out Bionic Dave
  10. Good to see some people like them.. I was thinking of pulling all my posts seeing there was no interest in them. Hell The Tortoise got hosed in GOTM 5 builds and it got 4th. should have been between me a Jaden only. And his was build with a CNC, wow hard to do. But Like I said before it's a Popularity contest and I'm not popular because I state the truth. Peace out to my PG friends I think thats 4 of ya. Bionic Dave
  11. Started at last. Got the body cut and routed to template. It's a single cut now I changed my mind. Routed the wire channels. Glued top and trimmed to body. Also have the neck scarf done.
  12. just google fretfind their is still websites using it. But to save you the time here is fret find 2-d http://cigarboxguitars.com/fretfind/nonparallel.php Dave
  13. Well if their that good I might have to keep hem for myself. Dave
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