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  1. I used templates. I took measurements off the Ibanez website for the Wizard 7 neck and went from there. So I had a goal for the 1st and 12th frets. I realized only afterwords that it would have been more efficient to have rough shaped the heel and HS transition ( no volute) prior to carving the neck between the 1st and 12th frets. Once again, a sureform would really have made short work of it. Unfortunately the spindle sander at school is only any use if your using drums larger than 6" in diameter. The sanding sleeves on anything smaller than that literally slip off due to abuse and neglect.
  2. I completely agree with you there. I may have been exaggerating a bit with the 3 hours comment. It was probably more like 1 hour 45 min, but it felt like forever and my palms feel all bruised up from the rasp handle. On my practice neck I carved a few weeks back I used a round sureform which worked amazingly. Unfortunately I did not have access to one last night and I just wanted to go for it anyway. I am convinced using a sureform would easily cut the time down by half if not more. I think with a bit more practice I could speed up the process substantially, but as this is my first time and I have no real wood working experience, its really a learning curve. I beginning to understand how certain tools react to different materials and why its necessary to use the right tools for performing a specific task. Im glad I didnt go out and drop hundreds of dollars on tools that I might need to build a guitar. Doing it this way has opened my eyes to which tools are essential and which ones are purely for convenience.
  3. Then I spent an hour and a half carving the neck and another 3 hours shaping the heel and HS transition last night with nothing but my 12" half-round rasp, a spokeshave and some 100 grit sandpaper. My phone battery died so I didnt get any pics of the carving unfortunately, but this is the result. My hands are still killing me, but Im satisfied with the result. The next one will be even better! So this is how she stands (or lays). Nothing left to do but some finish sanding and paint before final assembly and setup! Unfortunately I have to build this thing digitally from the ground up including pots, switches and screws by thursday night for my final in addition to all of my other projects for school... UGH! Sorry these pics are all blown out. Ill get some better ones when i finish her up. Until then youll have to imagine the pristine beauty of my workmanship...
  4. StewMac 16" fret press insert in a chunk of scrap maple. Best $5 I evers pent. Made fretting this a breeze. 4 feet of LMII extra jumbo pre bent gold fretwire was BARELY enough. I used GuitarNut's fretwire saving method to stretch it out as far as I possibly could. Not bad for a first go, eh?
  5. Then I built a little jig to radius the fretboard with my homemade, laser cut sanding block, and went to town. lots of dust. 60 min. later. Sorry for the crappy phone pic...
  6. Thats better. Then I went ahead and routed the pickup cavities. They didnt come out perfect, but good enough for for now. The next one will be better. After that it was time to install the fretboard. Im a huge proponent of using a clamping cowl for this. As you all know, this is my first fretboard installation and it came out perfectly with no gaps whatsoever. And I only had to use 6 clamps. I double stick taped a strip of 10 lbs. blue foam to the surface of the cowl for added protection. Dont know if this gave any added value, but it theoretically kept the ebony fingerboard from sliding around under the pressure of the clamps.
  7. Despite what many of you may think, I have not been idle. This thing is trucking along and since I know how a little over a week to complete it, some decisions have been made. As far as school is concerned, I have been focusing on finishing up just the one. The graphic on the top will now bw sand blasted into the finish of the guitar after clear rather in the wood before primer, and the casting will have to wait. My other 2 builds have also been on hold for the time being. So... progress: I started to drill the mounting holes and string thru holes and ferrule cavities into the core, but I must have been running on close to no sleep, cuz I wasnt thinking and I drilled the ferrule holes into the top of the core... DOH! So I had to mill it out and patch it with a piece of cutoff. Lets try that again...
  8. I gotta agree there! Im usually not a fan of fancy woods, but that is awsome!! GOTM anyone?
  9. I like "pro" fretboard without inlays the best, after that the MOP. What about Abalone?
  10. Sounds like most of us share a similar view where design is concerned. And though I realize many of you probably didnt intend on "defending" my design with your replies, I appreciate it all the same. Sardine, you made it more plain than I ever could with just a few words. \m/
  11. Thanks. I really am learning a ton developing these designs and seeing them through. Damn right.Haters be hatin' Thanks not anymore, anyways I had stated earlier that it looked like LGMs shape. I really dont care if people copy any design... They are just designs. the only time it should EVER matter is if the copier is taking away business from the original designer... which, 99% of the time, is not eve possible. I feel credit should definitely be given, but i really dont see why people care so much about a "copy" It doesnt even matter. While I appreciate and agree with your remarks, I will risk beating the dead horse by once again stating that this is not a copied design. My San Dimas on the other hand, thats a copy without question. I guess you werent accusing me of that, but this thread is turning into a discussion on plagiarism, and of all of the other builds going on in this forum, this thread doesn't deserve it! Honestly I dont know why you (now addressing OurSouls) have such a problem with my designs... We butted heads about almost the same thing during the early stages of my Tabar Zin build. Seems that so long as I dont attempt to create my own designs, you approve, but If I try to mix things up a little bit... well, this happens. Oddly though, I seem to recall you saying that "people would buy those" when I was developing this body shape for my Crimson King bass. Maybe you didnt realize it, but this is the same body and HS design appropriated for a 7 string guitar rather than a 4 string bass. I did the top carve differently, but thats it. If this pattern holds true, you'll wait until I actually start building that one before you accuse me of ripping off other designs, even though you witnessed its development...
  12. HOW DARE YOU?!?!! lol Those are cool! I really like the Aces High one! If you want the templates I made I can post them up in the downloads section of the forum... I think you should make one too! We all should!!! In other news, I got my Floyd the other day, so I will be drilling the last few holes before finish sanding, then its primer for this baby! Ill be working on the necks at the same time, so dont expect anything too soon. Ill finish up one of them first since Im running short on time for my other projects. The other will be on the back burner for a few months I think.
  13. Dude, are you f-ing kidding me?!?! Get over it! Youre obviously trying to be an azz. I was simply excited about the prospect of getting this thing done! I respect the opinions of people on this forum and wanted to share my excitement with them. So ,my guitar design happens to have elements similar to other guitar designs. For accusing me of being unoriginal, you sure say the same thing a lot. This is like the third or fourth time you pointed out that my guitar looks like a cross between an Ibanez, the LGM Leviiathan, and Metalheads HS. I get it, you dont think I designed it. Fine, you're entitled. I fail to see the connection between my guitar and any Ibanez besides the Giger model, and I specifically stated that I felt inclined to ask permission of Mr. Giger himself before I used his graphic on it. Any similarities between the other two guitars are purely coincidental, as Ive pointed out more times than I care to count. I went back to take a look at Metalheads builds to see what you were talking about, and relized they are similar, but after pointing it out to Metalhead himself, he appears to disagree with you too. The Leviiathan is cool, but It looks like someone took an RG to the spindle sander and had their way with it. I admit, it has cool aspects, but overall, I just dont care for it and its one of the last guitars I would try to make a copy of. The fact that it happens to have a return hook on the back of the upper horn is really the only basis you have for comparing the two, and as my "hook" is a completely different shape, youll have to excuse me if I dont give credit to LGM for designing my guitar for me. I believe design to be the proper combination of elements and proportion, not just coming up with new shapes. I have never seen any one guitar that shares all the same elements as my guitar, nor have I seen one with the same proportions as mine. Apples to Apples my friend. If you want to dumb everything down to its most basic shape to compare it, than the Leviiathan is a Strat copy anyways, as is the Ibanez. Yes, I understand this is all your opinion (an opinion which you sound convinced is shared by many other "timid" posters on this forum) and I respect it. I just dont see the reasoning behind MULTIPLE condemning posts saying the EXACT same thing. My question was: "What did you mean by O.P.I?" You could have just said "other peoples ideas" but you had go off on this rampant opinionated tangent to emphasize things that you already made pretty darn clear more than once on this thread alone. You continue to state that I get all y ideas from "this website", but Metalhead is the only reference you seem to be able to come up with. We have established that the HS isnt similar enough to refer to a copy and its similarities are coincidental not borrowed, so that reference can be put to bed. As far as I know, the HRGR1Z wasnt designed, built, and chronicled here. LGM may very well be a member here, but I havent run into any builds since I have been here. Yes, I probably got the idea of building a guitar from this website. Its a very inspirational place! And before you make accusations of me being egotistical, read my entire post, not just the part that makes you uneasy. I said "If these turn out well"... I am under no misconception that I could very well screw the pooch and fail miserably. I really hope I dont, and I want to make a beautiful guitar for my own sake, but if the school wants to use it in the student gallery they will. It happens quite frequently. I have had multiple projects show up there in the past, and it wouldnt surprise me if it happened again. In that sense I suppose I do hold myself in pretty high regard, but not above anyone else. Im proud of the talents that I have, but not once have I claimed to be a talented luthier or builder, which seems to be what your so upset about. I suppose you'll respond to this post by stating that I didnt design this guitar so Ill save you the effort and post it for you. "This guitar is a copy of an Ibby, a Leviiathan, and Metalhead28's headstock. I have also not built a single guitar and I took all of my ideas off PG"... Does that about sum it up?
  14. I dig the red one, but maybe without the zebra pups...
  15. Thanks BigJim! I havent completely decided on how Im doing the graphics just yet. Most likely I will print it out on vinyl and glue it on after primer, then shoot black on the back and transition the burst, then clear. Originally I was thinking canvas, but the surface is so coarse and the image wouldn't be quite so crisp. KpCrash: \m/ Another possibility is do the colour base coat on the body, print out the graphic on water slide membrane and slide it on, then some clear over the top That actually sounds like it could work better... I dont have much experience using water slide though. Ill have to look into it. Thanks.
  16. Good thinking. Rockler replaced the bit no problem. Ill see when I get back to working on that body. Big time crunch right now with everything else goin on...
  17. Thanks BigJim! I havent completely decided on how Im doing the graphics just yet. Most likely I will print it out on vinyl and glue it on after primer, then shoot black on the back and transition the burst, then clear. Originally I was thinking canvas, but the surface is so coarse and the image wouldn't be quite so crisp. KpCrash: \m/
  18. HAHAHA! I couldnt help myself! Well, it satarted out as a gorilla... honest.
  19. The build is looking nice. Sucks about the router bit incident. I wouldn't give up on that body...it can be patched. I had a similar incident when building my ash thinline. If you didn't know that it happened, you would never pick it out. On the inlays, I would use a small flat file that fits between the fret slots and work parallel to them...across the fretboard. That way if you do alter things a hair, it won't affect the fret slots and should maintain the compound radius. Peace, Mark Cool! Thanks! Thats next on the agenda. Got a bit more done today with this one. Got the pick guards cut. The blue one is actually clear acrylic with protective film over it. The black one is PVC, which apparently is pretty toxic if you cut it with laser. It turned out alright but the heat from the beam caused a couple of little "melt" spots that look a little tacky. I will just use clear acrylic for both and paint the back of the black one. Same with the trem cavity covers. I also tried my hand at carving a neck on a piece of cutoff from one of the cores. About 20 min. into I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it. I feel relatively confident that I will be able to do a half decent job now. With a bit more care of course. Then I threw together a quick mockup of all my progress and parts thus far. I ordered a licensed FR from Guitar Fetish the other day, so hopefully that will suffice for the time being. Should be here later this week. Besides that I pretty much have everything I need to complete these puppies! The SCs are cheap, plastic, Chinese made place holders for the moment. I got 4 of them for like $20. I'd rather have a completed, crappy sounding guitar that can be upgraded later than to have an unfinished guitar lying around for who-knows-how-long. Ill probably end up changing out all of the hardware for nicer stuff eventually, but for now they will be lookers/silent shredders. I do plan on installing real DiMarzios in the bridge at least. Im looking into a Super D for one, and a D Activator for the other, or I could just use the Evo 2 I got for another project... we'll see.
  20. Thanks Muzz, I agree. Im going to finish the body before I finish the core, so If need be I can trim it down just a hair before oiling it. What color? Black of course! Im debating whether or not to add a little gold fleck into the mix, but I really just want the body to frame the core and not really stand out too much.
  21. Thanks, but I didnt ask... Anyway show me a body design that doesnt combine elements of existing guitars. There are really only a handful of body shapes out there that work as a guitar. Im not going to school to be a guitar designer, Im actually studying automotive and powersports design. This is just a way for me to use the school facilities to do my builds and get college credit simultaneously. Im not "hoping" for publicity, and I couldnt really care less whether or not I get any at all. But as I pointed out, its just the nature of my school. Who am I to tell the school board that they cant display work i created using their equipment and recieved credit for? I just want to keep my bases covered in case... If it weren't for credit coming into the picture, this design would have remained an near exact copy of the SHRGR1Z. I just love that guitar. By the way, what did you mean by O.P.I?
  22. This guitar really turned out nice Muzz! You should put the image of the block of wood up next to the new image of the guitar by the pool. Link works too I guess, but it would be cool to see them together!
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