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  1. Im coming to terms with the concept that if these guitars turn out well, its likely that they will get quite a bit of publicity, both displayed in the gallery on campus (which gets a LOT of professional traffic) as well as on-line or through other public avenues. Its just the nature of my school. So I decided if Im going to be using the same graphic identity as the Ibanez Giger, I really should appeal for permission from Mr. Giger himself. At least that way im covered, even if there was never really a possibility of him coming across this project. Its just good form isnt it? This is not a graphic design exercise for me so any artwork done by an artist other than myself used in the displaying of this project is purely superficial. I didnt figure I would need permission from Ibanez since they built their reputation by stealing the successful designs off others, and because the artwork in question is proprietary to HR Giger. This means I will hold off on getting the inlays cut until I hear back from Giger's rep with the OK or refusal. Its not the end of the world if I have to end up designing my own graphic and inlay. I really just wanted this to be a nod to the SHRGR1Z, since thats how this project began and has evolved so much since. Plus the time factor at this point will probably mean dot inlays and no body graphic at all if I cant use the ones I was planning on.
  2. Thanks! I hope it looks as good once Its painted. The clear body is still intangible so I have no real idea of how it will and up looking aside from the digital mockups I threw together of it.
  3. Thats actually a really good comparison!!! And I guess that would make my wife the iron maiden? (couldnt help myself) Ill keep yours out of it...
  4. You know I have to bust your balls though right? If only out of principle!
  5. Is that the actual bridge placement? It looks really high... Interesting little dip in the bottom of the body. I hadnt noticed that before. Is that for comfort, or did the placement of the laminates dictate that oddity? It sort of makes the lower horn look awkward IMO. It would look more balanced if you made it slightly less substantial. I know You didnt ask me for my opinion, I give it to you gratuitously anyway! I guess I just feel that if your going to take the time and make the effort to make something, you should design it a little bit. Edit: I was posting this as you posted that last pic. I see you have resolved some of the oddness, so never mind. Still think that lower horn could be smaller though I like the "hook".
  6. Maybe next time. I originally wanted to put in a IZ ZR, but that was before I incorporated the concept of interchangeable bodies. I still have to work out the logistics of a floyd using this theme as well.
  7. Then I took it to the next level. I began drilling holes for my pots and switch. I had to dismantle the drill press lever to get it to clear the body at that Angle. My output jack is angled from the top of the guitar a la Ibanez S, so I had to calculate the angle from my control cavity and jimmy rig an MDF jig for the drill press. I then used a 1/4" forsner bit to drill my pilot hole, followed up by a larger one, then a regular bit the diameter of my flush mount jack to go through. Im pretty happy with the result. A quick mockup with holes filled and core inserted. Ill be using an Ibanez S switch plate since the thickness of my guitar at that point is insufficient to house the switch within the control cavity itself. Ill be casting a clear one for the corresponding guitar. More to come! I recently came to the realization that I now have only 5 weeks left to complete the two of these!!!! Gotta work overtime for now on!
  8. Got a lot done on this one today! Firstly I drilled the TR access holes in the cores and rough cut one of them out on the band saw. After cleaning up the sides and the neck profile using the table router and my template, I took a spindle sander to the HS. A quick round over along the bottom edge of the core, and viola! A Guitar! The radius isnt quite right and needs a little hand finesse to get it to fit flush into the body cavity. But its not too bad. Its a pretty snug fit, so Ill have to sand back a bit to compensate for the finish inside the body cavity.
  9. Very little progress on this one since last update, but I did get the fretboards prepped and inlay holes drilled. More pics later when I have better progress to show. By the way, does anyone have any advice in leveling the inlays after gluing them in on a compound radiused fretboard? I bought these pre-radiused and I dont wanna sand it down when I go to level the dot inlays. Thanks in advance!
  10. I have to admit that I love almost everything about this build! I actually really like the shape. The walnut looks fantastic. And your logo is great! Im with everyone else about the temporary control plate, its awful... Change it ASAP for an all around awesome 7 string guitar!!
  11. Yeah I could tell they were computer squiggles. Just wasnt sure if you made them with a virtual etch a sketch using 2 tiny dials. By the way, both Prince and Eric the Red are over 50.
  12. Thank HEAVEN you cut straighter than you draw! Jeez! it looks like you drew that outline holding the marker between your knees! Just kidding man. sounds like it could be an interesting project. Personally, if I were designing an instrument to be played in church, id take a page out of ESPs book of secrets.
  13. So I decided to continue on with the "good one" so as to not go on a fiery rampage and destroy the entire shop. I figured Id go ahead and put the radius on the edges so I dont forget and inadvertently drill the output jack first. Then I rough shaped the body and arm contours on the spindle and belt sander. Trem cavity is a bit rough on this one cuz I used a dull cutting bit on the milling machine. I was happy to use a router after that. its amazing how much lighter the bodies are after routing! Makes me want to get them (or at least one of them) ready for finishing along side the sevens! So I decided to order soome of the hardware for these two the other day. Mostly interim parts designed for replacement until I can come up with some money to buy the good stuff. I want to equip these with OFRs and DiMarzios, but for now I think they will have to settle for chinese knockoffs. Does anyone know of a cheap licensed Floyd has the exact same mounting points as an OFR? I want to just make the swap later on without having to modify anything on the guitar. I had thought about going with the Floyd Rose Special, but it seems silly to drop that kind of cash on a bridge that Im am designing to be replaced as soon as possible.
  14. Bitter sweet day of woodworking today... I feel like I actually got quite a lot done considering. I had to buy a new pattern bit to rout the cavities. I thought I could get away with just using a cheap Rockler bit. It worked for about an hour... I got my template positioned to rout the front of the guitars and prepped the router and what not. Got the whole body routed, one down one to go. I am putting a 2 degree angle on the neck pockets for the top mount FR, so after doing all of the standard routing I packed shims under the template to raise the end of the board to match the angle while I routed the neck pocket. Somehow the bit cought on the edge of my template on the second pass and blew the baring. I had no idea until I realized the router wasnt running smoothly accross the template. Epic FAIL Rockler! (it was probably my own stupid fault, but I sure like to shove the blame off onto someone else after a screw up like that!)
  15. Progress is a bit slow as always... Got the scarf joints done and the truss rod channels cut though. Hope to get the fingerboards on by the end of the week. Really need to get the body ready for casting... that means completely finished. I have to take it somewhere to get the sandblasting done as the sand blaster at school isnt equipped for wood. It would probably eat a gaping hole into the face! still have to drill some holes and finish sand before then.
  16. Ha Ha, maybe next time. I agree they both look quite good, but read the rest of the thread... decisions already been made.
  17. Progress has been kinda slow lately since ive been wrestling with building the "cores" for my seven string projects. Im starting to realize that much of the equipment at school, however plentiful and diverse it is, has been really abused and is therefore quite hard to work with and innacurate. As you all guess, this makes building a good guitar by hand very challenging. However, I was able to get my necks ready for fretboards and shaping in the past couple of days. I got my faux truss rod fillet done, and the actual truss rod channel routed. Then I rough cut the necks on the bandsaw. I then double stick taped the templates on to clean them up with the router before finally installing the truss rods. Ill work more on it tomorrow and update with pics.
  18. Thanks. A lot of hard work went into getting that body shape just right, and developing the right ind of carve for it. Im pretty happy with the way things are working out too. I dont see how a using a mill is any more cheating than using a plunge or a table router. Im not about to get into another debate about CNC vs "hand made", but just try doing a full body carve, front and back, without a CNC machine! Not saying it cant be done, but the headache just isnt worth it to me. Developing a top notch, mill quality 3d model to input into the machine is no easy task either, and considering the state the body is in when it comes off the CNC and the fact that the main part of the guitar (i.e. the core) is getting done entirely by hand, Ill get pretty defensive if someone tries to contradict me when I claim this is a hand built guitar. I actually looked up what you said on an online Finnish to English translator (I know Im a dork) and It said something like "How do you fond of Finland?", so I kinda got the idea. Its really no big deal, I was just messing with you.
  19. Thanks! Ive done everything at school (design college) so far, including the laser stuff. They charge $0.40 minute to use them, so If Im cutting something really intricate, it adds up pretty quickly. I found that out when I cut the recess for the body inlay of my Tabar Zin project, (Please excuse the cheesy Pirate Metal.)\m/ \m/
  20. Miten olet mieltynyt Suomi? I agree though this becoming a good guitar. Hey, lets keep the inside jokes to a minimum. I dont speak Finnish (guessing). No inside jokes there. I figured as much. I was just referring to the fact that I dont know what you said, and am therefore on the "outside", joke or not. This is my thread after all...
  21. I dont know about Ibanez, but Fender explicitly points out their trademark for the Stratocaster and Telecaster body shape and headstock design in every ad they publish. Same goes for Charvel and Jackson San Dimas body and HS shapes. My understanding is that all manufacturers using those body shapes are doing so under license from Fender directly. The other guys just havent made a big enough impression to be noticed and therefore havent been sued yet... Its a pretty safe bet that any of the guys making any significant sales of "replacement" Jem bodies or necks are either under a license from Hoshino, or they are about to be sued.
  22. First signs of this project actually materializing! I spent the day in the shop and made some real progress. I got my templates all laser cut. Took about 4 min. and cost me a total of $7. Beats buying them online! (besides the fact that you cant find strat templates with a FR rout) Then I traced and rough cut the bodies on the band saw. Finished off by cleaning the edges up on the router table using a brand new bit! I was hoping to get the cavities all milled today, but the equipment was being monopolized by another student all afternoon. Ill get that done next week while my scarf joints on the 7 strings dry. Shop is closed till monday or Id be doing it tomorrow... Ive also decided to add a faux skunk stripe TR patch on the back of the necks with some left over walnut. Ill be installing double action rods from the front of the neck under the FB with the adjustment nut at the heel, so call me cheesy if you want to. It wouldnt surprise me if the original was done the same way though, as it uses a 2 piece neck/fingerboard, but still has a skink stripe. I havent really looked into it. Happy 4th everyone!
  23. Started on the cores today. First of all, I laser cut my template on 1/4" masonite. Then I rough cut my neck profile and the angle for my HS scarf. I think I want to add a maple accent piece in the scarf now. Well see. Just for fun I wedged the template into the body cavity and put the pups in place to see what it would look like. I love the profile of the new extended housing EMG pups. very clean. Also, I actually like the contrasting dark core against the pale Alder. The final product will have a similar effect hopefully, only inverted. Shop is closed till monday, so I guess Ill take a little break on this project, celebrate my independence or something...
  24. Miten olet mieltynyt Suomi? I agree though this becoming a good guitar. Hey, lets keep the inside jokes to a minimum. I dont speak Finnish (guessing).
  25. Thats a good point. I honestly couldnt say. I bought the bit to cut my battle axe guitar and it hasnt seen any use since, but that maple was HARD! It wouldnt surprise me if it dulled the blade.
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