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  1. I just joined this forum today and come across this post. I have been tossing up the Idea of doing a tele with the Graphics from "i" with eye of ra inlays.

    anyway cool Idea i cant wait to see the finished product.

    Sounds cool man, if it were me I would use graphics from 'Powerslave' or at least 'Somewhere Back in Time' with pyramids if I were going to do the eye if Ra inlay.

    This project will be a long time in the making so dont hold your breath...

  2. I guess I just cant help myself. I decided to redo the mockups of my original three with the new body shape.


    and of course:


    I doubt I will even make a decision until i get ready to start finishing the body, but I dont know what else to do right now. Im obsessed with designing guitars! I want to build them all RIGHT NOW, but I cant. I guess putting together hundreds of mockups is the closest thing I can do at the moment so I hope you guys like em cuz Im sure they will keep coming.

    I know I said at the beginning of this thread that I would stop posting design ideas for future builds, but I have nothing better to do and I still have a plethora of ideas overshadowing my day to day thoughts. When It comes down to it I will probably have to put to a vote which project to build, not how I should do each of them.

  3. Isnt that LGMs guitar design?

    Now that you mention it... Its does have some similarities to the LGM Laviiathan. Primarily the upper horn.


    A can assure you, that wasnt my intention, but as that IMO has some nice looking design features, ill take that as a compliment. The flat top version of my design bears an even closer resemblance... But the Leviathan is a bit busier and not as refined i think. Essentially they are both variations on a Strat, so you could technically say its the same design as an RG, a Soloist, etc.

  4. Hey I have been looking in to building an acrylic body but so far have only found thin acrylic sheets and the only place i found with thick enough material was extremely expensive and only came in clear. I saw you said you needed to make a mould? Meaning perhaps you know where to get the mix yourself acrylic? I would be interested in that if you could help me out. Thank you.

    I have only looked into it a little bit, but a quick google search turned up things like this. Its a clear acrylic casting resin and catalyst you can use to cast a block for machining or whatever, or cast your part (shape). They also sell it in blocks and sheets.You can probably add pigment to it to do custom colors too, but I really have read into it much yet. People at school make acrylic peices all the time so I will definately learn more about it whan I get back.

  5. So... I started making the plans for laser cutting my templates using the best Strat CAD file I could find. Its the Yngwie Malmsteen model on the DL section of this forum. But it doesnt have a body profile image which would be nice to have, and the San Dimas has a few important differences that I want to make sure I get right.

    The output jack is on the side rather than the top, it has a HB at the bridge rather than a SC, and the headstock shape is a little different that the swoopy paddle Strat version. Also the rout for the top mount OFR is different than a standard Fender trem and obviously requires studs.

    I can mash up components and peices to come up with a final product if I could only locate decent ones. I know these kind of questions are frowned upon in this forum and Im already expecting to get the "do a search" response, but I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a CAD drawing of a Jackson San Dimas? Or any similar drawing I could use. Not the one with the traditional Jackson headstock though. Id rather not have to pay for them either, kind of defeats the purpose of making my own templates in the first place. If it came down to it I could easily use an image of one and draw it out myself, but that wouldn't be as accurate and Id prefer to not to. It may seem like a minor thing, but any help is greatly appreciated...

  6. Fluorescent acrylic glows "on edge" so a carve in that material with internal LED lighting or external blacklight would look fantastic.

    You're absolutely right. Id love to give it this kind of effect: but im not even going to try to mack that up...


    But after giving it some thought, if Im going to have to build the whole thing from scratch and im not making an effort to be true to th original design, theres no real reason why I should restrict myself to an Ibanez Sabre shape. Instead, Ill use a Sabre style carve on a body shape that ive been working on. I think its gonna be my "signature" shape for a while, so I want to put it to use on some more projects. Originally I came up with this shape for a flat top bass (Crimson King project) but I did a couple of sketches with a full carve top and bottom and it would look really great.

    I still want to do an acrylic body with a possible internal LED lighting, but I will be making a casting of it so I will need to build a body that I can use for the mould. No reason why that body cant be finished and made into another guitar right? So I put a few more mockups together using the new body shape, this time playing mostly with matte black here. tell me what you think!


    By the way, Prostheta, do you have a thread on this forum for the "Dark Sabre"?

  7. Dont know how I missed this build. They are really turning out amazing. Great work as usual John. I do agree with whats been said about it not really being necessary to change plans for both guitars because of a negligible mistake on one of them. They will both turn out really well no matter what. However, I also appreciate and respect your reasoning for doing so. Being something of a perfectionist myself, I have been guilty on more than one occasion of making a similar decision based on something my peers disagreed with. And I really understand the concept of 'theme'. If your building them for yourself than it is important for YOU to be completely satisfied with the results, especially since you are obviously capable of doing so.

  8. Acrylic would be pretty sweet, but the gold was nice also. If it were me I would do acrylic and then laser out thin aluminum strips to put in the recesses, but that usually isn't an option for most people. Looking forward to seeing this.

    That might be cool. Kind of hard to mock that up without it looking cheesy though. I did through together this mockup to give a rough idea of what it might look like as clear acrylic.


    The HS would be painted white with a thin sheet of etched clear acrylic on top. The body was taken from an image of a JSY2K Crystal Planet clearboy, so the contours and electronics cavity would be slightly different on the real thing, but you get the idea. kinda neat looking. Yet another option would be to make the body blank out of a thin sheet of double sided mirror acrylic sandwiched in between two thicker sheets of clear acrylic, with a sheet of mirror acrylic on the HS. The body cavities would go right through the mirror so it might look kinda weird in those areas. I wont go as far as to mock that up, it probably wouldnt look right if I tried, but its a thought.

  9. The Sabre shape is very difficult to replicate by hand as the sides are very slender and show inaccuracies REALLY easily. Couple that with keeping the thing still once one side is shaped is an annoyance also! There are different Sabre shapes, which is more down to the overall thickness I believe.

    If you are going for a painted finish, buy a second-hand body off eBay. That's how I went about my Dark Sabre. The body I bought was a two-piece, and the individual pieces of timber didn't really match up "naturally".

    If the top surface can be laser carved (the non-flat surface might prove difficult for focusing) then a high resolution 2-bit raster image generated from a vector drawing would do this perfectly. Obviously shades of grey would be redundant for this purpose! That said, adding a degree of noise and erosion to the bitmap might create more interesting results. It will be a lot of laser time, no doubt.

    I think it's eminently possible, and you should do it!!

    Good call on the second hand body... I have looked into that a bit already. If I were doing a six string I would have tons of S bodies to chose from. Unfortunately sevens are few and far between, and the couple I came across have immaculate 'Prestige' figured tops that I would hate to paint over and cost as much as I could get a new one for. This project might warrant the use of the CNC again if I still have access to it. I agree it will take a lot of laser time whichever rout I take, but the results will be worth it I think. The mockups above had a little bit of noise added to them when I put them together but the originals were full scale and with the resizing, much of he intricate detail has been lost. another option I thought of is a solid clear acrylic body with smoked and/or frosted recesses. Ill have to throw a mockup together of that.

  10. Okay, by now youre probably all tired of me posting designs and ideas without any building going on, so I promise after I get this one out ill cool it for a while! Like Ive mentioned in my other posts, my guitar projects have been hibernating for the past three months, but will wake up and stretch their limbs come May when I return to So Cal and back to school where I can access the shop and tools, etc.

    So for my final pipe dream, Ive been absolutley in LOVE with the Ibanez SHRGR1Z HR Giger model ever since I first layed eyes on it! I have no idea how it plays, but I assume its great just like any other S, only it looks AMAZING! I have been a Giger fan ever since I first saw Alien. The guy is seriously twisted and undoubtedly disturbed, but his artwork is incredible.


    So why am I trying to replicate this guitar instead of just buying it?

    1. I could never afford to buy a Giger model...

    2. They only made a few of them anyway...

    3. It only comes as a six stringer...

    4. Your limited to one color choice...

    After doing some research, I found that the chemical etched surfacing of the nickel plated guitar, could be easily replicated using my handy dandy school laser. Rather than going through the mad scientist process of chemical baths and what not, a similar effect could be done in a few different ways. I could laser etch the design directly onto the wood or laser cut a mask and sandblast the body. I could also laser etch the design onto a thinner piece of materiel and glue that to the surface of the wood. As I am planninig on building and S body with a carved top and bottom, it might be a little trick trying to get the laser to stay in focus while etching directly onto the wood, so that probably isnt a very viable option for me, but any of the other ones could work just fine.


    Poplar body

    22 fret rosewood finger board

    bolt on maple neck

    25.5" scale

    DiMarzio "The Breed" HB neck pup, bridge TBD

    5 way selector switch w/ master volume, master tone knobs

    Ibanez ZR 7 trem w/ zero point system

    The neck inlay is still to be determined. It will probably end up as the spine from the original in maybe black, gold, or white pearloid.


    The top one is nice and simple, all white with black hardware. The second is pretty much an exact duplicate of the original in appearance but would be a mat paint rather than nickel plating. The bottom one shows the most potential IMO. White with gold undertones and gold hardware. Ive always wanted a guitar with white and gold, but they always look too classy for my taste. This one shows a little bit of class disguising its darker nature... Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any other suggestions ill be glad to hear them! Thanks!

  11. ........I thought that would look better too, but the writing on the tombstone is backwords. It looks a little cheesy.

    Was totally joshing ya about the CNC thing - I'd do it if I could too. At least use templates unless you want it to look like my stuff... :D

    About the flipped image , get the best of both worlds - try to flip the whole image with the tombstone writing overlayed in the right direction.......

    Bobble-head Eddie approves.

    Yeah I knew you were kidding. Ill definately be using templates as well, not that I dont want tit to look like yours... :D I did a mockup with the image flipped and the gravestone lettering inversed a while back. It looks ok, but I still like the BNW one better.

  12. So..........

    you gonna use the CNC to cut out a strat? :D

    Ha! Of course! Joking aside tho, no, this one will be done by hand.

    How does acrylic do on a router? Ive never done it before, but I had planned to laser cut the pick guards then bevel the edges on the router table.

    If you're going to hit them with the router, why bother with the laser cutter in the first place?

    If you aren't looking at it, I'm doing a mirored acrylic top on an Iceman.

    I'd say if you have access to a laser cutter than can do bevels and work at a lower heat, then that's the best way to go.

    Im not sure understand exactly what your saying here... I guess theres a way to do bevels on the laser while cutting and I could probably find out how, but I didnt think about doing it that way cuz I didnt realize that was an option. I figured I would cut it on the laser cuz I can do that in about 25 seconds and the perimiter will be perfect. I wanted a bevel so I thought Id do that afterwords on the router table... if there is a better way im totally up for it. thanks.


    But flip the image.

    I thought that would look better too, but the writing on the tombstone is backwords. It looks a little cheesy.

  13. Thanks every one for your votes! The tally puts P at number one with G coming in at second and I in 3rd. I would have put them in that order myself to begin with, so its good to know that either: I have decent taste, or: we all have bad taste together! :D I was actually a bit surprised that L didnt get a single vote. It wasnt my favorite but the mockup turned out really cool looking IMO. Maybe a little on the 'bright blue' side, but still cool, and kind of encompassed more history of the band with the addition of future Eddie and Seventh Son Eddie as the statues. Somewhere Back in Time was an amazing tour!

    I still have my original artwork to put together, but time isnt permitting me much progress with that. I can litterally throw together these mockups in a matter of seconds once the first one is done, but creating an entire digital painting takes some time and some planning. If I dont get to that soon or if it turns out crap, I will likely chose to go with P, "Brave New World", and using a clear pick guard rather than a smoked one. Im still thinking of doing 2 guitars simultaniously, in which case I think the other will be a duplicate of the original alternative version of this guitar. The White one with a white pick guard and an ebony fretboard, and maybe slap John's Smiley Eddie sticker on the back somewhere.


    If I do that I will definately be front routing both of them, using the same templates obviously. How does acrylic do on a router? Ive never done it before, but I had planned to laser cut the pick guards then bevel the edges on the router table. Thats still a ways away so Ill worry about that when I get there.

    Its likely this thread will remain dormant for a couple of months after I conclude the planning. I need to focus my efforts on finishing my other projects. I have a few other designs for future builds I need to get out of my head so I can I sleep at night, but as far as building goes... time will tell if and when I actually get to any of them. Ill be sure to post my ideas up here though as I develop the plans so I can continue getting the expert advise and opinions of you talented folks.

  14. I think "I" would look good, but my favorite is P, my only thing I would change is the pickguard, it might just be the rendering but it kind of covers up the really cool parts of the graphic. I think its kinda useless with a rear route.

    Youre right, the pick guard does hide some detail that I wish was more prominent. I stated in an earlier post that the pick guard material would be lightly smoked acrylic. Thats what I was attempting to illustrate, but evidently it would look better with plain 'ol clear acrylic. I will likely end up with a front rout anyway, fixing that part of the image to the back of the pick guard. But its the element of having the pick guard in the original guitar that I want to stay true to, so even if I end up routing it from the back it will be there.


  15. After some speculation and reviewing of all the mockups ive put together thus far, Ive kinda narrowed it down to Either the Live After Death cover, or Brave New World. I think both could use some scaleing and repositioning before they are going to be ready for printing, but I agree with the coments you guys have made. Thanks for your help guys. I am also going to try my hand at doing some original Maiden artwork featuring Eddie. My training is primarily in automotive surfacing and powersports design, but I think I can pull something decent off. Ill post it when Im done. LAD and BNW still might be better choices, so ill keep those on the filing cabinet for now. Wish me luck!

  16. Thanks for your comments so far. I agree about the pick guard graphics not showing much effort. In fact next to the full body graphic ones, I think they look rather lame. I do have a few other ideas bangin around that I didnt have time to post last night. Here they are:




    However much I love the Eddie smily face, I could just get a sticker and slap it on any guitar. That to my doesnt spell tribute too much. I definately think I want to go with the full body graphics now, I just need to decide on which one(s. I think I may make two guitars as well.)

  17. Thirty days and counting before Im back in California with access to a shop and tools again. Ill finally be able to finish up TabarZin and start building Crimson King. I may be a bit on the optimistic side thinking I can actually add more guitar projects to my schedule, but Ive been kicking around the idea of an Iron Maiden tribute guitar for some time now. Maiden has almost exclusively used Strats for the last 10-15 years, so it only made sense to use one for a tribute guitar. Ive always been more of a Jackson guy personally so when I learned that Adrian Smith was getting a signature model of the San Dimas Dinky, it was a no brainer!

    Normally I wouldnt resort to building something I could buy in a store, but this one retails for $2,799! Not something I can see myself being able to afford in the near future. And Not something I be willing to add a custom finish to if I did get my hands in one. There are a few intricacies unique to this model which doesnt make modding and refinishing an old pawnshop Strat copy a feasible alternative either. Besides, I have yet to try my hand at making a bolt on with a trem, so this will be good experience if nothing else.


    Alder body

    Bolt on quarter sawn Maple neck and 22 fret fingerboard with compound radius

    black dot inlays

    25.5" scale length

    OFR trem with locking nut

    Gotah tuners

    all black hardware and screws

    Fender single coil neck and middle pickups, DiMarzio Super Distortion hb bridge.

    5-way selector switch with master vol and master tone knobs

    basically I want to stay true to the original as much as possible. After that it really more of a finishing exercise. I have collected a fair amount of IM artwork to chose from. I want to put to a vote more or less which of my ideas you all prefer. Ultimately I will end up choosing what I like best, but your input could direct me at least to narrow down my choices a bit.

    These first two are very subtle variations. A would feature the image underneath the finish. B would feature the image fixed underneath the pick guard. Both would be top routed.


    These next three variations on B only with different images. Now that I have them posted, Im really not a fan of any of them.


    These last three are much closer to what I had originally envisioned. The mockups shown above were more or less a feeble attempt at retaining the white finish with the dark pick guard of the original. I almost want to make one of each! These would be rear routed with a transparent pick guard (a la Ibanez Universe swirl finish) showing the detail underneath, possibly slightly smoked, or top routed with the image portion fixed under the pick guard as in the ones above. The image will be printed on canvas then glued on the body before clear. These all feature a light black burst on the edges and a black back.


    I had also thought about keeping the guitar nearly identical to the original and adding the tributary artwork to the back of the body, but I thought that would be too boring. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas or advice on doing a finish like this, im all ears (eyes)!

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