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  1. I have a spindle sander which would be ideal for the cutout side. I just hope the body binding will hold out, it will become very thin I think it would be good to have a bit of angle on the fret edges but I could give your idea a go first I'm still thinking about binding the fretboard though because I was thinking about it before this happened Might not do anything today, just dwell on it a while
  2. Yes I used a router - I think frets are soft enough, and if not I'm willing to sacrifice a router bit The Fretboard in now 1.5mm narrower than normal and I will make a new Nut with a smaller string spacing. I will also keep the fret ends steep. I was toying with the idea of binding on the fretboard edge and build the neck out (that idea of gluing a piece of wood either side) but I think its easier to deal with reshaping the heal etc. Just for the record the neck started off being 2mm wider than normal Here's some pictures of progress, and by the way I use a Lami Trimmer as a Router In the second photo - I think I can sand the fretboard edge to blend that in and after a coat of lacquer you won't notice it Looking at the Heel...oh well that's a headache for another day!
  3. Oh dear not to good! I once met a man who was constantly using a handkerchief and I asked if he had a cold. He said no, he has hay fever - all the time, night and day. Had been to the doctor numerous times and they had no idea, no cure. Consequently this fellow didn't have many children
  4. Well I made a template today to straighten up the edges of the fretboard, which is one of the problems, they weren't straight in the first place. I made it so I can slide it along to get whatever width I desire. Once I have the edges straight I will see how square the edges are and take it from there
  5. Yes using sandpaper dry is not as bad as wet but I have this issue with my finger tips during winter, the skin cracks and never heals. I go through packets of bandaids. Regardless its a good idea and thanks for the tip!
  6. Has it ever been used to sharpen knives? Even if the stone is brand new I don't know that there's any guarantee that it's dead flat. I vaguely remember trying a sharpening stone and also had no good results Eventually I dug deep and bought a Stewmac radius bar (~$200AUD) Got better results but the trick with using that is keeping it straight. As soon as it goes sideways (even just slightly) it makes things worse. That's why its better to use something flat Something else I don't think has been mentioned, how straight was the fretboard before installing frets? Whatever you do, don't stress, and don't become impatient. If you've seen my topic with the over-sanded neck, that was due to impatience
  7. Thanks guys yes I'm a Goose! Bizman62 I thought that was some weird kind of "Smiley-Face" and then realised it represents fingers. Yes thats a good idea. However it reminds me of something else you use wet-n-dry for; have you ever polished the ports on a Honda CR500? ...wear gloves!
  8. Yes the most important thing to consider is how much it means to me, how much I want it to be like a Gibson and how much effort I want to put in. The thing is once I've chosen which path I take I can't bail out and decide to go another Thanks for all your replies, it does help Bizman62 I didn't mention it but I considered that idea, it would end up virtually being a 3-piece neck and would lose any benefit of being one-piece. But good call though, thanks for the suggestion. I might consider a variation of that idea - just router the surface and glue on a piece which would end up just being a thin layer. I've done such things before and had good results but not in such a critical area However I think it would be wiser to stick to doing something simple and not be concerned about the fretboard edge not being square. Thanks for those suggestions guys So just for the record here are some photos showing just what the problem is, they are mostly self-explanatory
  9. "...the old SoundBlaster cards" - No not specifically but yes its coming back to me now. I remember mucking around with my father's old 486. I bought an iMac in 2012 and never looked back "The Apogee Duet is the sound card" - That's what I was thinking and I apologies I forgot to mention it in first post. But I did mention I have a Rode NTR mic and those things need 48v power. Condenser mic I think they're called Yeah I've been recording my guitars in Logic then decided to also use PhotoBooth to get video so there's no mistaking which guitar is being played. And when I load the video into Logic there seemed to be no difference between the Logic soundtrack and the PhotoBooth soundtrack. Its sometimes a pain in the neck to synchronise the Logic soundtrack with the video and I started thinking "why am I doing this?" Don't need to do anything fancy with the sound track, if I want to edit the video I will use PhotoShop So the sound track should be identical, thanks Curtisa cheers
  10. Ah-huh! - I did more Googling and found what I was looking for. I thought I would just post this up for any readers in the future. I can't find any with the natural finish but they were Les Paul Classics https://www.guitar-list.com/gibson/electric-guitars/gibson-les-paul-classic-series https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?149607-Les-Paul-classic-how-it-started
  11. What's a sound card? My mic is plugged into an Apogee Duet audio interface, is that a sound card?
  12. ADFinlayson - No the frets aren't sticking out, what cuts into the palm is the edge of the fretboard and that could be solved by Curtisa's suggestions. What is most annoying is that the fretboard is straight-edged over the body then starts to curve past the 16th fret Curtisa - thanks that's good advice
  13. I'm hoping that someone with computer knowledge can answer this question I've been making recordings using a Rode NTR mic into an iMac and my question is - Would the quality of the sound track in Photo Booth be just as good as Logic Pro X? Of course I could just "use my ears" but my hearing isn't that great
  14. Yes it is playable but after a while you notice it cuts into the palm. I agree I don't think using thick layers of Lacquer is an acceptable option. Being a Les Paul part of the fretboard goes over the body so there is a transition from being straight to curved. If it was on an angle for the whole length of the fretboard it would be less of an issue. Painting the guitar doesn't solve the problem of the fretboard edge being on an angle. Unless I put binding on it and come to think of it, that introduces a whole range of difficulties Yes I walked away to get over it. I did this about a month ago and I'm just looking at it again now. Good advice though, thanks! Taking a photo of this is a challenge. Especially as I have no batteries for my camera and had to use my phone. I took a photo from different perspectives as some people may see it in one photo and not another I think the best option is to square the edges and make narrow string spacing for people with smaller hands. I met someone recently who said she can't play guitar because of this reason, so that's where I got the idea The issue with any fix is the section that goes over the body. Really want a straight edge along whole length of fretboard
  15. I made a Les Paul a couple of years ago modelled on a 59 Reissue although I left the neck thicker by 2mm. I recently decided I wanted to bring it down to match but in the process I sanded the edges of the fretboard making them angled. If I squared the edges of the fretboard it would end up being about 3mm too narrow at the 5th fret and way too narrow at the Nut I have a couple of ideas on how to fix this but none of them are easy. Here are the ideas I came up with 1) Spray massive amounts of Nitro along the edge and shape it from there 2) Pull frets, square edges of Fretboard and add Binding. This would leave a step under binding which I would fill with Nitro 3) Same as 2 or 3 but use 2-pack Lacquer to fill with 4) Re-shape width and make narrower string spacing for people with smaller hands 5) Cut Neck off and replace 6) Sell as "unfinished project" and let it be someone else's problem Here is how the damage was done Anyone else been in this situation? Any suggestions appreciated Cheers, Doug
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