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  1. Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    Yes so there is some "built-in" compensation What I have done is use the 18th Rule on the 6th string and 17.817 on the 1st I have been thinking about starting a thread on the topic with readings etc
  2. Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    But the only fret calculation where the 12th fret is half the scale length is when you use the 12th root of 2 If you take any guitar, the only string that intonates all the way up perfectly is the first string. On a Gibson it doesn't, it reads high above the 12th fret. If you set it to intonate at the last fret it will be around -2 or -3 cents for most of the fretboard But we have gone off-topic now. I just wanted to know if Gibson use the same or similar calculations for their acoustics as their solid bodies. It is common knowledge that Les Pauls have a strange scale length and it is mentioned quite a bit around the internet. Well it was several years ago One guy reckoned that Gibson use 24 9/16 scale up to the 12th fret then 24 3/4 after that. I found it actually seems to work, but I mentioned it in a post several years ago and one of the members here Swedish Luthier pointed out "No, they just use a different number in the calculations" I had already tried that in the 90's but I thought there was too much discrepancy between my measurements and calculations But any way as stated its gone off-topic. Check the intonation on a few guitars. You will find that most will be flat above the 12th fret but a Gibson will be sharp. (Don't use a clip-on tuner though)
  3. Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    When you use a different number in the fret spacing calculations the 12th fret doesn't measure half the scale length
  4. Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    If anyone is interested I measured a Songwriter today and I determined it to be 321mm to 12th fret 440.1mm to 20th fret
  5. I know this is a question asked a million times but other people's problems aren't always the same as mine The problem I encounter is - If I cut fret-slots first they fill with sawdust while sanding the radius and it comes out and becomes a hinderance Do other people notice this problem and how do you deal with it?
  6. Guitar Strings

    When I was younger I bought Ernie Balls a few times and they always broke In 1979 I asked the guitarist at my favourite haunt and he said Dean Markley's so that's what I used When I buy Di Addario I don't know what it is but I just don't like them In more recent years I have found Gibson Britewires on par with Dean Markleys and also like DR Pure Blues
  7. Pickup Hole Cover

    Are you concerned about appearance or more for playability? A lot of people find their plectrum catches on a middle pickup. For example I vaguely remember Yngwie Malmsteen saying he has the middle pickups on his Strats lowered right down and he never uses them First thing that comes to my mind is you could take out the pickup ring and put a piece of black plastic in there. Hold it in place by the height adjusting screws. Then put the ring back in place. That would solve the playability problem and the hole would be covered up but still won't look as good as a custom pick guard
  8. If anyone owns one of these I'm wondering :- Does a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe measure 12 3/4 inches to the 12th fret? I'm wondering if they are like a Les Paul and don't measure half the scale length to the 12th fret
  9. Is Oregon any good for guitar?

    That's an interesting idea, thanks!
  10. Is Oregon any good for guitar?

    Then you gotta call it Oregon then, don't ya? LOL I've never heard it called anything else, see there are things even my father doesn't know! Well thanks for your replies, yes it is summer here according to the calendar but where are the 40 degree days? EDIT: in Perth that is
  11. Hey I've got this chunky Oregon timber that must be like a hundred years old and wondering if it might be any good for a guitar body For a neck I'm sure it would be completely out of the question any thoughts cheers, Doug
  12. Hi all, it was suggested I put this question in this sub forum rather than the Solid Body one so here goes I have this idea of putting an acoustic bridge with piezo pickup in a solid body guitar Has anyone ever done this and what are the results like? Obviously there would be the intonation problem to deal with but I've got some ideas on that
  13. Hello everyone I'v been asked to set up a guitar but I think the nut is worn out. The Allen key just spins around 2 Questions Its an LTD ESP, anyone know what size Allen key they use? If its worn out are there any tricks to get the job done? cheers, Doug
  14. Getting 3 in 1

    Good question, I had to look up photos to find evidence! Started first with the Les Paul - Using a Template, Routered down as far as I could go with what looks like a 3/16 bit using the 1/4 shaft as guide (no wheel) then used Jigsaw. A bit of a bodgy way to do things but got the job done! And it is slightly oversized I think I did the oversized LP just with the Jigsaw, I vaguely remember it being very nerve wracking. This was like about 2 years ago LOL but I've had that Body Blank since 2010 And sorry no Photo evidence of how I did the next stage
  15. Does anyone else do this? Trying to get the most out of this Body Blank A Les Paul, an oversized chambered/hollow Les Paul, and a modified ES137