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  1. Crusader

    Boomy B

    Yes I was thinking that. I Googled around and found a similar question and it was suggested to sing into the sound hole. And the feedback should achieve the same result. So if that is the case then it seems that the accoustic resonance is the same as the tap tone Thanks for your reply Curtisa
  2. Crusader

    Boomy B

    The most recent guitar I've made is like a large Les Paul in shape and is fully chambered. While not being an accoustic it has a lot of accoustic properties. It has f-holes, a Bone Saddle with an LR Baggs piezo under it, but also has two humbuckers, so a bit of a hybrid. The question I have is more to do with the accoustic side of things It has quite a boomy sound when I play around B or C, whether its single notes anywhere on the fretboard or chords. It feeds back like crazy when playing any of those notes or chords One of the things I have experimented with on guitars is their "Tap Tone" and this thing tap tones at B1+40 cents. So my conclusion is that's what causes the boominess when playing those notes HOWEVER It occurs to me that because it's hollow that the problem may also lie in its accoustic resonance. What if the accoustic resonance is also B? How could I determine what it is. Blow over the f-holes like a bottle?
  3. Crusader

    Bent side ES style

    Its interesting, one of my recent projects is a Les Paul shape plus 1/2 an inch round the outside. I also have plans to do an ES, but not bent sides, that is way beyond my scope of abilities! It looks like a great project you've got there, hope it goes well!
  4. I didn't know anything about Gibson neck-joints when I made that guitar but now I know its what is called "Transitional" I remember cutting about 3/4 of an inch off, so it could have been a Long Tenon Joint! Getting back to the topic of Maple Tonight I was mucking around on a few guitars and the conclusion I came to is the Maple I have been using is not very tuneful. Everything I've made with it has an upper mid-range mono-tone sort of sound to it. I have already re-made one guitar to get rid of it and was the best thing I've done. That guitar now (to my ear) rivals the tone I get from my R9 Also I recently met a guy who has a "Doves In Flight" accoustic which is made of Maple yet has a beautiful warm tone. The closest thing I have to compare to that is an ES-137 which is made of Maple with a Mahogany block. It has a bit of that nasally mono-tone sound when playing accoustically but mostly disappears when plugged in. However my guitars are solid bodies and the nasally sound dominates when plugged in So my conclusion from all this is, yes Maple does vary in tone EDIT: I just noticed the date on this and I can't believe its been a whole year! Oh well that's shows how often I get to working on things around here
  5. Crusader

    Piezo UST volume variation

    The bridge on the Gibson was tilted due to a loose fit, so I made a new bone saddle for it and spent a bit of time making sure it is seated properly. Its hard to tell if there is improvement but the Washburn is still louder Now I was mucking around with them the other day unplugged and it seems the Washburn is much louder accoustically, so perhaps that is part of the equation
  6. I just started with a piece of white melamine and started drawing free-hand with a pencil. But when I built it I found that the shape didn't accomodate some of the ideas I had in mind. So next time I laid my Strat on the melamine and marked key areas like the bottom, top of horns etc. then proceeded to draw free-hand I go over and over it with a pencil, rubbing out areas and eventually come up with something I like. My two current projects are a design I drew in the 1990's
  7. Crusader

    Built-in Capo

    Ever since High School back in the 1800's I've had ideas about guitars and one of them is to tune the guitar to D, and use a capo on the second fret to play mostly in E. Then at some time I had the idea of a built-in Capo I saw a video once of a chick lead guitarist who had a device attached to the headstock that would mute the open strings while she was doing hammer-ons. And I thought that would be pretty cool if that was a capo Another idea I have is to overcome the problem of the capo putting you out of tune. Have the fretboard higher between the Nut and the second fret and use lower profile frets for 1st and 2nd. Another idea is to have the capo swing around from underneath or from over the top There are also other ideas I have floating around but I'm wondering if anyone else has similar ideas or if there is actually something out there like what I'm talking about
  8. Wow you must spend a lot of time on Photoshop, any time I use it I'm banging my head against the wall the whole time. And I'm just doing a black outline on a white background LOL! I notice on some you have come up with a different headstock shape but the Fender style ones are just the same. Although I like the upside down idea. Its a great place to put a name At first I didn't think there was any merit in the SG type you have designed but just then I noticed it has a sort of LP carve to the top rather than chamfered edges. I'm actually thinking of something similar for my latest project, which is more of a Strat shape
  9. Crusader

    Doodle Design

    A guy in primary school used to call me "doodle" so I just had to check out your post! Nice looking guitar, good to see something that doesn't resemble a Strat or a Les Paul. When I was in High School (loooong time ago) I used to draw guitar designs in boring classes like Social Studies or English. I came up with a sort of Flying V with chamfered edges like an SG. it took about 25 years but I did get around to making it The Signature looks good on the timber scratch plate, and a nicely balanced colour scheme, well done! And I think its cool that you came up with a name. The only names I come up with are like "M" for Maple or MH for Mahogany. The first two I made were out of Jarrah so they're "J1" and J5" (2, 3 and 4 died in infancy)
  10. Crusader

    Piezo UST volume variation

    I completely forgot I have another guitar with an LR Baggs but it's not an accoustic, it's a full hollow body semi-accoustic that I made. Its a little bit louder than the Fishman
  11. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Come to think of it I have never broken that end, only on the outside. Yes that would be all over!
  12. I have two acoustic guitars with Piezo under-saddle pickups, one with an LR Baggs Element and the other a Fishman Prefix-T, and the LR Baggs is much louder. I have to turn up the amp quite a bit with the Fishman I have checked that the saddle is seated properly and it could require further attention but I thought I would ask; Is it normal for Piezo UST's to vary like this?
  13. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Dimarzio's have the wires taped up and tucked between the coils. I imagine all pickups do this. You carefully pull them out and take off the tape But sometimes you get this......... I was lucky with this one, I found the wire straight away
  14. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Do you want to avoid this?
  15. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    This is what I did about ten years ago. I was trying to see if this would work instead of having a middle pickup Needless to say it did not work but at least I broke the pickup to test my repair skills another day ...and the day came recently