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  1. Hi I seem to get better response here than on Apple communities So I reset the password on my laptop and now its going on about the Login Keychain. I have googled this but its all gobble-de-goop to me Is the Login Keychain the password you create when installing the Operating System?
  2. Crusader

    Wrong login password or computer error?

    Yeah I don't know much about software language etc. etc. Maybe they've put in a lot of effort and made password technology bulletproof. My thinking is there are so many bugs in computers so why not in passwords? Anyway just for the record I know this fellow, he's the manager for BASF and is their IT guy. When I put the question to him he said its "highly unlikely" that there could be a software issue but it could be a hardware issue with the keyboard Thanks for your input Curtisa its good to hear a few thoughts about things. With my laptop I know how to do the Command+R, Terminal thing but I want to try the password a few more thousand times before going that option cheers
  3. Crusader

    Wrong login password or computer error?

    Yes, I'm not talking about a virus I mean like a glitch, just computer error. There are so many people who say they're locked out of their computer yet haven't changed the password. There must be some occasions where it is computer error but as I mentioned no-one ever finds out or gets to the bottom of it, they just reset the password
  4. I have a computer which I can't log into and I'm sure I have not changed the password I have googled this problem and every time people say the password must have been changed (as if there's no way the computer has made an error) But I wonder, it seems odd that computers have all sorts of bugs but never when typing in the login password I think most people haven't got the time to muck about and would just reset the password. So most of the time it is never determined if the password was changed or it was computer error What is your experience or knowledge or point of view about this? Can a computer reject the password even though it is the right one?
  5. Crusader

    Depression and music

    There's this song that goes "The white man had the schmaltz, the black man had the blues" I heard the song a million times till one day I read the lyrics. I didn't know what schmaltz was so I looked it up "Overly Sentimental" It has been a common theme in music for a very long time. Think about it, Elton John has "Sad Songs" Neil Diamond has lyrics that go "sing it with a cry in your voice" All the music we hear is sad or angry and if its cheerful there's always a sad element to it All pop music that I've ever heard is written in a minor key Many years ago I had this tape. I liked the first song which was quite melancholy but the rest of it was more and more so. I think it was called Baker Street. I found that I had to put myself in a sad mood to enjoy the tape. I was going to listen to it, I paid 7 dollars for it and I was going to get my money's worth But after I heard it a few times I thought "stuff it" I always feel tired and miserable and lost and lonely after listening to it and its better to throw it away like a pack of cigarettes when you're trying to quit. Quit while you're behind I don't know what it is but its like we have been programmed to like being miserable I've heard this thing where Heavy Metal players throw up when they have to play soft rock Sorry...rant over
  6. Crusader

    one of the sickest AFL goals i have ever seen

    I agree that was incredible, I've never seen anything like it From the west here so its Eagles for me, just won the Grand Final against Collingwood. I only saw the last five minutes but I don't think I could have coped with the whole game. Last time Eagles won was 12 years ago against Sydney. One point win. The year before it was Sydney that won, by One Point It is not good for your health
  7. Crusader

    Overheating Capacitors

    The value is the usual Gibson 223 Okay so it sounds like my caps are still good but in hindsight I would have left them alone. When you muck about with things if you hear something that doesn't sound right you conclude it must be because of what you did Just for the record my aim was to get the ES to sound more like my R9 which is why I changed the cap arrangement to 59 wiring. I also dropped in a Seth Lover set which is all I needed to do really Thanks guys for your input, cheers
  8. Crusader

    Overheating Capacitors

    I mean overheating with a soldering iron, sorry I should have pointed that out, cheers Thanks Curtisa, what effect there will be if their value goes down?. What I'm experiencing with my ES-137 is when the tone is down to zero the sound is rather "blurry" - a bit more than other guitars when compared. Is that the sort of thing one might expect?
  9. Crusader

    Overheating Capacitors

    I was talking to an Electrical Engineer yesterday and I asked him "If capacitors are over-heated will they be partially damaged or will they just die suddenly?" He said it depends on the type of capacitor etc. So I'm asking the same question here, as he had no definitive answer cheers
  10. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    I did some testing yesterday and no I don't think I've fried the caps and altering the harness to 50's wiring was unnecessary. I've done so much testing, comparing and experimenting over the past 30 years I'm sick of it and didn't want to do all this LOL
  11. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    I think I fried the caps
  12. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    I got some more done today. I altered the tone circuit to 50's wiring and I'm sure it sounds brighter. I will check it again tomorrow and see if I still think the same thing
  13. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    LOL yes of course with everything on full there is no difference. With all this deep thinking I forget things like that! In regards to the wiring that makes a 500K pot act like a 250K, I was thinking along those lines. Apparently ES-137's used to have 300K Vol Pots then at some stage they changed to all 500K. I wondered if they wired it somehow to get the same effect as having 300K pots I think the easiest test is to connect the pickups straight through Thanks for your comments and replies, it all helps Cheers
  14. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    I suppose the question I really should have asked is, does the ES-137 have Modern wiring or 50's wiring? After studying the differences I think its Modern
  15. Crusader

    ES-137 wiring

    Putting pickups back in and stringing up again is still a fair bit to do, and in any case I think if I was to desolder that wire the Tone wouldn't work would it? By the way what was that wiring you said would make it like using 250K pots? Just for the record this is the LP Axcess. If I remember correctly the green wire is hot from output and the black is hot to switch. I think it essentially does the same thing as the wire in question on the ES