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  1. Crusader

    Piezo UST volume variation

    I completely forgot I have another guitar with an LR Baggs but it's not an accoustic, it's a full hollow body semi-accoustic that I made. Its a little bit louder than the Fishman
  2. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Come to think of it I have never broken that end, only on the outside. Yes that would be all over!
  3. I have two acoustic guitars with Piezo under-saddle pickups, one with an LR Baggs Element and the other a Fishman Prefix-T, and the LR Baggs is much louder. I have to turn up the amp quite a bit with the Fishman I have checked that the saddle is seated properly and it could require further attention but I thought I would ask; Is it normal for Piezo UST's to vary like this?
  4. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Dimarzio's have the wires taped up and tucked between the coils. I imagine all pickups do this. You carefully pull them out and take off the tape But sometimes you get this......... I was lucky with this one, I found the wire straight away
  5. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    Do you want to avoid this?
  6. Crusader

    Break and fix a PAF

    This is what I did about ten years ago. I was trying to see if this would work instead of having a middle pickup Needless to say it did not work but at least I broke the pickup to test my repair skills another day ...and the day came recently
  7. Crusader

    Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

    I fitted a door on a recording studio the other day and the guy had a Hummingbird. He let me measure the frets and I also measured the frets on my recently acquired Songwriter, so for what its worth The Songwriter is 25.3 inches The Hummingbird 24 5/8 inches Both calculated by the 12th root of 2 (1.0594631)
  8. I might be a bit late but my 2 cents The lengths will be too short for it to be a problem and if you are going to do a carved top like a Les Paul I'd say there wouldn't be any problem at all. But Joining edge to edge doing a book-match is where it would get tricky. When I was confronted with this problem I glued the top pieces on one at a time, but that still had its issues
  9. Crusader

    Fret worrys

    ^ Lots of good advice from Curtisa By the way the "wonky" frets remind me of a couple of guitars I made in the 90's. I used slightly different scale lengths on left and right with the aim to improve intonation. I don't know if it worked all that well but what I did learn is that it didn't affect intonation too seriously. It was a later project where the last fret was way off and had to be re-done I have a few pictures here that might help with your issues Last time I cut frets I clamped a block of wood to the fretboard like this. Having a go at fanned frets on this one I cut the block to size so it acts as a depth gauge What I do to sand a fretboard straight and flat is clamp sandpaper to the saw top Just another to show how I clamp it on I left the fretboard flat on this one. And after sanding I re-cut the fretslots with the proper depth gauge attached. Its amazing how much you sand off without realising it
  10. Crusader

    Fret worrys

    Nice looking piece of wood! Yes the frets look wonky but it might be an optical illusion due to the grain. I wouldn't be too concerned about most of the fretboard but the last 3 or 4 look the worst and thats where they are most critical. I had a guitar once where the 5th fret was out of place by 0.5mm and it had hardly any effect on intonation. Whereas on one guitar I made the last fret was out by about the same amount and the effect on intonation was very noticeable I would measure them with a good steel rule and determine which ones are actually out, and by how much. Measure on the left side and the right side. You might find the second last fret is okay and only need to move the last and 3rd last frets
  11. Crusader

    Stain to match 59 Reissue LP Back

    Thanks Scott I didn't know there were tints you could mix with water or lacquer, I thought it was one or the other. I noticed one of the Colortone products from StewMac can not ship outside USA, same as Nitro, which is what I thought. But if you don't have to use that type of stain there's no problem cheers
  12. Years ago I wanted to match the red on my SG for a project and I had to mix two different stains to get something close (Red and Rosewood) Now I want to match the red on the back of my '59 Reissue LP and I'm wondering if mixing is what people generally do, or can you buy stain that is close enough without mixing? Another question is, what type of stain do I need to go with Nitro (Mohawk) cheers
  13. Crusader

    What is this guitar?

    Wow that one is EXACTLY the same. To be honest I didn't even notice the trussrod cover LOL Ha, thanks but if it had been a different colour I wouldn't have had a clue. Its funny how some things stick in your mind for so long, High School was 42 years ago! I also remember the guy commenting something he really liked about his Teisco, it may have been the light weight
  14. Crusader

    The waiting game

    I haven't been getting much work lately so I just sit around musing over the Stewart McDonald website entertaining myself, but now and then I think "Hmmm I could use some Hook-up wire, Hmm I could do with some more pots... I've clocked up close to two grand on the black plastic card in my wallet and now I'm just sitting around waiting for it to arrive. SMD is pretty good but - One thing I purchased which is most annoying is JUST some STRINGS from a supplier who only sells guitar strings. They are out of stock of some DMs I ordered. Its been over three weeks now and I'm wondering if Dean Markley Signature nickel steel are still in production I'm just wondering is anyone else is in the same boat?
  15. Crusader

    What is this guitar?

    I think I got it http://canadianvintageguitarhunt.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/vintage-60s-teisco-kingston-tele.html I knew a guy in High School who had a Teisco which wasn't a copy of anything but it had a similar colour scheme